Taking a "Break"

My girlfriend wanted to take a "break" still wants to be friends. This is clearly a regression in our relationship and I'm planning on giving her an ultimatum to continue with the relationship or break off completely. Need some opinions on this move

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I’d just cut it off man. I’m tempted to cut it off with mine. But I’m effectively homeless if I do. I have no where to stay since we live together. But my girl brings me down a lot. And she sleeps easy as fuck every night. I know this didn’t really answer your question but I’ve got no one to talk with

She already dumped you, you just don’t know it yet. Beat her to the punch and go after her ego. Women hate that.

Shit man that's rough. You'll bounce back though whatever you do you'll bounce back

I see what you're saying and as tempting as it is I don't want to fuck her up too bad

I don’t think that’s the best move. Ultimatums tend to push people away.
The way I would treat it is: she has made up her mind, it did not come out of nowhere which means she has thought about it. So the best course of action is accept it and say “ok, goodluck” or however you want to phrased it.
Don’t bring up break up, get back togethers, any of that.
The outcome will be the same whether you beg, or safe face.

Cut off cordially and move on.
She might not even be sure of her moves but she’ll definitely feel a gut punch when you just treat it as just another idle Tuesday.

She's breaking up, but cannot resolve herself to do it properly, hence the "break"

Thanks man. I just don’t know if it will be a mistake if I leave her. I obviously love her. But I’m consistently starting to feel as beat down as my exwife made me daily. I don’t want to go down that road and turn suicidal again. But my colors are starting to turn dull again. Terrible sign for me.

You don’t have to dump her.
Just say “ok cool. Goodluck” and don’t reply to her after that.
And just watch how she’s starts acting after a few weeks

It’s not worth an ultimatum, they’re just trying to be nice by asking to still be friends. (Even though that’s usually a bad idea.)
Just cut ties and forget them.

No problem bro. Always look out for #1 (you) even if you have to ride it out with your girl until you can move out.

Thanks for the replies guys. You're all probably right. How should I tell to fuck off then I'm not too worried about my irl friend group considering it consists of 3 people and she doesn't even like the other guy. Itve never had to burn a bridge before I've just refused to maintain them

I don't think you have to burn any bridges here. Tell her you're not interested in taking a break or regressing to a friendship. Tell her it's over (in her mind it already is so you're not losing anything here).

You're right. For some reason I feel bad for doing it though. Anyone else have any scripts

Don’t bring up break up. I’m telling you.
Just say “okay” and ghost her.

"You can't take a relationship and cut the parts you dont want out and keep the parts you do want, I'm not interested in being only your friend so I wish you well, goodbye"
Easy peasy

If you make that ultimatum then she is going to break it off.
Its way easier to break up if the other person is the one to suggest it.

>For some reason I feel bad for doing it though.
Because you care for her, but this is the path she chose, not you. One way or another those feelings have to be worked past, the only question now is is are you going to do it or will she get there first?

I would do this but we share a couple of the mandatory classes I need for the next two semesters
This sounds good I might paraphrase this
Ultimatum would be a win win situation where it's all or nothing. Or at least try to smash

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Ultimatums are just breakups where you pretend you gave the other person a choice. If you're at the point where you feel like giving her one, the relationship isn't worth saving.

I'm probably gonna tell her to fuck off

I saw my gf cheating on me, I ignored her after that and after 2 days she comes out clean about almost everything. I got kinda emotional and she bunkered down saying "whats the point of me saying something if you are already thinking whatever you want".
Just replied ok cool after that and she hasnt replied anything yet. That was one week ago.
I already fucked 2 girls after that but it didnt feel good, it was distant and cold compared to how warm it was when doing it with her. I just keep comparing the new girls to her in my mind and its driving me mad.
I miss her but I know I cant forgive a cheater.
Tell me bros did I do the right thing?

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Of course you did
Cheaters are garbage humans you shouldn't feel any remorse for leaving

I feel like human sewage, weak as shit for still longing for someone that fucked me over.

When a woman asks to take a break, 9 times out of 9 its because she has already found her next man, and doesn't want to have to feel bad about actually breaking up with you, or passively shit things up until yoy end it.

If women ask for a break, you may as well accept the relationship is over.

Yes you did. It will take time, but it gets easier month by month. Just keep doing your daily tasks, listen to music, whatever it takes.

At least you know up front. I thought I had a chance to get back together with my ex for like 6 months and I actually started feeling a bit better. She said she wanted to meet up and catch up and I thought "OK maybe she misses me and once she can feel what it's like to hang out again..."

Then I found out that she has been with someone else that entire time and was already hanging out with them for months even before the breakup. It was only after that that I REALLY hit rock bottom and was able to start recovering.

Emotions are human man. You'll just need time and you'll be fine. Just don't give into your weakness and contact her. Cheaters dont deserve the time of day

I just feel dumb because Im a 27 yo man and everything feels like some teenagers love life. I hope to get over this quick enough.

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taking break is code for im seeing someone else but dont have the balls to tell you fyi

never had a girlfriend and never will have one........ i might be an incel

tell her "whatever" and then go find someone better.
females are cows

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