Foreign men interested in marriage to get a green card

Foreign men interested in marriage to get a green card.

How would someone find them?

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One guy actually wanted to marry me for that.

I was creeped out

Old, divorced white woman

So wait, you want to marry some foreigner to give him a green card?

I don't think they are actually very hard to find. Just like, go on holiday to someplace poor?

Yeah. Can't afford to go anywhere myself, never been married and looking to help a fellow out.

Both of you would face possible jail time and fines, he would be deported and never permitted to enter the US again if discovered, and they will investigate...

Wouldn't be like that. No american guy wants marriage, rightfully so with the risks involved. Foreign guys stand to gain something and would take on the risk of marriage just to get in. Want to find someone who is somewhat on the same page (the right ratio of love/practicality)

That just assumes that they will fake the marriage.

If they live together in an actual marriage condition, nobody can fine them for being loveless.

I have no idea what you’re on about...

It’s fraud on a Federal level, hundreds of people end up in jail for doing this.

This. I just need to know what methods and avenues to take to find foreign men interested in a US woman without hopping foreign bars.

Why is the American Male fucked in the sense that he's just some worker ant for the queens

>for the queens
Maybe don't date chicks who hang out on Jow Forums for starters
Secondarily maybe date chicks you actually get along with rather than finding the first piece of willing ass

I don't agree with the system either.

Right here. I live in LA so even if the chemistry isn't there I can at least show you around

Who's that advice for? My dating experience isn't the subject here
By, "the queens", I mean women in general. Could a woman from another country get a green card via marriage with an American man and still pull half of his resources in a quick divorce?

Hey it's 2018 and people are answering to low-quality bait.

Sorry about my poorly worded post, give it another look over.

I'm a foreign man in need of a green card, I just happen to live in LA

I imagine so. And why not? The system gets off on strangling white men.


Oh hey, where are you from originally?

Latin America

What prompted this search of yours?

I just wonder if it's a right of US born citizens to fuck their husbands life over or is it any established woman who comes to the country. This is the kind of stuff no one talks about because it seems sexist but could also be used as a massive loophole for an enemy

Lots of personal and economic reasons that I'm sure you can glean from this thread. Always been interested in a traditional marriage but hardly anything is traditional these days.

The only sexism involved is that against men, no doubt about that. I imagine even if there was no actual fine print, a foreign woman and her crocodile tears would win any jury.
> a massive loophole for an enemy
Can you elaborate?

Good luck on your search and wish me luck on mine

>Claims to want things "traditional"
>Feels absolutely compelled to bring yet another immigrant to her already overpopulated with migrants country and probably have messed up racemixed kids with him

Why do these liberal degenerates always want to appear traditional?

If you want a traditional marriage there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from marrying a traditional american man. They do exist and they're absolutely not hard to find if you actually look for them.
Hell, if I'm an autistic guy and I managed to find a qt traditional wife, surely you as a female can find plenty of traditional men.

Fuck, if you were canadian I'd be all up on that

Do you talk like this in real life?

Absolutely, good luck to you.
You would think it would be easy for me, but it hasn't been. I know how upsetting it is and I don't disagree with you at all, but there are not many gentlemen like you out there. At least, not in my neck of the woods. I don't know what else to do.

>bring yet another immigrant
In the context of USA being a country founded by immigrants, that's a pretty traditional thing to do.

Thank you. I'm starting to wish I was.

What do you consider "traditional?"
Do you mean 1950's nuclear family traditional or actual traditional?

Something along the lines of
>Marriage rates drop dramatically
>Women start pulling men from other countries
>Men renew the mail order brides
>Enemy forces to America see this as an opening, start advertising agents as viable candidates on match sites
>Covert immigration using american loneliness as a means of entry

Do you mean me (OP) or the guy you referenced?
Just symptoms of bigger problems, I think. I won't even pretend to know what's going on but I do know that american men are getting a bad deal.

Polish citizens have to pay a hefty sum for a visa to meet their US spouse.

Up your butt and around the corner

>You would think it would be easy for me, but it hasn't been. I know how upsetting it is and I don't disagree with you at all, but there are not many gentlemen like you out there. At least, not in my neck of the woods. I don't know what else to do.

