If you are a meme, subjected to the harshest scrutiny and ironic detachment of internet and meme culture...

if you are a meme, subjected to the harshest scrutiny and ironic detachment of internet and meme culture, made a laughign stock out of yourself out of others, if people call you un-self aware, cringe, hypocritical, delusional, cliche, corny, basic, if people call you an asshole, materialistic, soulless, heartless, even sociopathic...does ANY of that fucking matter if you're making more in a month than they do in a lifetime? more in a week than they do in 3 years...does it matter? really? does morality and "decency" matter if you're ultra wealthy? people don't care about you anyway, nobody would help you if you were hanging off a cliff, they'd just glance by and walk away...so why does it matter if nothing changed except more people glance over at you and pretend to care for a few minutes then forget you exist again? does even going to prison matter if that means you get to be worth more than 99+% of people in the country and 0.01+% of the global population?

give me one reason right now why i shouldn't fuck over and destroy the lives of others for my own benefit and become a multi millionaire, why shouldn't i dump my life savings into a drug manufacturing, dealing and OPSEC setup right now, why shouldn't i go buy some guns and bullet proof vests too and prepare myself to murder every person who slings dope in the are and threatens me and monopolize the local maerket, then why shouldn't i launder that money and use it to buy every single fucking piece of real estate and business within my vicinity? why? what's stopping me...why shouldn't i stack mass fucking amounts of cash in foreign bank accounts under dead peoples' identities i bought and go to prison for a few years? if it means i get to do whatever i want and spit in your face why not? nobody gives a shit about anyone, nobody cares, not even "family", people will do everything they can to make my life as miserable as possible so why not just fucking literally kill them before they can kill me\?

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>give me one reason right now why i shouldn't fuck over and destroy the lives of others for my own benefit and become a multi millionaire,
It would be immoral.

and what in the absolute fuckdoes your "morality" mean if i get to makemore than you and all your ancestors + what you'll earn in your lifetime combined? what does it matter if i fuking slit your throat if it means i get to take your life before you inevitably take mine? if i'm speeding around in a lamborghini, renting out 2 hookers to be at my side at every moment every day and popping champagne bottles on yachts and getting my cock sucked for $1,000 while i overlook the view from a presidential suite hotel room and smoke a cigar that i lit with a hundred dollar bill why the fuck should i care? money is the only thing that matters in this world right? it's all about the money, if you don't have money you're nothing, if you don't have materials you're a piece of trash right? right? so why shouldn't i just get as much as it as i can so everyone else is a iece of trash i can look down upon and laugh ?

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because then you wouldn't be nice anymore.

>what in the absolute fuckdoes your currency mean if I'm better than you?

everyone is a fucking asshole, so why should i even care? if i put a gun to my temple right now nobody would stop me, even if i blew my brains out right now they wouldn't care, it wouldnt even make the back page of the local news, even if i made history everyone would just forget me, so why? why be good and get fucked up the ass and left to die by everyone hwo passes when i can just be bad and start fucking everyone else up the ass and leaving THEM to die? why not literally just fucking kill them hmm? seriously what's stopping me from murder since we're all literally going to die, if i'm fucking your wife girlfriend mom or whatever on my yacht with a $1,000 cigar in my mouth and ordering around hundreds of people that look at me as their god then why should i even stop and think about "being nice"? nobody cares about nice people, it's all about the money right? that tcasshhh the power right? power and money
yeah seriously, waht does it? your worth is dictated by how many 1's and 0's you have in yourbank account, so therefore if ihave more than you, you are worthless and i am worth more than you, so why does anyhting you say or do matter? why should i care? if i amass an army of drug people whom i have bounded to me through getting them addicted, giving them favors etc whih i could use to literally murder you and therefore wipe yuor existence from this planet because i gave an order, why do you or anything you say matter?

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>your worth is dictated by how many 1's and 0's you have in yourbank account, so therefore if ihave more than you, you are worthless and i am worth more than you,
Prove it.

>tl;dr why cant i become scarface irl
Because this isn't the wild west anymore. You're about 20 generations too late.

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since the beginning of society there has always been a set and standardized form of value in the form of currency, we use this currency to trade and purchase goods and services, in the beginning, this was usually things like food, seeds, tools etc, then it evolved into spices, alcohol, salt, and then gold and silver, then paper notes which represented gold and silver, then just paper notes, then digital numbers, and then just 1s and 0s in a bank account, there are approximately 7.6+ billion recorded people on the planet who are in society that live in countries where they use 1s and 0s and paper currency, in fact, the majority of everything on the planet's worth is determined by these 1s and 0s and paper notes, so if you have more currency, you can acquire more goods and services, and if you can acquire more goods and services, you hold more value, and if you hold more value, you are more valuable in comparison to everyone else because you can buy more than they can, this includes everything from feeding yourself to shelter to even saving your life if you're dying to defending yourself in the court of law, if you don't, then you can't do any of these things effectively, therefore, your health, or life, is worthless, your future and freedom (legal status i.e going to prison) among others

to the left is a human being who probably has no 1s and 0s or even a bank account at all, and to the right is someone who has a lot of them, the one to the left is so worthless because he has no 1s and 0s that he cant even insure his life and the only thing that cares about him is a raven waiting for it to die and decompose so it can consume it for lunch, and to the right is someone who has so many 1s and 0s in his bank account that people would literally go out of their way to aid and assist him in whatever possible way they could if they had the chance, their potential is also unlimited because they have unlimited resources while the other is probably already dead

