Height surgery

Can someone redpill me? I'm 5'9 and want to be 6'1. What does it cost, and are there complications? I would be happy with 5'11 even, so really I just want 2-4 inches.

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Here's your redpill:


imagine believing this

5'8 is probably the average hight of a paki

>it goes against my incel cult beliefs so it must be false
Why are incels always such brainlets?

It is extremely painful, costs a lot, and complications are possible.

Also, you will never truly be proportionate. A 6'2" guy isn't just taller than a 5'9" guy. He is larger in general, wider, probably larger hands and feet, etc.. there is about a 30lb difference between someone 5'9" and someone 6'3" at the same BMI. That 30lbs isn't just from their legs being 6" longer in the femurs and tibias.

Ironically, dick size doesn't correlate with height significantly. It is correlated with testosterone level during early puberty.

And if your dick is small and/or you're ugly nobody gives a fuck how tall you are.

Attractive qualities in men go like this in order from most important/prerequisite/required, to least important/no to have but not deal breaker...

If you are a dumb person
Face and body > wealth > personality

If you are smart
Personality > face > wealth, body

Body at the end because it is not hard to be in shape and anyone can do it. Face can be changed but not as easily... Wealth is very significant, and personality is by far most valuable.

I differentiate between dumb and smart people because they don't put weight into the same things.

If you are an uninteresting degenerate, you will never ever be with a virtuous, beautiful woman.

You mold yourself to the kind of person you want. if you want some perfect virgin angel girl, you need to be a highly virtuous and good man. that is the prerequisite, not height, or your dick size, or how much money you have. If you are akin to Benjamin Franklin or George Washington in virtue, being tall/having a big dick/being wealthy/good body or face are all just cherries on top. Personality will always be the most important, unless you are notably deficient somewhere like being 5'3, bring genuinely super ugly, having a 3" dick, being in extreme debt etc... There is a lower limit.

If you want to fuck whores who lie and cheat and have daddy issues, you need to have money, a big dick, good body and wealth to keep that up.

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Also, Brad Pitt is the dream of every dumb girl alive, and he has zero personality(like all actors), is 5'11, but has a good body, face, and wealth. Do super smart girls care about Brad Pitt? Not that I have ever seen.

He isn't short or tall either, putting even less value in height relative to face and wealth, as I show in the smart person values above.

An even better example is Tom Hardy, who is 5'9, but has wealth and face.

If you are a smart, virtuous person, height does not matter if you are in the common average ranges which seems to be between 5'8.5 - 6'0.5 at +-3 standard deviations.

I can think of examples all day, Kurt cobain was 5'9. Paul Newman was 5'9. Nobody cared.

Don't do this stupid surgery. Less invasive procedures such as braces are a great thing to have done for examole, but this is super stupid.

Last example, Martin shkreli is 5'7 and had many random girls interested because he had wealth, wasn't super ugly, and arguably an interesting personality.

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Hitler was 5'9

Hitler had sex before marriage.


No he didn't.
Eva was pure

This is actually interesting how true it is. Paul Newman had everything. He had a model face, was in good shape, wealth, a very good personality, was extremely virtuous, pretty sure he was actually a pastor for like 30 years, and his height was never a detrimental quality. Face and personality trump everything. Body doesn't matter as long as you are a normal height and are in good shape. Fuck. I would take being a good fighter over being tall. Girls find tall attractive because it makes them feel protected, so just learn to fight well and it wont even matter. If I was a girl and wanted to be protected, I'm picking the 5'8 black belt in Jiu-Jitsu or whatever over a random 6'2 guy.

Paul Newman was extremely virtuous and his wife was a babe who I'm pretty sure was about as tall as him and they were married for like 40 years. It just goes to show that personality and face will always be what matters.

if you are inflexible just getting flexible would increase at most an inch (good posture and longer muscles)

then there's an extremely dangerous surgery to lengthen leg bones which would be stupid to even consider

Wow another male whose worried about what other people say about him. Specifically womeme.

Dude its gonna be ok man.
Remeber that tits are temporary.
Let the normies have their orgies.
You will find a young beautiful woman in your 30s.

Stretching to increase height goes away as soon as you stop stretching. astronauts lose their height increase almost immediately.

it's healthy to be flexible so there's the motivation to maintain it. as long as he can do a head touch knees pike stretch and a straddle, and open up chest and shoulders, which can be maintain in 30 mins a day.

Why are you telling him to wait until his 30s?

That's when you get wizard powers


Just wondering, why is dick size so important? If you've got some slut in your apartment and clothes are coming off, she's not going to stop because you have a little dick, so you're still getting laid. It's not like you used your dick size to get her there in the first place, it's against the law pretty much everywhere to whip your dick out in public to attract sluts. And if it's not a one-night stand, then she's your girlfriend, which means she obviously didn't care enough about your dick to dump you.

I agree that personality is most important, but that shouldn't be reassuring. Most anons have shitty personalities, and it's as unchangeable as your height. Everyone thinks they have a good personality because of whatever reason, and yet they have a hard time being a fun person and talking to girls, which is exactly the opposite of someone with a decent personality.


You're okay.
What do people my height have to say?
I'm fucking 5'3, so man up, faggot.

>wut durr huh

Okay, you got me, it can change. But personality change is a symptom of neurological disease. There is one famous case study where a man had a railroad spike driven through his brain and it changed his personality. However it's not normal, and it's not something you can do because you feel like it. I mean, have you ever actually seen someone's personality change?

How young are you to not have seen anyone change after high school?

If you've seen old high school buddies change their personality, then they probably have syphilis. Or you're just wrong, you saw their personality in the context of high school buddies, you obviously wouldn't have seen them around their kids or coworkers so you're confused that they aren't still acting like they did in high school.