Well why does it matter who is in your "neck of the woods" since you're obviously willing to look out for a guy who's from outside your neck of the woods? I'm telling you there are a lot of traditional men from your own country out there and you should look for them instead of looking for an immigrant.
Maybe I was a little rough and I get it that it's probably some insecurity on your part that makes you think "if he needs me for the green card maybe he won't leave me" but still, you should try and find a decent american man rather than being a part of the problem.

I know it must be a shock to hear, but most countries does not just give people citizen ships because they get married a citizen.
You still have to apply for it and get approved.
Here (Denmark), you need a lot of capital to show that you can live off without getting financial aid from the government, you need to be more than 24 years old, you must be actively learning our language, you must have a full time job lined up plus have worked minimum 3 years out of the past 5 years, you have an education etc.
Then all the stuff about the legitimacy of the marriage comes in.
There a ton of rules and if you break any of them, you cannot just get this done.
It is way harder than just having two people show up at a church and say "I do" in front of a few disgusted friends.
I doubt that any country would have a system that is that simple.

So why would you want to do this?
Because I doubt that anyone would do this, fall in love with you because you are actually a nice person and then you live happily ever after.
A few men have done this and they all failed. Their "wife" was just grateful that he could provide a much higher living standard than she could ever achieve in her country and that he didn't beat her.
But even then, she still leaves him as she realizes he was a pathetic incel who needed to buy a woman in a poor country to get laid and that she could do a lot better now she was in the new country legally.

You're right. Also, I want to apologize. I wasn't considering how other american men on Jow Forums would feel to read my post and it is a bit insulting. I'm coming from a very emotionally unstable position where I have put 110% into a few long-term relationships where men have acted much like greedy women. They get while the getting is good, then they jump ship.
I'm having a hard time arguing with this behavior, though, because women have regularly fucked over men and it's just natural to protect oneself in the face of uncertain times. I just thought that if I have something more to offer (a green card) that I'll be one step closer to happiness.
You're absolutely right, though. I will continue looking closer to home. Thanks for the tough love, I needed it.

Thank you for writing all that. I admit that I haven't thought of all the negatives of marrying an immigrant, I just thought I had the solution to all my problems, so to speak. If I could help some other person out, getting to the US (I actually don't intend to leave) then that would be even better. But it does set the stage for a bad situation, and I've been in abusive relationships before.

Interpals? There's a general for it on Jow Forums I think

I think the problem is
>marriage to get a green card
I mean, dating someone who is there on a student visa and then marrying them for practical reasons so they can stay is fine, but getting with someone just to have them migrate to your country.

If we turn this around and I proposed a sexual relationship, where my intent was to get you pregnant, hoping your financial situation would be dire enough for you to then accept a marriage.
Would that not be considered batshit insane?
Maybe it works out, but you can't just trick a person into this.
If I wanted a real relationship, a child and a marriage, and you just want the sex, it is likely to just be the thing we agree on that happens.

If you want a real marriage + give him a citizenship and he just wants a citizenship, it is likely for him to reject the idea of the real marriage.

You know, when you put it like that, a psychologist would probably say that I'm intentionally setting myself up for doomed relationships. I thought I was being pragmatic but I don't sound like I'm any different than the lonely chumps with mail order brides.
I'm going to take a step back and reevaluate the whole marriage thing. I don't really have anything to offer at this point.

Thank you, I've decided not to pursue this. Maybe it'll help someone else.

Oh well.. i guess i could use a green card
Where do we meet?

You sound like you have severe mental and emotional problems, please seek help

Don't we all?

>I'm going to take a step back and reevaluate
Good for you.
I know that even the prospect of a loveless marriage seems like an upgrade to being alone, but I think it is better if you actually aim for a good marriage and somewhat fail rather than aiming for a bad marriage and succeeding.
I hope you find whatever you are looking for.

It's alright. I get where you're coming from and you sound like a great person. I hope you find someone worthy of you.

Marry me OP


Sure why not, post a throwavay email so people can contact you OP