I’m kind of concerned about my own safety. Is it possible for facism to over take the US...

I’m kind of concerned about my own safety. Is it possible for facism to over take the US? How Strong are the safeguards of our Founding Father?

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Realistically fascism has no chance of taking over the United States. Do you know how the real deal facism got started? By democratic election. Fascism only works if there is wide, broad support for it. You do not need to be worried about Donald Trump, who can't even get Republican support reliably and can't so much as pass a bill.

There are no youth leagues or paramilitary groups like the brownshirts to support a radical fascist regime. In Hitler's Germany, the Sturmabteilung (SA) were key to the rise of fascism because they acted as a military enforcement group that worked outside of the law. No one in the United States has anything vaguely resembling that answering to them.

Finally, and most importantly, the United States military is too large for a fascist takeover. At the time Fascism rose to power, it was after Germany's military was depleted by an extremely costly World War 1. With no strong central government, the military had no capability to say no to Hitler's demands as he consolidated power (because he was backed by the Sturmabteilung and Nazi Party enforcement). No modern president could conceivably bully the American military in the same way.

You're welcome t. /his/

Fascism is a reactionary movement to Communism which only digs in when a country is in tatters.

The Weimer Republic was hell on Earth so the first job was to get the strongest leader possible to fix shit.

Things are good now. There is no need. We are too comfortable to go on a moral crusade.

>I’m kind of concerned about my own safety.
>Because of facism
>In the US in 2018

Is this how delirious the left-wing liberals are?

>concerned about fascism in us, puts picture with italian words kek

Me ne frego means I don't care

According to my Facebook- this is just the tip of the iceberg.

America isn't the most racist place ever, it's just a place where people will do anything to have an identity and a place that likes to put people into boxes by skin colour ("black people things", "white people things") but again it's only because they are gagging for identity. There's no real solidarity in the country and exploiting systems for personal benefit is to goto thing to do, so anything involving groups is a long way off.

The US faces a greater problem with depression and suicides than it does with fascism.

Had to be said. OP has no perspective of real threats.

Probably a typical liberal and white guys are castrated in the US anyway, so fascism is very unlikely to take over there. OP, are you aware of which race commits the most crimes?

Ever notice the only people who say there's no racism in the US are white?

Because of the strong militarization of the US it's not difficult to implement martial law.

to not fear fascism, become a fascist.

>%40 is most

Ever notice the only people who say there is racism are biased against whites?

See? I can blatantly generalize too.

Social media only tells you more of what you want to hear based on the marketing you fall for.

>against whites

>fascism in a multi-ethnic country with a collapsing civic national identity
USA lacks the unity, the "us", to pull off fascism. And the current power structure is adept at manipulation and motivated 99% by money. Plus, the country's majority lets the minorities shit all over them out of fear of appearing racist. How the fuck do you implement facist concepts like action and violence into cucks like that?

Yeah. I know why you think that, considering how many far-right people are in this site.

This website is mainly populated by preppy losers and middle-class coward people.
If you were born poor you'll have 0 social anxiety due to darwinian selection.

My point is people in this site have 0 charisma and 0% chance of succeding pollitically. Infinity is no different.
Just ignore people who know nothing about real life, don't let social media dictate what you believe in

>Do you know how the real deal facism got started? By democratic election.

i'm italian and we didn't have any democratic elections whatsoever.

what are you talking about.

>Do you know how the real deal facism got started? By democratic election.
Im south american and we didnt have any elections to put fascists in power either.
The fuck you saying?

What is this, then?

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are you fucking retarded user?

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It's a democratic election, m8.

Not very likely. People always try to shit on California, but the state controls a majority of what this country does based on its economic strength. If you're ever wondering where this country is heading check out California. We've been a trend setter for decades. A lot of smaller states are stuck in a rutt and are gradually being left behind or forced to change.

Trump's an idiot. Too much criticism, news, and mistakes from this Presidency in such a short amount of time. The probe will pop him soon as well.

>economic strength

ok i'll take the bait.

>mussolini had like 30 seats of the 535.
>mussolini takes like 30.000 armed fascist and goes to rome.
>they tell the king "if you don't give us the kingdom we start killing"
>the king says "ok"
>everybody is "nigga wtf are you doing"
>mfw mussolini now is prime minister with like 5% of the seats.
>fascism follows
>after that the fake election that you posted happens

btw the guy on the right was murdered by mussolini the same year because he pointed out that the elections were fake.

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