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you know, if you think about it the way you do, it's actually too late to be alive, because there have already been 107 billion people that have lived on the planet and homo sapiens are 200,000 years old. So because this isn't the paleolithic era, you should probably just kill yourself. You're about a quarter a megaannum late

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That's a whole lot of nothing. Can you actually convey your ""points"" without rambling like a schizophrenic?

What mental illness have you been diagnosed with?

sure, so basically you should shuv a gun down your throat and pull the trigger
existing with people like you syndrome

you see it's shit like this that makes me really want to slit someones throat and dissolve the body in acid and flush it down the drain, i shouldn't be "nice" to peoplelike you, i should make it my duty to fucking murder you, the world is a fucking shit storm, and you people are the turds

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Do you really expect me to read this! GET A JOB

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how about i slit your throat and kill as many people like you as i can instead?

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Why so angry?

because why not? everyone is angry, everyone is miserable, happiness is a lie that doesn't exist and if people had the chance they would fuck you over in the blip of a second, anger is what gives you motivation, fuel and energy, for if it was not for anger,our ancestors would have never been able to brutally murder each other in order to survive, anger is what allows you to fuck over the enemy before they fuck over you, and in this world that we live in, everyone is the enemy...but how about you? why so calm...are you sticking your neck out to get your throat slit?

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o.o are you ok.

nobody is "ok", ok? if we all answered that question honestly, we would all be spat on and treated like a sick dying pathetic puppy by the people who didn't

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So uh, you accomplished much lately or have you just been shouting at the clouds?

i don't know, i was thinking about going over to walmart, buying a shotgun and putting a bullet through the first person i see who reminds me of or talks like you

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I'll take that as a no. I just got back from a fishing trip with my cousin. We barely caught anything but it was nice to just be out on the lake.

nice, if the boat flipped over and the motor tore your skull into pieces and brain mush jammed the motor and you died, how long do you think it would take him or her and everyone else you know to forget you ever existed? how many paid days off work do you think he would've used your death to squeeze out?

i was just sitting here with my life savings wondering if i should pull the trigger and order the weapons, burner phones, laptops and bulk supply from these onion markets and start murdering drug dealers and gangs and cornering the market and getting people addicted to heroin so they can work for me for free, what do you think i should do?

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I think you need your parents to love you more. I was probably happier in that canoe than you'll ever be if you keep doing what you're doing.

hahhahaha, my parents? my prents couldn't give 2 fucking shits aboutme, they used to abuse me left and right like it was casual, you weren't happy, nobody is happy, happiness is just a fucking cute lie, your eally don't know much about the world do you, "happiness" isn't going to feed you, "happiness" isn't going to pay your bils, "happiness" isn't going to save you from a $500,000 emergency hospital bill, "happiness" isn't going to pay for your hip surgery when you're old, "happiness" isn't going to suck your cock, that's all money, hard cash, that's the only thing that matters in this world, to everyone, you thin you could go "fishing" withy our cousin if you didn't hve any money? where'd you buy the boat and the roads? your clothes and the gear? with "happiness"? hah...no

money IS happiness, and the more money you have, the happier you are

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See I knew your parents didn't love you enough. Anyway, could you do yourself a favor and just kill yourself? Taking other people out with you wouldn't improve anything.

sure, but only ifyou start first, and why do you s ay that? of course it would, it would get rid of peoplelike you, i think that's a massive improvement, we could use a lot less of you

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I mean, if you kill yourself it doesn't matter to you, and if you care about anything beyond your own life then you're contradicting your weird belief system.

of cooouorse maaan you're totally right! but look, i need you to go first, and thEn i can do it, that's my belief system, so help me out eh? just look, go grab a toaster or something and hop in the hub, when i see you do it, then i'll be encouraged to do it !

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wow, had to get some stitches after cutting myself on all this edge. graduate highschool before talking big OP

Man, I'm pretty happy so I'll pass. You however seem convinced that there's no such thing as happiness, so it's probably best if you end your autistic edgelord rants once and for all.

What does having money mean, user? If money is all it takes to make you happy then so be it. You will have money, and you will pay a price for it. Time, risk, and the moral burden. If you have no moral burden from commiting these acts, and are not turned off by the time sink and risk, not to mention effort, then you may commit these acts. But know this user
>You can trick yourself to believe anything

Why not just kill yourself, OP?

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