73% European, 15% Negroid, 12% Amerindian

>73% European, 15% Negroid, 12% Amerindian
>IQ of 130
>Digit ratio of .944 (built for 2 deviations away from 77 IQ)
>Arab norm (84 IQ) is .960, but white norm (100 IQ) is .980
>Smart but lazy taken to an extreme
>See reality clearer than anyone else in life
>Dad is white, mom is mulatto
>Going to die a virgin, slave labor for people I don't love or care about
>Feel nothing good from being alive, 22 years old and haven't even kissed a girl, can't feel attracted to women because genetics are too different
>Work feels like rape of my soul
>Have a Ruger in my room because of dad
>Thinking to shoot myself in the brain to get out of 30 more years of miserable existence

My digit ratio is so low I don't care about anything in life anymore. I'm tired of masturbating and rotting in my chair. I never see my sister anymore now that she's married; it's like she's dead. My dad doesn't love me. My mother doesn't love me. I don't love them either. I work, and I only think to kill myself to make it stop.

I'm thinking to turn myself off.
There's no way out for me. I've got such a low digit ratio that I can kill myself easily. Men shoot themselves and die at a higher rate than women do, and I've got a very masculine mind.

All I need is two or three weeks of labor and a poor diet, and I'll have the power to do it.

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maybe you should learn how genetics actually work, get a textbook
the shit you learned from Jow Forums infographics is full of major omissions and misconceptions

Dios mio...el goblino americano...

In all seriousness, though, why would you bother worrying about IQ statistics if you already know you're on the right end of the bell curve?

iq tests are rather meaningless.
if you are so intelligent you would find a way that makes life work for you.
I can be super lazy but I still accomplish a lot and just allow lazy days.
perhaps you are just average.

Found the IQlet.

IQ is correlated with life success (although conscientiousness is also needed).

>IQ is correlated with life success
I'm well above OP's 130 and I work at the post office

You've been dead for 60 years, get back in the oven


Not the one you're replying to but I missed you, Hitler. :)

Y-you too

having a high IQ according to a test means very little. having high intelligence applied to real life does. you can fail thst test and be very successful or pass it and do little in life.

I've noticed it is always the latter who even take the test because they need to prove something to themselves. they want to say "hey it says I AM smart! so my lack of success is just laziness" Often they are just in fact, average.

I can already tell you are one of those types because you have an account here for recognition and insult everyone for attention. You could never truly be anonymous.

>you can fail thst test and be very successful
If you "fail" an IQ test that you try at, it's extraordinarily unlikely you'll manage to do much. IQ is a measure of capacity, not utilization of it, so you can waste potential, but at the same time you can't make use of what isn't there.
>I've noticed it is always the latter who even take the test
Selection bias, I'd guess. The brainlets or "average" types wouldn't feel a reason to post their results (and the really stupid ones wouldn't take the test on their own).
Notice, by the way, that I haven't been waving my number around. Not really relevant to the thread.

>I can already tell you are one of those types because you have an account here for recognition
That's for a separate reason, although I suppose you could say I can't stand the thought of being a waste.
>insult everyone for attention.
I insult specific people because they deserve it. I am consistent in my targets, or so I'd like to think.
>You could never truly be anonymous.
I post here anonymously too, but you wouldn't notice, now would you?

I feel bad for you.
Hope life gets better soon.

You post your meme graphs anonymously when you are banned but everyone knows it's you obviously.

It's a fairly popular graph. Check the archives on Jow Forums, it's posted far more often than I could ever do alone.
It's kind of funny being the board bogeyman.

I wonder why it would be so popular on Jow Forums, a board full of autistic incels.

>statistics are solely the domain of incels
You have no idea, though, how much I argue with those degenerates.
They're almost as bad as Jow Forums in terms of degeneracy.
Take the COLONIZED meme, for example.

At any rate, you're changing the subject. I thought I was the one posting the meme graph?

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Are these ancestry tests legit? Do they actually allow you to track down your ancestors to the xth century? Or is it just a bunch of bullshit numbers?

I mean they can tell what races genes you consist of. But I doubt that they can tell if that 5% mexican and 10% eastern european came from one guy up the line, or three different ones. So they aren't that good with ancestor tracking.

They certainly can't do anything by location, nothing could do that. All it can do is tell you is about genetic information. Yes, it could say, "You had genetic black African ancestor sometime around 300 years ago." That doesn't tell you if that ancestor was a slave somewhere or in Africa or anything else like that. Genetic groups also ignore nationalities because they are arbitrary, which is why 23andme lumps Germany and France together, because they are the same genetically.