Would you date me?

femanon here.
I've had a long line of rejection my whole life. Never been asked out, never been catcalled. Been hit on by guys only to hear afterwards they flirt with literally every girl in sight no matter how attractive or unattractive. I have a boyfriend now, we're in a long term relationship, but I still feel he only found my attractive cause im his girlfriend, like he didn't respond to my looks until after we had bonded. I'm gonna describe myself below. Do I sound like someone you would wanna date? I just need to know it's been bad luck and not that im undesirable. And be honest, I can take it.

I'm 20 yo, 5'3, skinny, i'm not that strong and have slight curves, small boobs but not flat. Shaggy dark brunette bob to my shoulders and short side swept bangs. big brown eyes and small shapely lips with natural looking makeup. I wear mostly dark clothing, wearing usually black jeans and tight t-shirts with either artsy designs or characters I find cool. I like wearing simple chokers and i wear a leather jacket a lot. I like wearing short black skirts and black thigh highs a lot too. I'm a graphic designer and an artist. My hobbies are comics, video games, film studies, and art. I've been described as "sunshiney" but also "confident" and "a fighter". I'm very positive and sweet but I dont take well to people using my kindness against me, I will always push back strong if someone hurts my friend or tears me down. I always ask out the guy first, I like spoiling my boyfriend and taking him out to dinner to make them feel special. All the dates I've asked guys out on were either movies or playing video games together. I can be kinda cutesy and dorky when I get excited, but i'm also a passionate rambler about my interests. I fear that makes me annoying, but most tend to find it endearing i guess.

Do I sound "dateable". Every guy I asked out responded with "ew" or "never" or "gross" except my current bf. And that fact still weighs me down...

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Can't judge your looks without seeing ya.


Yeah pics or gtfo

No one can comment on your looks unless you post a picture. Normally I would say to something like that but every guy there is too hyperbolic, every girl is either ugly or a dime to them.

The clothes you describe makes you seem like the "alt-normie" type (fucking kill me now for using that phrase) which appeals to a lot of people. Your hobbies sound good too, easy to connect with and if you're passionate about it then that could easily pull other people in. And a girl that isn't afraid to ask a guy out is always appreciated. You're probably very datable, I would say. Maybe you're just asking the wrong guys.

nigga just post a picture of yourself with a timestamp.

Can't really say, even with photographs. How someone moves, their pattern of attention, how she responds to her environment, etc augments perception of beauty.

I will say I pretty much never like chokers of any kind. Inhibits trust in much the same way as a tie, except it's initially taken as more entrapment oriented. I don't see "I want to be free, and I see the walls." I see "trauma".

>he only found my attractive cause im his girlfriend
A lot of guys have no option with girls so they have to settle for girls they aren't actually physically attracted to.

It's the #me too era and no one wants to be sued

you'll have to go on the offensive now

you sound like a complete normie honestly

> slight curves
I think it's because you're fat. I'm a khv, so I'd date anything that was born a girl desu.

No offence, but you sound like an attention whore. I'm yet to meet a normal girl who complains that dudes don't catcall her. And the fact that you have a bf and still look for validation on Jow Forums speaks for yourself. And the fact that you ask us to judge your appearance without posting your pics only confirms it.
>Every guy I asked out responded with "ew" or "never" or "gross" except my current bf.
I seriously doubt it

Most women love attention. OP is a perfectly normal grill.

This too. I'm much more alert for red flags than before.

There's a website called Photofeeler. You post pictures and they get rated by people along certain dimensions such as 'friendliness' etc

You can get statistically valid results there

Because yeah, as has been said, can't tell without actually seeing you. Going by your hobbies and stated personality, you are 100% dateable - so it must be your looks. But posting a picture of yourself on Jow Forums is not something I'd recommend

On the other hand, people do do it, and now I'm curious as to what you do look like, so..

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I'll answer you in the same way I answered the guys that asked the same question

>there's nothing wrong with you
>just keep trying
>just be yourself
>improve yourself
>get a hobby
>approach others
>get therapy

>20 yo, 5'3, skinny
>Shaggy dark brunette bob to my shoulders and short side swept bangs.
>I like wearing short black skirts and black thigh highs a lot too.
Shit girl, you've got me.

>except my current bf
>current BF

Why are you here? You have a boyfriend.

I’m a 40 year old virgin. I wonder what they would say about me.

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attention of course

Man what the fuck is it with this picture

Is this a forced meme or something

Your appearance and hobbies don't mean much to me. It's all about how you socialise, will you be around me, are you friendly etc.

I would guess the "ew" stuff comes from school not mature adults? Guys reject like that in school because that's what girls do to them. There's a huge number of reasons why people can be rejected. Lots of people get rejected a lot in school while also rejecting a lot of others.

you look like Putin
pretty sure Putin got laid

Post feet please.