Older guys in college who succeed in scoring with college age girls: tell me your secrets. I'm 30...

Older guys in college who succeed in scoring with college age girls: tell me your secrets. I'm 30, about to start my senior year, and single in college for the first (and probably only) time.

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It's too late, You're agecel now. gg.

Do you feel old in college? I'm 26 and I feel fucking old despite being told I look a bit younger 23-24. The immaturity of the 18 year olds is also annoying.

I definitely do, but I'd love to fit in more. I never really partied much etc. when I was younger.

Bump. I do look my age but I'm pretty attractive and confident.

definitely wrong.

The real question is, are you usually socially adjusted and personable? Or is this
>beta with no social skills going back to school wants to reinvent himself so he can finally enjoy his youth while he still has it

I'm 29 and having a fucking blast.

whoops, meant to add this pic to my post

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I'm 23 with is considered old to some.

I just sat next to girl in class, got her number for group project, go to her place to study, hookup, and now we're fwb. So maybe getting a study buddy will help.

>I'm 23 with is considered old to some
bruh that's like the age of a college senior. get out with that

But I'm in my first semester


I mean, a little of both in my case? I would say my physical attractiveness is very high, I've been working out for a long time. And, I'm a bit dorky but very outgoing and likeable. However, I never really partied much at all when I was younger and was in a relationship the whole time I've been in college up until now. And, this is my final year. So I'd really like to soak up as much as possible and honestly would really love to get the chance to hook up with younger girls too.

>got her number for group project, go to her place to study, hookup,
There's a lot of missing steps in between here.

We had a group project so had to exchange numbers.

She texts me directly a couple hours later saying
>hey If you ever want to work together on schoolwork lmk

I text her saying sure and ask where, and she said her place if I'm comfortable. We studied for about an hour, talked for a bit, ended up watching some netflix and hooked up

hit the local student bars, then. should be exactly what you want. last weekend i was walking past a bar and a bunch of cars showed up filled with sorority girls in matching outfits who all piled in. one of them shouted "wooo!" and flashed the street before going in.

does that sound like what you're after?

Bro you are 30 years old, you're not in that age of partying anymore, grow up. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but I'm 26 and I already feel old for that kind of stuff. You can still go out to bars and coffee shops and have fun tho.

Fuck off retard. Not everyone has to follow the same life path. I know plenty of 30-50 year olds that still go clubbing, some are even married. Who cares? There isnt an age limit on having fun, doing what you want, and doing what fulfills you.

yeah right. you don't just stop being allowed to have fun after some arbitrary age. I don't know who told you that, but you need to unlearn it for your own sanity.

You're pathetic, you're too old for that, but go ahead idiot. If I were you I'd be more worried about my future and career instead of trying to sleep with Stacey

You must be one big loser in life, that's why you're still studying and "partying" at 30 years old.

Shame on you because I'm 26 and probably more successful and wiser than you.

I mean, this is what kinda worries me. I feel like I really missed the boat and having the kind of social life I want. I'm really jealous of these 20 year olds cause I always really wanted that lifestyle and prioritized other things. The thought that I might never get invited to a cool house party again or something is one of my biggest insecurities.

You can still have fun at any age, but don't think for a second you're going to be 20 again. Be nice and have Friends, but have your mind in your future and careers, that's what matters the most.

My life story is weirder and probably far more interesting than that, but thanks. Don't knock building a career at the end of your 20s, one thing I have going for me is a damn solid sense of what I want to be doing and where I'm going.

So I'm not *starting* college, I'm about to finish and I never ever did go out and be wild like that. I mean I get that I'm not 20 anymore, but is it really over for me in that regard?

I don't give a fuck fagot, the fact that you have to ask this stuff at 30 years old makes me think you are a loser trying to regain his youth somehow.

Make Friends and have fun, but stop kidding yourself man, you're not 20 anymore. are we clear?

I wasn't trying to be an asshole, you reacted and I gave your shit back, so don't cry on me now.

I'm 18 and that was my first post in this thread. Stop being weird dude.

You didn't read the OP did you? I started college in my late 20s, this is my last year, and I was in a serious relationship for my entire 20s. I may be old, but this is also the one year out of my entire life that I'm going to be single and in undergrad and you're damned right I want to have whatever fun I can.

No it is not, have fun, but have your mind focused on your future, that's way more important than sleeping with Stacey.That's what I mean.

You are replying to like three different people btw.

What the fuck do you mean by "Stacey"? You sound like you browse Jow Forums or something. Stop giving advice to people you loser.

Have fun then, I am sorry to have offended you. Was not my intention in the first place.

Finish school, have fun, you are not a loser.

I rarely come to Jow Forums at all, so no idea what you mean and don't care.

I could write a long post, but let me just say this...

read The Game, Sperm Wars, and The Selfish Gene. Oh and start working out.

And we are telling you that you can still go out and enjoy yourself in that way. Except for that one guy.

Most people simply get tired of partying and give it up because it's no longer as fun for them. There is no age requirement to give it up.

Kek, sorry dad.