What are the best books/resources you know of to develop god tier social skills and awareness?

What are the best books/resources you know of to develop god tier social skills and awareness?

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The best resource is free and it's just going out in the world and socializing with people, even if it's just saying "hello lovely weather today" to the 53 year old lady who work as a cashier at the 7/11

I have severe social anxiety.

I go for walks and head nod everyone that bikes/jogs/walks past me. I'm pretty autistic too desu

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Alesteir Crowley

Really just going out there and talking to people will do way more than a book.
I think most people just fuck themselves over by trying to get to know people who have 0 common interests, which scares them later on.
Look at the things you're interested in and try to find groups of people that are into that.
If you're into vidya, go join a group at a local game store.
Into tabletop games? Find a league or a club.
If you find people who already share a common ground with you, socializing is easy.
If you're forcing way too hard to get interested by / interest people, it's awkward.

Once you get used to it, it's easier to engage.

and you're only gonna get through that with exposure

This. 100% this. No amount of reading ever made me socially confident. Getting out there and having to talk to people changed me rapidly.
>head nod everyone
Next time you see someone, instead of headnodding, try saying "Hello" or "Nice day isn't it?"

Years ago there was this site called Manhood Academy I went too. It was just older dudes teaching younger dudes how to be more charismatic. Just enjoy talking and having opinions and making up stories. Being entertaining gives you the power in any situation.

The site may still be around, but I can't vouch for it since it's been too many years.

You can't read yourself into understanding how to perform human interaction. You have to do it, even if it's awkward at first.

I checked and the site is gone, but there still is youtube content:


your social skills are bad because you're ugly not because you dont read enough books

bump for interest

That's not very helpful. Sure, you won't get good at something without practicing it directly, but you still need some guidance to practice.

If someone asked you how to play the piano, you wouldn't just tell them "just sit in front of it and play it bro", without any other info, would you?

Dumb niggerfaggot, saying hello to someone isnt as hard as playing the piano. Just say "hello, have a good day". Dumb cunt.

I wouldn't call just saying "hello, have a good day" god tier social skills and awareness. OP's question is specifically on how to get very good social skills.

If you want them at any cost Real Social Dynamics. It's basically pick up channel, but, if you look their in field footage RSD Tyler is basically god-tier social skills. You may go insane(like I did), you may find it close to impossible, uncomfortable, satanic, manipulative, but it fits the criteria. It was even found by an autist, who saw need to break down interaction mathematically. It works mostly in rich western degenerate countries, though

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Technically, none exist.

That's not how it really works with people who have several social anxiety and debilitations, and more often than not, backfire and make their condition worse.

>just going outside and meeting people improves your social skills
>mfw 29, and spent nearly all my 20s doing just that, only to get worse as a result


Social anxiety is such a fucking meme. Why does everyone pretend that once you lose social anxiety you suddenly become a conversation god?

I'm not OP and have lost my social anxiety years ago, but am still pretty bad at having conversations. Figuring out what to say while having the conversation stay interesting for all parties and figuring out how to formulate it in words actually requires work.

Is good advice for starters that can get you moderately interesting conversations without being too good at talking and can be good for getting rid of social anxiety. But then not all hobbies are as amenable for conversation and having actually good conversations still requires skill and if you only discuss some autistic details it might not necessarily make you better at having conversations in general.

Not him but I feel it probably has to do with you generally deteriorating after leaving school unless you specifically work on yourself. And it's not like saying "hello, nice weather" to someone in the park is going to prevent that.

First step, "The Coddling of the American Mind"

Second step?

His point is also found in this video I suppose the next video would be the logical step 2:


k normalfag, any actual advice?



Except playing the piano IS actually how you learn the piano. Litterally just sitting with it, learning the keys and then trying again and again and again until you can make a song happen. You really didn't think this through, did you?

/lit/ says "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

That teaches you to be a genuinely nice person to talk to. Not how to pick up girls though.

The two things are only in very rare cases of the female species connected.

Probably not reading books but actually fucking socializing


Hang around in the smoking area of clubs, you will meet friends for life

I don't smoke.