Will I regret cheating?

I've never done it. Have any of you ever cheated? How did you handle it? My boyfriend is the best but it is long distance, we've never met in person, and I am feeling like I'm missing out by not having sex with men that are attractive and are attracted to me. I'm 20 and a virgin.

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I he’s such the best, why wouldn’t you want your first time to be with him? It’s your right to live these years of your life fully, but don’t lie to him or yourself. Go ahead and be honest with him, long distance relationships don’t tend to last anyway, especially at your age.

>My boyfriend is the best but it is long distance, we've never met in person
Don't cheat, just break it off, or at least tell him you feel the need to go looking for a real, in-person partner. He should understand, these types of "relationships" can never be fully satisfying, and you shouldn't be tied down to something like that unless there's a clear plan and a schedule to actually get together & be together in person.

It doesn't necessarily mean you need to stop talking to the guy, but it's absurd to demand exclusivity from each other when you can't even touch each other or be together face-to-face.

Probs bait, but I'll bite.
If you don't like long distance then break up with him. Don't do your man dirty. I can assure you most dudes would rather not be with someone that cheats on them.

le tricky hook maymay

Well, it's been three years already and once he gets his life together enough to come to where I am, he will be living here permenantly. He was kind of a NEET with health conditions and he just got a part time job recently. He has been working hard to try and find money, but I still don't know for certain if he is ever coming. This is something I have talked to him about before. I just have this desire to have sex with someone around my age before I graduate.

But wouldnt he be happier if we were still together and he didnt know if I cheated ? Wouldnt we both be?

I cheated once and I immediately regretted it and was not happy at all. if this isn't very poor bait, like other user said just break it off if you're getting nothing from this relationship.

>I just have this desire to have sex with someone around my age before I graduate.


what would happen if you didn't

Okay. I will not cheat then. Just gonna hold out a little longer.

No. Of course not. Once you tell a lie and keep a secret like that, the relationship is fucked forever. If there's no trust or openness, there's no point. I understand you're inexperienced with stuff like this, but you don't "get away with it" even if you get away with it. It'll never feel the same again once you're keeping a secret.

And what if things actually got serious with a guy you met IRL, in person? Would you cheat on him, too, by carrying on your "emotional affair" with the online guy?

Seriously - if your online boyfriend is not completely delusional, he will understand. It is completely normal to want to be with someone you can actually BE with. Perhaps you and your online guy will actually be able to be together sometime in the future, but if neither of you have a clear plan & time to relocate yet, you can't be expected to wait for him forever. Just tell him what you're thinking about.

I would wonder and maybe regret not going for it if my bf never comes or is actually the opposite of what he seemed to be.

Why is the question if you should CHEAT? Why isn't the question if you should break up - which you should anyways because only retards are 3 years in a LDR without having met once?

You are a horrible human being and I hope for you that you repent these sentiments one day. Or at least kys.

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Well, he is all I have honestly. And always there whenever I need. Never mean or unpredictable. We are in contact 24/7 and I'm pretty sure he can't stand living with his drunk father either. But yeah, youre right, I should kill myself for feeling this way.


I have cheated before. And it was after cheating, some months afterwards, that I realized how much I actually loved the person. But I had already created a cycle of dishonesty and fucked it

Don't fuck up a good thing. If you want a real intimate relationship where you can have honesty and trust BOTH WAYS then


get that desire for sexual conquest tf out of yourself

Wtf man why have you wasted so many years with this guy, youve put his needs before your own. You shouldnt cheat, but you should break up with him if youre having these thoughts. Ldrs are a waste of time man, you could be having a great time with a boy in real life instead of waiting years for this idiot to get his shit together.

I am just really bad at opening up to people and have so much anxiety but he accepts me for who I am and I don't think I will find anyone like that my age (who would want to be with me for the long run). Seeing as how he's been through so much and is still fighting, I feel like he really does deserve someone to give his heart to that loves him back. Will never leave him once he makes it here.

You just need to talk to him about this, openly and honestly. From the way you've described things, it sounds like it's still not a sure thing he ever will move to be with you, or at least neither of you have any idea when.

It doesn't make sense for you to forever restrict yourself from REAL dating, relationships or sex in favor of a daydream that might never come true. Hopefully, this won't mean that you actually have to cut yourself off from talking to this guy. He really shouldn't be expecting exclusivity or "loyalty" from someone he's never met in person.

