People who take this medicine, what advice do you have?

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Are you being prescribed or are taking it recreationally?


question: can you find some (or something equivalent) in France?

Start slow. First few nights will be rough getting to sleep. I take a Zyrtec which helps, melatonin also helps. Don't take after 12pm. The first week or two will give you a high sense of euphoria. This will become less noticable. Try to channel your new found energy into something positive. Playing video games defeats the purpose. Drink water and avoid mj and alcohol. It's life changing stuff if you treat it right.

What do you do about the crashes?

Remember to eat and stay hydrated even if you don't want to. My best friend in middle school would give me his cause he didn't want to take it and it helped me get through that hell in a big way.

I take 30mg Adderall IR with 300mg Wellbutrin daily. I think the Wellbutrin helps me retain the dopamine longer so I don't crash until around 10-11pm. You can half dose in the morning and another half before lunch. Everybody is different. You'll have to figure out what works best. Just don't use it as a substitute for sleep. You'll get the "lights are on but nobody's home" effect.

I've taken 20mg XR for a while, and after about 7 hours I feel like a zombie. I feel mild nausea, headache, and numb/melancholic. If I could get rid of this, this medicine would be great. Worst thing is when I take it and have a date later that night and I just crash and fuck up the date. I can't take it later because it messes with my sleep.

I used to take 20mg IRs daily for a little over a year.

It is, in essence, synthetic meth and can fuck you over in the same ways meth can. It will fuck your appetite, sleep schedule, and in some ways your sex drive. Don't let it become a crutch. If you ever get to the point where you contemplate not being able to get by without it, stop taking it.

I used to take the xr's but I didn't care for them. I find the IR's are great that I take it before showering in the morning and by the time I'm diving to work, I'm alert and focused. I like the option of taking a second dose later if I know I have evening functions.

>Adderall is literally meth guys!

I don't even take it and cringe whenever I see this meme

Have you ever smoked meth, user?

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No. I just have the background knowledge to know that bro-science Adderall/meth comparison meme needs to die

Speed would be the more appropriate comparison

It's like comparing LSD and 25i. Totally different chemicals, basically the same trip.

>Basically same trip. They are drastically different, and if you don't think so then you've either only tried one or the other. Many people sell 25i and claim it's LSD when it's not. Get a test kit in future.

Things Adderall had to go through that a dealer's speed didn't:

• Identification of a therapeutic dosage

• Toxicology tests

• 5+ years of clinical trials

• Quality control

• FDA approval

• FDA inspections of manufacturers

The effects are similar in the sense that both a Mercedes and a go-kart built in a garage out of a lawnmower engine and a Radio Flyer wagon are motor vehicles.

it's speed, not meth

Take speed in your 20's, anti-depressants in your 30's, opiates in your 40's. Hey doctor prescribed it, it's medicine! lmao America is doomed.

>talking in greentext
Quell the autism, friend. I'm saying "it's kinda like" and you're reading "it's exactly the same"

weak arguments, each one of them.

>Toxicology tests
>Quality control
>FDA inspections of manufacturers
Speed is relatively cheap and easy to produce, purity is never an issue. Speed rarely being cut like coke is. And having it cut with something toxic is extremely unlikely.

>FDA approval
Of course they have your best interests in mind.

>5+ years of clinical trials
100+ years of trials for speed. Even Hitler used to take speed on a daily basis

Chemically it's the same substance. Just because one is "prescribed" and manufactured by large corporations, doesn't make it any better.
You can shoot morphine, but at the end of the day you're still a heroin junkie

Mate, it's late as fuck and I'm dozing off. The only part that was meant to be greentext was the basically same trip part. You quell it

They are similar, not the same. Plus street speed can have other shit in it too.

whatever makes you feel better

I have no horse in this race. Just pointing out that you're being inaccurate

How does Adderall affect you guys socially? I've heard from some it makes them robotic and from others that it makes them charasmatic and genuinely interest in other people/getting to know them

Yeah, I had to force myself to stop talking sometimes because it felt like I just couldn't shut up. Def a social drug.

How do I know if I need Adderal? Thinking about getting prescribed since I have a lot of trouble with focus/attention span but idk if it's because of my lifestyle or something in my brain.

Get tested for add