What would you do a couple of months before your suicide date?

i plan on finishing this semester and not burdening my family before their trip, so it’ll obviously have to wait but i have my mind set.

i have a couple of friends i talk to regularly and by a couple i mean two. i don’t really have any hobbies and i use two social media accounts so i guess i have an online presence but i’m toning that down. i just don’t know how to feel or what to do, or what i’m supposed to be doing. do i just keep on living the way i currently am? anyone i should listen to or books i should read? tv shows? what do i tell my loved ones?

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Why do you want to kill yourself?

life is unfulfilling

Numb myself with heroin.

Go online and tell people about it because I don't have anyone in real life.

i’d still like to finish the semester, not too keen on drugs or the like

i’ve told the one close friend i have but i don’t want to bring it up a LOT

Would you please co-sign a mortgage for me? My ex drained all my accounts and left me will bills that killed my credit. I just want a little modest $59,900 place, but I need a co-signer...

if i had that kind of money i wouldn’t be suicidal

Have you done something to make it not unfulfilling

Costs you nothing, you just co-sign...

i’ve tried i just feel like nothing works out and i attract the same types of people. i don’t see it going anywhere really

Don't do this, OP. You have all eternity to be dead and only now to be alive. You'll be dead soon enough anyway and then you can have your way.

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>implying other people are necessary for happiness

it doesn't cost you money to co-sign, how young are you?

misread, 19
you’re wrong

OP, let me tell you. After losing my mother and being rejected by the person I would consider my soul mate, I too have felt the deep and unending sorrow that is generally preceded by suicide. I have toyed with the thought but what you have to understand is that your brain can betray you. Chemical imbalances are real and Ketamine treatments have shown real and long lasting results. Just consider a total and complete change in your life. Drastic changes and a bit of life experience couldn't hurt

i don’t think it’s really a chemical imbalance i just don’t have anything to offer and my biggest fear is rejection and abandonment which i’ve been hit with too many times

You say you have nothing to offer I don't think that statement makes sense. Unless you're a paraplegic mute stuck in a bed you can offer something to the world.

Stop brushing my teeth

like what? all the connections i make are hollow

You don't need connections to contribute to the world. The only thing you need to do is work and help people.