I need help unfucking my life

Guys my parents seriously fucked up my life.
They immigrated to Canada illegally when I was 2 and so I immigrated illegally as well.

These retards did nothing about it for 14 years until I turned 16 and told them I wanted to get a job, only for them to tell me I'm a border hopping degenerate.

After wasting years with an autistic, incompetent pos lawyer who did nothing for us, I'm now 20 years old and never held a job in my fucking life. I have somehow managed to slip through the cracks of my uni and I don't pay international fees but that's all I have going for me

I just need any advice I can get, whether its in regards to options to become legal, or ways I can at least get a job so I don't have to feel like an autistic NEET. I've already seen an immigration consultant and he basically told me I'm fucked. I want to see a legitimate lawyer but I feel like I'd be wasting money I don't have just to be told the same thing.

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Holy fuck shit man
You an american or ??

Well that isnt your fault, but your parents should be deported, sorry but that was a crime.

I would speak to a canadian embassy/legal advisor about immigration. I dont think theyd kick you out, its not your fault you were a kid, but your parents fucked up.

Im Portuguese. I wish I was American so I could be deported back to a country with an identical language and culture

But Im so afraid of getting not just me but my family deported as well. My parents absolutely deserve to get deported for being fucking retards, but Ive also got a little brother who was born and raised here, and I don't want him to be deported with me (hes just a kid)

Write anonymously or use another name to an embassy or some legal counsel regarding your situation and how to get naturalized.

Use a diff name if you got to. Just email, phone some professionals.

use a burner phone if you're that paranoid rofl

Damn man
Honestly, i think the government of canada might understand. Even if you get deported, it can't be that bad? Where are you originally from?

Portugal. Not a bad country but I can barely speak Portuguese and I'd be all alone with no support or money

Lol so much for Canada’s “fair” immigration system. You could get on the news in the US. You’d have qualified for DACA or some shit.

How in the fuck did you fly illegally?

I guarantee they just overstayed a visa.

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Seriously though ask on reddit, I think there is a canadian legal advice thread.

OP, I don't know about Canada, but if I'm reading right and you wouldn't mind being American, you can join our military. After doing the paperwork and serving your contract, you become a US citizen. I had a guy from Africa and a guy from China in my Basic Training, and they did stuff (I dunno what) for "naturalization" or something like that while they were there.

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Op sell dmt

They removed that program recently.

Oh, man. That's bullshit. Some of the best Americans are legal immigrants.

You can only do that if you have a green card already

Wow, how pathetic do you need to be to hate yourself for being an immigrant?

Get off Jow Forums for one OP. Referring to yourself as a "border hopping degenerate" is just unbelievably sad.

I think he is ashamed his parents didn't follow the law and ruined his prospects rather than being concerned about being an immigrant, idiot.

Bad post, try again.

>can't find work because illegal
>told I'm legally fucked
>I want to unfuck myself but I can't earn money
Can't you appeal on the grounds of having lived there virtually all your life?

The Canadian government provides free immigration lawyers for people in your position

I'll get you a green card in the US, OP.

Set an example and follow the law OP!.
Be the reasonable in the family and do the right thing, even if that thing means getting deported.
Life is not over and if you're hardworking you can return with your younger brother etc.
Or do you want to live like a rat for the rest of your life?.

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>little brother who was born and raised here
He's a citizen then. So he would be put in foster care if your parents are thrown out.

Better than living in Portugal lol.

He can still be deported retard. Most civilized countries supply you with some kind of legal advice before they shaft you, if you cannot afford it yourself.

Reading up on Canadian immigration law OP. I think you had a good shot at becoming a citizen if you applied before turning 18. Your parents fucked up big time.

>OP has full access to all of EU

Oh, but then you can just get an education that is internationally viable and assumes tradespeak (english) and then start working in the EU. You'll be golden.

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If he can speak french he could work and live in all of EU. Except the eastern part, but who the fuck would want to work there. It's just cold Portugal.

WTF, Jow Forums told me that Canada is in LOVE with degenerate illegal immigrants.