My first boyfriend just cheated on me

My first boyfriend just cheated on me.

What do I do now.

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Be single for a while.

Be grateful that you didn't marry before you figured out he wasn't worth shit?

How do I find people?

I'm a guy, I've been with him for 5 years. I met him in college, I barely go outside, I have no idea how to meet new people as an adult.

I feel like my life has been ripped out from under me. I thought we would be together for a long time...

I should have just gone with girls. Fuck this place for turning me gay.

Idk thats sucks dumb his ass. Improve on yourself where you can and get a better guy in everyway who also treats you good.

Wtf u OP lol
Thought u were gurl lol advice still stands tho.

Yeah I'm OP.

I was really lonely throughout high school, never met anyone, went to uni and met this nice guy. Started dating him because this place made me start to think maybe dating guys wasn't so bad and everything was great until suddenly it wasn't and i'm here now

I don't know how to be alone again, I don't want to be alone again.

I just found out now ordinarily I ask him when b something is wrong but he's not here anymore IDK what to do.

Bro, listen to me...

You need to be single for a while, like six months.

Forget dating either sex, spend time with yourself, your friends, your family, and learning what you love and want out of this life.

You have one life, this isn’t a practice run.

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I'm starting to think I want a girl.

IDK, maybe girls are less crazy.

I'm so mad, I'm sof cuking mad.

Not only cheats on me, cheats on me with A GIRL

Good, be mad, take that passion and do something huge. Go to Ireland for a month. Learn to play the piano, sail a boat, learn a new language.

It’s time to let him go, free yourself.

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I should try to fuck his sister.
That is a reasonable response yes.

No, go workout, eat something healthy, and drink a few extra glasses of water.

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I just ate a big greasy bowl of chinese food I had in the fridge.

Fine tomorrow I'll work out I need to ssleep or something. FUCK MEN

>being gay
>shocked when getting cheated on
Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

Yes fuck I will only go with women from now on no more being gay.

Fuck everyone for saying I should jsut go with the person I like I should just get a girl.

That stung to read. I did an audible "OOh"

Just don't let it taint your thoughts. You can't do that.

Ok, I'm done with him. I'm going to go start lifting tomorrow, try to get a better job, and move on with a new fucking life.

No more of this faggot bullshit, I'm going to become a normal straight man.

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It's okay to be a little gay user

Going to the gym will only make you lust after all those ripped Chads, boy.

Go for a girl instead. They don't cheat

Bro I was trolling Hadn't read the thread and didn't think you'd be stupid enough to actually believe this. Let me put it this way: the only reason you think women cheat less is because you've never been with one

faggots, not even once

Ummm, don’t 99.99% of gay guys cheat?

I don’t understand how you could date a guy for 5 years if you’re not actually gay. You didnt feel uncomfortable?

I'm awake now. Massive headache
Let's make it through today

I just like both.

>IDK, maybe girls are less crazy.
Oh boy you really have no idea

If everyone is this bad why bother with relationships

Congratulations, you have discovered the newest dilemma in human relationships. You should name it after an animal from a parable, like a hedgehog or something.

All relationships are gonna hurt you to some degree at some point. Life is suffering, son. Everybody knows that. You just need to stop being a fag (not a homosexual; a fag) and cope with it. Find your own suffering amd learn to love it, because you're not gonna be around for that long anyway.

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Not all gay guys cheat, I have never cheated. but to be honest, my longest relationship was a little over 4 years, and then he wanted an "open relationship." So maybe it really does get tough in the long term. but I've met a few couples that have been together for ages, so I'm not completely hopeless yet

So it's not just guys I should hate?
I'm getting the feeling that it's a big thing with gay guys.
I've never felt a desire to do it, maybe women are less likely to cheat, who knows.

I don't think it's a gay thing or a female thing, I think it's just a difference in personality. Some people have that "monogamy" mindset, some do not. It's just that there are fewer dating options for gays, so when you meet somebody you like, you overlook a few little differences that shouldn't be overlooked in order to be with them. Over the course of years together, those differences sometimes become major incompatibilities. At least that's how it was for me

It would be rough to be cheated on, so you have my sympathy for sure. But don't let it make you cynical or hopeless. Like others in this thread have said, you need some other project or activity you can pour your attention into right now, to get your mind off your ex and relationships for a while

What people were trying to say is that gay men tend to be loose. They aren't all, but finding a good one takes time and patience. Working on yourself and moving on is good, but don't be what you're not.

