I just drunkenly wrote my oneitis a love letter. I most definitely should not give it to her, right?

I just drunkenly wrote my oneitis a love letter. I most definitely should not give it to her, right?

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post a pic of it and I'll tell you

Spank one out. Go to bed, sober up, spank it again and then ask yourself. Also, proof read.

Don't send it

no way m8, there's too many specifics that could identify either of us

Write it out or send a pic

Read again after you've sobered up and had a good fap then ask yourself that.


photoshop the names out, gotta see that handwriting

my handwriting's abysmal, I typed it. I'll edit and change some stuff and share it here. Pls very little bully

Do not under any circumstances send it to her.

You have to send it, she needa to know.

Out with it already OP

Dear C, aka (nickname), aka the girl putting up with this clusterfuck of a letter

If you're reading this, then that means I worked up the courage to actually give this to you. So good for me. I'd apologize for how dramatic and out of touch with reality this seems, but if there's one thing (mutual friend) has taught me, it's to be unapologetic about one's honesty and vulnerability. So let's get this rolling.

I wasn't looking for anything when it happened. It was an accident, a perfect storm. You said one thing, I said another. But the next thing I knew, I wanted time to slow to a crawl and live in that moment.

It began during that couple month stretch of (thing we did when we met) we were doing on our own. In typical you fashion, you kicked it up a notch and decided you wanted to (do a fuckin cool thing) . We both know how that turned out. I'm so fucking proud of you C.

Those days we spent (doing a thing) made me get my shit together. It made me make better decisions at least one more night a week so I could get up and be functional. So even though we weren't completely successful, I liked it for our time spent together. Not just as a means to an end. Every day I left you, I wore a big old shit eating grin on my face.

I also liked cracking your shell. Learning about you. You destroyed my awful preconceived notions like "how much could I really get along with someone who I had pegged as a typical conservative southern god fearing airhead." Yeah you wrecked that narrative like you wrecked (reference to something funny that happened)

You're a psycho. Easy to make laugh. Hard to ignore. A very pretty reconciliation of violence and tenderness. Just ask anyone who's been a client of yours and also seen you parent. Or stepped into the ring with you yet also got past your hatred of hugs. Damn do I have a fondness for those hugs. They're warm, soft, and because they're far and few, sincere.

The cringe is unreal


I don't know where to go with this and that scares the shit out of me. I know you have (long term bfs name) and I don't intend for this letter to be some manipulative homewrecking tool. I just deserve to get this off my chest and you deserve to hear the truth. This shit doesn't come with the requirement of you to toake some reckless secret leap of faith on me

Shit this is cheesy, if I havent been laughed out by now I'll bow out

Unfaithfully yours in some alternate life


Don't send it.
Read more and you'll be able to write the same feelings but in a more romantic way.

I bet you're an American educated boy that thinks culture is rap and Kardashians

>I know you have (long term bfs name) and I don't intend for this letter to be some manipulative homewrecking tool. I just deserve to get this off my chest and you deserve to hear the truth.
Absolutely mad, going after a girl in a long-term relationship. Also, you don't deserve shit. Christ on a bike, user. Leave the girl alone, man up, stop orbiting taken girl and start chasing single girls.

yeah don't send this.

Cringe, dont send, girls dont like these confessions. Someone coming off too serious might scare a girl away.

You think the guys that fucked her wrote her romantic love letters? No, they stepped up, asked her out, didnt act like a girl and took her to bed.

Where did you pick up the word "oneitis"?

Any website that uses that kind of language is poison for the mind. That especially includes r9k. You have to find it within you to stop ever going there again, and refuse to talk about girl problems with people who use that kind of language, if you ever want to be normal. You are not that far gone yet, you can still make it, but you have to stop consuming that poison.

op let me say it like this

you can be this taken mother's knight
or you can be a single, womans king and the father of your own child.





Burn the letter outside in a circle of twigs and flowers in the shape of a heart and say:

"Dear Saturn, Please let my feelings be renewed again in another."

It's cute and lovely and you should send it

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Let me explain why this is a bad idea, you sending it. I had a thing for this one girl for over 2 years, she was with a guy, let's call him long term stoner douche, and they'd been dating for about a year or so when I'd met her so they were together for about 3 or 4 years in total.
I fell hard for this girl, we'd text everyday and I'd ended up telling her how I felt more times than I'm willing to admit.
In the end, nothing came of it. Broke contact with her for a little over a year for random reasons, she ended up dumping long term stoner douche, got with some other choad, dumped him, then we ended up talking a bit after that. Went to her house for new years, and ended up doing stuff that made me sure we could be together, despite going over as friends.
After that she just got really distant and withdrew herself from me. After a couple months of talking to her, or trying to at least, she resented me.

I feel like it's gonna probably go the same way for you man. If you do give her the letter, and she says no, just let that be it and move on.
Don't be like me.

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>how to get disrespected by women

go watch instagram you shit eating hermoine cringer. fuck off.

hey what do you mean? i have onetis too and i am kind of proud if it unlile these shit eating cucks. i would like to hear your opinions can we please talk anyhow?

The only places that use this kind of language are r9k, pickup artist websites, mgtow, and confused teenagers in conversation.

You have to kick every single one of those out of your life. It's like taking dietary advice from fat people. You would never buy a weight loss book from an obese author.

r9k is just pure poison, never go there ever again. Most pickup artists are evil people. A bunch of sociopaths who know an easy buck when they see you. Run as fast as you can. Mgtow is a trademarked label designed to sell tshirts, and any well-meaning activists for men's right or judicial reform are long gone - the only people left are divide & conquer, control freak, narcissistic personality disorder scumbags. As for confused teenagers, you'll just have to stop talking about it with them. They have no idea, and give shit advice. Ask your dad or uncle or something.

Judging by being "proud of your oneitis" you must be on the very young side. You're going to look back and resent every second you wasted on her after she said no the first time, because you are blind to other opportunities in the meantime. There's also the aspect that some people don't know when they're beaten, and with stupid looking persistence she would've said yes. So either continue pressuring her even if it seems undignified, or think of a way to replace her with different thoughts.