Should it stay or should it go

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2 years prior for comparison, maybe also slightly thinner

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You look like a white male school shooter

so shave...wait...

That looks kind of clean for not having a mustache. Maybe trimming it to a shorter length but overall it’s not bad.

It doesn't make you look ugly but lots of people will be turned off by it.
Lots of people are turned off by beards in general and lots of people aren't fans of chinstraps or beards without mustaches.

I’m a girl. IMO you should either make it a full beard or get rid of it entirely. You’re cute but your current look is kind of ruining it.

As a guy, I'd say clean shaven is better, but that's all personal preference.
Actually ill

I think it looks decent but I'm a homo so what do I know.

Femanon here, clean shaven looks much better imo

You're cute with or without. Full beard will make you HOT

Nah man you’ve got a nice jaw and lips. Don’t hide it, embrace it.

Is listen to this gay man.
This chicks sound underage/young as fuck

The beard isn't inherently bad. *that* beard is

Grow the mustache out too and it would look good. Don't understand why anyone ever grows JUST beards, but yeah you're a good looking dude, OP

I’m the one who said he should either make it a full beard or get rid of it and I’m 28.

Ok so OP has to decide if he wants to look good to women or to straight men on Jow Forums and homos. Up to him.

Like I said, young as fuck

Agree with this, would be hot with a full beard.

>trusting on what a woman THINKS she wants


I'm a guy, but you look way better with that beard. I guess most girls are into the scrimpy numale beard from reading this thread.

28 isn't super young old man

It's young but not that young

A beard like this is handsome.

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Thanks for the advice. I do actually have a moustache, but the lighting doesn't really show it, and I do keep it trimmed pretty short. I feel it kinda gets in the way otherwise.

That guy is very handsome. Give him OP's beard and your statement wouldn't change.

The problem really is not so much the age, but the gender.

But sure thing sweetie

f-fuck off old man

Just shave it bro. "Breads" like that aren't real beards. If you can't grow the actually thing just keep shaving

He would still be handsome, but less handsome. Just like OP is handsome but is being made slightly less handsome by that facial hair when he could be hot if he grew it into a full beard.

Shave it! Also, you look quite handsome

Thank you for all the complements :^) Pretty sure the last time I posted on a rate thread on soc I just got shit on, so this is a pleasant surprise.

Well actually if you read the rules here, that’s where this post belongs—not here.

Oh they do that because they don't want anyone to look better than them, hurts their ego, hence why they rate lower.

You'll see most threads rate people 4 or 5 out of 10 who are legitamate 8s and all.

grow hair out

shave beard off

Bro you look clean af rn you should be smashing puss every night

It's too thin. Let it grow some more.

This is not a beard. Grow in the rest or shave the ugly chin strap.

Dude you have the beard I wish I could grow. Keep living the dream.

You have an actual jawline and chin, so what's the point of growing a beard? The chin strap doesn't look good unless you're trying to make up for a weak jawline. Wait till it fully grows out or just keep the chin scruff.

Chinstraps are appalling, grow a beard like
or shave that disgusting shit

Looks good, but i'd advise you to grow it longer on the chin, and don't shave the mustache. I just think that a beard without a mustache looks a bit weird (but a mustache without a beard is outright dumb)

If skin is visible behind your beard like on your chin, you should let it go. You look just fine clean shaven. And no, growing it longer like suggests would make you look like an immature tryhard.
t. former patchy beard bearer of 4 years. Took me some time to realize it, wish I could go back in time and slap that stupid mush off my face.

Full beard or none at all, that's my 2 cents