IDK I like both.
I'll focus on myself for a while then go looking for the right person.

So which workout routine is the most efficient?

>girls are less crazy
Not even slightly
That feel when she gives your friend a handjob and then legit says "I did it to get your attention"

The trick is that you need to spend time watching someone after they've let that first-meeting guard down. You should not date someone until your opinion reflects a sensible moderation of their flaws AND qualities

Get a second bf

How did he cheat on you? I mean define cheating, what did he exactly do?

I recommend Stronglifts 5X5. its a good program for those who havent lifted before. I learned about this from the Jow Forums sticky.

>if your gonna be serious about this:

Cardio/core workouts/strerching at first. Do some squats with a half ball, planks, side planks, crabwalks, etc. You need to build some core strength before moving to free weights.

Try P90X.

Slept with a girl.
Ok so this first
Then this?

If it works for you. all you need to know is DON'T SKIP LEG DAY

What is this leg day thing.

Grass isn't greener on the other side. I'm lurking Jow Forums because my girlfriend cheated on me (with my best friend, at the time, no less) and there are plenty of threads about it with advice already.

My first girlfriend cheated on me too, I don't really ever want another one

Are you me? My ex also cheated on me with my then best friend. But then she filed a restraining order on me and moved across the state with him, did yours do that too?

>No more of this faggot bullshit, I'm going to become a normal straight man.
I can't tell if this entire thread is satire but that's not how it works

Pretty self explanatory. Don't focus your workout only on upper body or people are gonna notice after a while.

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Do not become a spiteful sjw and start hating on all men. Understand faggots exists and good people exist. I had to learn this the hard way when my ex broke up with me.

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I'm bisexual
I'll suppress it

It's really easy to become one

goddamn, I've been on here cause my gf dumped me after 'having feelings' for someone else. I guess comparatively that's better than if she had actually cheated, although it's still super fucking shitty.

If someone cheats on you, they are a shit person who does not respect you and are incapable of being in a monogamous relationship. Cut your losses and find someone who won't treat you like a doormat.

I know it sucks. Breakups hurt bad, but their shitty behavior is on them. You can keep your dignity intact, at least.

What leads people to cheat?

Human nature

Theirs nothing sadder than a bottom bitch trying to act tough.

You got your heartbroke sweetheart. Nothings gonna change that. And running away to be straight won't either. You're going to have to confront your pain eventually...

>bottom bitch
I'm not a bottom, he was.

Don't listen to Jow Forums tier advice. If you are actually gay and try to pursue straight relationships it'll make you depressed. Doesn't mean you have to be a flaming faggot, but date people you are actually interested in.

make it your ex first boyfriend dahling.

but then again i never cared enough for a guy to give it a second chance..

Notice how i say IT? Men are insects. A good faithful one is hard to come by. I dont waste my time with the mud.

Im a straight girl And i have a dream: it is to marry a gay man.

What leads you to think this? Are you a fujo?

Fujo detected


Fuck off

>tfw you will never have a cute cat boyfriend that is the perfect mix out of female and male
>why even live

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Life isn't fair

You're gonna hurt a lot for a long time. You're gonna be pissed, you're gonna be sad, and it won't be anywhere but in the moments when it's out of your mind that you'll be happy.
You gotta feel it though. It's part of the process and denying yourself that pain is gonna hurt you worse than he ever did.
The strong become weak and the weak become strong. It's that real yin-yang shit. In the hurt is the seed of growth. So you can't just go around pretending he didn't cheat on you and pretending it doesn't feel like he siphoned away five years of your life and whatever garbage he threw on you doesn't still weigh on you somehow.
All that stuff is good. Even the straight man stuff if you think being gay is something you need to shed. But for the love of god, take some time to hurt and think about the last five years. Pull out stuff you loved and mourn its loss if it ain't there. Find that garbage you hated and be thankful it's gone. But you can't put it behind you without knowing what it really was, how you really felt, and tying those loose ends yourself.

maybe he cheated on you because you're an autistic hermit, and you're gay.

Why would a gay man do that