Is going to a psychologist worth it?

Is going to a psychologist worth it?

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A good shrink is worth every penny!

No, it won't help you

Pretends to listen to your problems, gives shitty "advice"

Pretends to listen to your problems and gives you drugs which will actually help you


My experience
> me: I have anxiety
> psychologist: Yeaahhhh, just open up to your familllyyyy and fill your heart with loveee.

>gives you a different drug every other week that makes you some combination of fat, suicidal, or limp dicked

Just go to therapy

>you should go straight to chemical treatments for mental problems because therapy sometimes doesn't work.
Yeah and you should get liposuction instead of fixing your diet.

Pretends to understand what psychologists and psychiatrists do based on no evidence, while posting from mommies basement

Great advice mate, maybe next time just shut up

Well did you? What kind of faggot seeks professional help, disregards it, and then complains it doesnt work?

Of course I filled my heart with love, and I am anxiety free now. Crazy how love works.

Psychology major here.

Hard to say without knowing the situation. There are a lot of situations people see Psychologists for thay aren't appropriate. In some cases you need a Therapist, others a Psychologist, and finally Psychiatrist are a third option.

Can you give examples of appropriate situations for seeing each of those (psychologist, therapist, etc.)?

You displayed ignorance very nicely. If that's the tl;dr of your session it shows that you haven't wasted a single moment on reflecting of the meaning of what opening up and filling your hearth with love implies.

It's like the scroll of truth, someone hands it to you and you throw it away because you know better.

Therapist is someone you go to talk with and receive advice from. Let's say you're not pleased with something in life and you need to talk about it.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists generally work hand-in-hand to work toward improving mental disorders hindering the functionality of a patient. Think of people, for the sake of my example, as a two sided coin. On one side is the Psychological/mental body and the other side is the biological/physical body. The Psychologist's job is to diagnose and treat the mental/Psychological side of the coin. The Psychiatrist's job is to deal with the physical/biological aspect.

I hope my example helped

That makes sense. Thanks, user!

It helped me, at least.

Psychologists exist to pull people back into the system.

Youre better of reading a religious text of some sort and drawing meaning and motivation from that

I've been to like 4 different ones and they all fucking sucked
hopefully you will have a better one, I think it's worth a try, but don't think they will make all your problems go away

>Pretends to listen to your problems, gives shitty "advice"
They tend to do this with people whom they consider don't have enough common sense to live normally - usually teen primadonnas and emofags - and also to fill the time if you're not giving them anything to work with - i.e. you never share your thoughts, you expect them to read your mind, you don't do anything they tell you etc.

I see that you've had a negative experience. Think about what you're bringing to the table. What would a doctor do if you came to him, refused to describe all your symptoms, half-assedly done *some* of the tests he gave you and came completely unmotivated? He'd just tell you to "drink tea with honey", "smoke less" or w/e and send you on your way. Your psychologist is the same, except he is stuck with you and can't send you away.

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Yes user. Just drink the Kool-Aid especially designed for a sheeple like you.
Just take your meds already!

>the system, dude