My Ex has come back to my life, and I don't know what to do

Yesterday, my ex girlfriend messaged me around 1 am wanting to talk. She had just been left by her now ex of 2 and a half years, who had apparently prohibited her from trying to get in contact with me. I went and drove to Lake Pleasant (abt 45 minutes away) to pick her up, so we could talk more in person. We dated in high school when I was 16, and she was 17, and one day she randomly dumped me in the middle of class (last night she told me the reason was that she had a pregnancy scare which was the first I heard of that. She then told me about how her ex had kicked her out, and she was now staying with a friend at an rv park. The rest of the night we just reminised about our short time together during High School. Honestly, it was the happiest I had felt in so long. I definitely still love her, but I'm at a loss of what to do. Even if I really feel that way, does she? I want to be back together with her, bring her into my home and take care of her.

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user, you need to start asking questions and not be “blinded” by love. Why did her ex boyfriend kick her out?

From what I understood, he wanted a new life. At first they were still going to pive together, but he suddenly changed his mind after meeting another woman. He also supposedly beat her sometimes, if that means anything.

Be careful user.

My ex just sent me some snapchat shit recently when she was visiting the city I live in. She knows I have a girlfriend. She was an utter cunt for the last few months and her dad still calls and asks me to be her friend or reconsider dating. From what I umderstand, she recently broke up with a guy and just saw this as an opportunity for sex. Might still be with the guy. Wouldn't surprise me. Left her on read.

>letting a women back into your life who just views you as her backup/second choice
Not worth it. Respect yourself more before you jump back into that kind of dumbfuckery

I wouldn't say she thinks like that, though maybe thats just me being hopeful. She said herself I was her first love, as she was mine. She was my only love in fact, I've never loved anybody like that since.

user, you probably don't want to hear this, but you're her Plan B. she's straight up using you and playing the victim. i guarantee she's trying to get a place to stay.

don't put yourself in that position. don't offer to take her in. don't get back together with her. spare yourself the heartbreak, man.

Don't do it user. You don't seem to be in a place in which you are able to correctly address the situation, since you admittedly are still in love with her even if your relationship was brief, she dumped you without notice, and she resumed contact with you only when her new relationship ended.
Hell, you even drove 45min. to talk to her, you basically confirmed her that you are hers to command.

she didnt ask me to drive out actually. i offered to on my own, and she was even surprised i did.

I didn't say she asked. For what i understand, she didn't asked to stay at your home either

absolutely pathetic. She'll use you like you use your cumrags.

I'll play the other side of the coin:

Maybe she likes you still. She obviously at least thinks about you if she hit you up. If you think she is a good person then it is up to you whether to let her into your life.

If it turns out to be a bad idea then realize you are a shit judge of character.

>she randomly dumped me in the middle of class
she gona fuck you over the fence again, not because she cant change but she didnt change, so a pregnacy scare is good enough reason to leave you, not giving you a chance, not talking, no nothing just bye?
you cannot plan a future with this girl

also, you are being used, this type of women is cancerous, she just been dumped and she runs to you, because you are available, not because she loves you

You know what? I think you're right.
Don't get me wrong, I'm totally positive that this girl is gonna wreck OP for good, but it's not like he's going to listen to what others say, he'll do it anyway.
And maybe it's the right thing to do, since if he doesn't he'll pass the chance to learn through experience why this is a very bad idea.

So OP, bite the bullet and go for it. Try to not go full all in and invest yourself or your finances/properties too much. Stay safe, it's all experience anyway

She'd been dealt a bad hand way before I met her, but she was still a good person besides it.
If I remember as much about her from high school as i think I do, then she has changed. Shes way more serious about getting her life on track than she was before.
I'm taking everything into consideration because Im at a complete loss of what to do. But i do know if she didnt still care about me, it wouldnt have been me she hit up.

what is this bullshit arguement
>whore dumped
>whore has its ego ruined
>how to restore it? oh i know, the guy who made sure he loves me no matter what

she doesnt fucking care about youuuuu, why are you so fucking STUPID, like a god damn woman

>She was my only love in fact, I've never loved anybody like that since.
Oh boy, grow up. Life's not a fucking hollywood movie where there's just "the one"

is on point. Have a little self respect. She should have known what she was doing, she apparently didn't give two shits to have enough security to not live on the streets. Now she pops up in your life again? How fitting of her to have a boyfriend who forbids her to talk to her ex. The only one to go to is her first boyfriend which is so long ago, that all he could possibly remember are romanticized version of positive experiences of the past. The lack of contact after the relationship broke off overall benefits her in you not know what she had to deal with and how. So why in the hell after all this time would she come back like that, and out of all situations to be an she's in an existential crisis.

There are so many red flags ... how come you are not seeing any of them?

I legitimately have not been in love since. Thats all I said. Have you ever had one of those moments where you know you're going to have history with someone, like, just as you meet them? That's the feeling i had all those years ago, i said to myself "im going to be with that girl" qnd lo and behold it was true. I had that same moment again last night. It felt like something broke inside me and all of the sudden these emotions came forth that I havent felt in god knows how long.

I was the one that said to play the other side of the coin.

If you have such feelings then you know they don't come along often. Ignore the bitter men and MGTOW advocates. It really is better to have loved and lossed.

>I legitimately have not been in love since
It sounds like you don't put an effort to change your view on what love is, how love appears in you and what expectations you have of it. I think you are idealizing, as most young men, your first relationship to be the default status, which puts a lot of pressure on you and your potential partner. Put that's way to far fetched and off topic.

Still, respect yourself, don't bite, that would be the safest thing. The second safest thing would be watching her "get her shit together" over the next week and months, and judge based on the progress that you can observe (not just hear her tell you).

I mean for all i know, as you described the story, her ex might as well be a pimp and beat the shit out of her once she talked with people on the phone.

Who advocated MGTOW in this thread?

It's more of an equivalent to bitter men and I threw it in for spice.

I had pregnancy worries with about 3-4 ex's as i never used a condom but none of them left me for that. Its a pretty petty reason i wouldnt believe it

I've had a girl leave me for going raw on her all the time to cause I couldn't control it. So there.

You are a dead man daydreaming user

Hey I was at lake pleasant yesterday too, I might have seen your lonely ass out there!

dude, you don't understand she's using you. she doesn't give a fuck about you. if she did, she would get her life on track and get stable, and then after a period of 6-18 months she would reach out. instead, she's using you to help get you over a recent breakup. people that were just dumped are not ready to date. If you do this OP, I guarantee you she will leave you for the other dude the instant he texts her.

As far as your feelings, you're still hung up on her. If it's been over a year as you've said, I'd recommend relationship counseling. I used that to get over a manipulative gf who I was madly in love with and it worked fucking wonders.

She doesn't love you one bit dude. Loving someone doesn't mean that they love you back. You gotta love yourself man. Stick up for yourself and someone who's worth it will stick around for you.