Fake Degree - Update

So, a few days ago I mentioned that I had lied and said I have a bachelor's degree on my resume for my new job. It's not medical or law based or anything: even if I was completely incompetent there would be no harm done. However, I do have over seven years working experience, so I have no doubts about my ability to do the job well.

I'm waiting on a background check, and I realized they are going to check education. Now, when I say "they", it's actually a 3rd party company hired to do background checking for the company I work for. Here's the catch: the 3rd party company asked ME for my education details. A bit of research says they don't ask the employer for shit, just me. So, I just didn't put anything down for education. My thought is they'll find nothing, I'll have given them nothing, so I should pass. I don't know how well this will go, and I'm terrified of losing this job. It's easily the best I've ever had. Does anyone know anything about this kind of situation? Have any of you anons been in the same boat? Pic unrelated

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You will be fired and owe them a ton of money.


What would he owe them money for?


Start looking for a new job, this time without making shit up. Of course it depends on a company, but serious businesses will check your qualifications thoroughly, so your fake degree is likely to resurface sooner than later. Honestly, I don't know why would you put your reputation on the line like that. It's incredibly stupid and risky.

OP here.

I can do the job no problem, but without a degree I coulda not have gotten in the door for an interview. So... I did it to get in the door.

Enjoy getting out of the door

The issue is that even if you are qualified, the company won't hire you if they find out that you falsified your degree, and if they are a serious company yadda yadda, they will find out...

I think it's pretty likely he'll get his offer rescinded, but in no way would he owe them any money.

Right, that's how it works: Lying is 10 times worse than being inexperienced or anything else. They don't want liars.

If I found out someone lied like that on their resume (a big lie, not just "oh yeah I'm totally an expert on this obscure language XD"), I would blacklist them.

Well, some small-town businesses, retail or fast food places won't care *that* much about made up references or work experience or even falsified diplomas. But generally corporations and serious companies who care about their image won't let stiff like this slide, it's in their best interest to show that they hire honest, trustworthy and qualified people so the quality of their service can be as high as possible.

So, I don't know how "serious" the company would be about this. They literally have one guy for HR. I have a lot of personal feelings about the education system but that's irrelevant here. If they out me, I'll make the case that I have more experience than any graduate my age and I just needed a chance to prove my quality. Sorry I lied, but it was necessary just to get your attention.

I doubt it'll work, but it's worth a try. All young people, very chill, possibly understanding.

Again, it's not about the fact that you don't have a degree, it's about the fact that you've lied.

Oh user, they won't hire a fraud. This ship has sailed when you decided to lie to them, they won't give a damn about your experience. It says a lot about you as a person, pulling a stunt like this. Dishonesty isn't something employers tend to look for in their employees.

>If they out me, I'll make the case that I have more experience than any graduate my age and I just needed a chance to prove my quality. Sorry I lied, but it was necessary just to get your attention.
It won't work. Period. Lying is lying. If you lie about that you'll lie about your hours on your timecard and lie about the work you're doing. And if you're lying about your education, you're probably lying about your other qualifications. You probably couldn't do the job anyway. So yes, if they catch you, you're done.

Fun fact that you're about to find out OP is that karma exists and you deserve everything you're (hopefully) going to get

The graduates with an actual degree show that they can be trusted to be given large important tasks and see them through. You, on the other hand, can't. You give up without trying. This is what having a degree shows.

Yeh this is going to bite you on the arse and effectively stop you from working in your field. You'll also be accused of fraud and will probably be taken to court and have to pay them back all your wages. It doesn't matter if you have experience, by having a degree it means that legally you are qualified to do the work which means that any insurance that covers the work is valid.

I used a fake degree as I had to repeat my last year of uni, even paid someone to Photoshop my name onto the degree so I'd have physical evidence. Got caught 6 months later when someone checked with the university and was fired on the spot, only reason they didn't report it to the police was because the work I had done was good.

You're fucked.

Damn, why is everyone ITT so angry?

Experience or not you lied seriously fix your ethics.

you trolled everyone in this thread haha

I worked with a woman who faked her degree at a top technology company. However, she did it smarter than you. She got a paid degree from a foreign place in something unrelated to the job. My boss was impressed by the degree, was hired and she didnt do anything at work. She got fired 6 months later but she got paid around 50k to do nothing but show up and be on her phone all day

I don’t recommend faking your degree, but if you want to pull this off you gotta be smarter about it imo

Maybe because they have $50k in student loans and wished they could afford avocado toast...