I've tried suggesting we do an open relationship while we are not together, but he said he'd rather I just dump him. I think it would be better if we could do an open relationship so I could at least explore and have a little experience... Never been in a relationship before him and I suggested we make it open a few times, including within the 1st month of dating.

wow then you must not really love him at all if you are willing to risk the relationship by having sex with other people

if thats the relationship you are in, you ought to get out of it and just go be a whore like you want to

I guess I'm just weird. Still don't see how having sex with other people is bad as long as you arent lying or going under the table. It just seems like fun to go fuck someone you actually pick and want to fuck. But I understand how it can be weird if its like some same day kind of shit where I fuck a guy from class and then go fuck him, but he's been with like 4 previous relationships and Im fine with that. I wouldnt want it to be open once together but for now, not having a nice dick to ride does get to me sometimes.

Confirmed Bait

I'm not baiting, just kinda crazy. But whatever, think what you like. Just letting you know that you are wrong.

>long distance, never met

new flash, you aren't even in a relationship. You're basically just celibate at this point.

Now this is bait.

I cheated on my first girlfriend, I was a virgin and supper horny 24/7 for over 6 years straight, saw the opportunity to have sex, did, still regret it to this day, even though I dumped her a year and a half later

I don't know, user. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't even consider it an "open relationship," but like an online friendship with romantic undertones that MIGHT become real if location/timing ever makes it possible. But the way things are right now, it doesn't make sense to be exclusive with someone you can't even touch. Breaking it off might be painful, but if it's "all or nothing" for him and he's miles and miles away, I think it might be the thing you have to do.

At a certain point, you will regret spending your youth waiting for this guy and not even giving yourself a chance to experience real relationships and real intimacy. What you have with the online guy may have been a very valuable romantic experience, but you can't tie yourself down & wait forever when you haven't even met him once irl.

This is ridiculous. This would be a perfectly sensible thing to say if they were actually together. but they're not. It makes sense for her to want "sex with other people" when she isn't even having sex with this guy, they haven't even MET for fuck's sake. It's ridiculous to call it "whorish" when she hasn't even had a single sexual partner in real life. That's not an abnormal thing to want

He’s right about the cheating you know. Shit gets heavy on the conscience

>He has been working hard to try and find money, but I still don't know for certain if he is ever coming
What the fuck is your problem? Why are you WAITING for him to find the money? You know what my long distance girlfriend did? She got a job, and we split the airline fare.
>But I'm a student
And he only has a part-time job. Nobody's perfect, and you doubting if he'll ever come means you should either shape up and get yourself a job, or break the fuck up.

Whore, you cannot have your cake and eat it too

It says in the Bible don't cheat. I did and it fucked up my life brah.

Break up, you faithless slut.
At least whores are respectable.

Don’t cheat. You’re in your 20s...dump him and fuck as many people as possible! After awhile MAYBE you’ll feel like settling down. Have fun!!

I cheated because my relationship was fucked up and I was too proud to admit it and too cowardly to break it off so instead my brain manufactured ways for me to smash it up and destroy it.

It was like a powerful delusion. We stay together because we are different. We aren't like other people. We work our shit out. We promised each other we'd always come through whatever life threw at us.

Breaking up was literally impossible. It was a non-opinion. So instead I tried to get her to break up with me, or just sabotage the relationship.

Because I didn't want to be in it any more. It sucked. I had better things to do.

I regret cheating as in I regret the additional suffering my cowardice inflicted upon others as I used them physically to immaturely process and resolve my own baggage. Sorry. Sex was kind of hot though.

OP are you sure you don't want to cheat to break your 'relationship' up? Are you sure you aren't manufacturing this need to lose it by 20? You've not even mentioned another person which is kind of weird?

Also fuck those people telling you to fuck as many people as possible and then later on think about settling down. You shouldn't worry about fucking people as long as they are quality people who you want to have sex with. As many as possible is ridiculous, each one should teach you something and are now part of your life story whether you like that or not.

Also the yolo 20's settle down later results in "why can't I afford a place to live mommy" and "debt is at record levels and car ownership is creating modern day slaves" and "renting into your 50's? the new you".

I'm not saying be an old fag, but don't just assume your 20's are for fucking around and your 30's are waiting there for you to suddenly into corporate responsibility and fat stacks. You want to start implementing goals by 22, reaching some by 25, accessing the next tier ones by 30 and so on.