Girls - What makes you REALLY fall for a guy?

Sexual attraction is obviously not enough.

What gives a guy that 'x-factor' that really makes you infatuated with him?

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the ability to suck a mean dick

Not a grill, but the answers will be:
>ambiguously "kind and sweet"
>"the smartest guy I've ever met" (no actual correlation to intelligence)
>makes her feel safe


I always hear "kind and caring" but they don't really want that. They want some roller coaster of emotions intermixed with passion and some kindness here and there.

I don't know that's true, I think it's just that they're attracted to a dude because he's confident, and then pick another desirable trait to say because saying you only care if he's confident sounds somehow shallow. Everyone likes to pretend they're attracted to someone's moral character, even though nobody really is.

>sounds somehow shallow
Women will never admit it, but they were raised to be shallow and have high standards. Their fathers feed them the "you're a princess and deserve a 10/10 prince charming!" so they get this inflated ego. Their mother's dont help either because they'll feed them the same crap but being a women will be better able to persuade the woman into not feeling shame for having ridiculously high standards

Besides the typical shit, the special something you're asking about is different for everyone. Sometimes it's really weird or obscure too.

You seem to be more than a little angry/bitter that women have the dating habits they do. Men have lower standards (because they have too) but we're just as shallow. I've definitely convinced myself a girl has a better personality than she really does because I thought she was pretty several times. I know that an insecure fat chick is annoying but an insecure cute chick can seem endearing. It's the way people are and you just gotta accept it, this coming from a guy that is pretty much romantically invisible. Being bitter about it just makes it even worse.

Passion, aggression, power and looks. How moral and nice you are doesn't matter.

French women fucked Nazis willingly when they invaded. Black women fucked slave masters willingly. Liberal SJW women slick themselves to getting dominated by white conservative Brad trump supporters all the time. Goody two shoes white suburban girls fuck Jamal.

I knew a Jewish girl who loved fucking Muslim / Arab looking men because fucking the "enemy" got her off.

Women really don't care how masculine qualities are manifested as long as they're there. That's why they stay with "assholes" all the time.

Be the asshole.

Bitter virgin who has never asked a girl out pretends he is an expert on women: the post.

Why do you think I'm a virgin?

Nah not bitter. I've just come to accept the reality that most women are garbage so I'll not waste time on 90% of them and only go for the ones I know for sure are human beings
>I've definitely convinced myself a girl has a better personality than she really does because I thought she was pretty several times
Yeah same. I'm not saying we men aren't at fault either I'm just saying that women are shallow by nature and anyone who thinks otherwise are delusional

>most women are garbage so I'll not waste time on 90% of them and only go for the ones I know for sure are human beings

Not that dude but you're bitter man. Women aren't garbage. Women act exactly how they were designed to act- to maximize their chances of getting fucked and collecting genes from men who aren't whiny bitches.

Sorry domination is a real thing. Better get your shit together or become a basedboy feminist who can't compete

If it's normal for women to call most men garbage, why am I somehow bitter for finding most women garbage? Because I would agree with women and say that most men are garbage. Hell most humans are garbage. It's not bitter to have standards for people I want to share my life/time with.

not grill here, but my friend recently landed a girlfriend who isn't dumb and crazy for the first time ever. Was shocking. He is certainly attractive, but his taste in women was traditionally awful.

I met up with them and just asked her directly what was up with that.

She told me she didn't really think much of anything of my friend. They kinda met in the sense that they existed in the same room at their mutual friends house party.

She said what sold her on him at first was just true confidence. On Facebook, no less. My man just added her, then IM'd he was interested and wanted to go on a date with her. Straight to the point. No bullshit pick up lines or small talk is what she emphasized.

Then he backed that up by being cool in person as well. Done deal.

Its ok for women to be overly emotional and illogical because they are women. When you stoop to their level you become a bitch.

Incels are like women. What a surprise.

Right so having standards for the women I associate with makes me a bitch? I should just put up with roasties because otherwise I'm not a man? Lmao dude the only bitches are the guys that give women like that the time of day.

> I should just put up with roasties because otherwise I'm not a man?

Define "put up". Do you know how to have a fuck buddy? Did i tell you to wife up a slut? No. Did I tell you to take care of someone's bastard kids? No.

Look bro unless you leave the west and go to Saudi Arabia or some shit you're gonna have to get used to dealing with " roasties". This degenerate feminist shit is here to stay unfortunately.

I know this is gonna sound vague and cheesy but I love a guys personality the most, when i met my husband he was the complete opposite of me, very charismatic and honest, never afraid to speak his opinion or the brutal truth. A lot of girls would have labeled him an asshole for his blunt honesty, but I appreciated it and we have been inseparable ever since, I love the side of him who isn't afraid to tell me how it is. And I love a man who isn't afraid to put himself out there, he has really boosted my confidence.

I don't have problems finding quality women. They exist, even though there's not very many. All I'm saying is if I know quality women are there and exist, why would I waste time on women that aren't good?

To really win a girl’s heart you need 4 things.

He knows he’s special, and I know he’s special. Nothing can shake him or make him flinch. Not me or anyone else for that matter. He just radiates an aura of raw masculinity. The sort of dude who just naturally makes people think “he’s got to be someone important”. Folks look at him and assume he’s 100% in control of everything effortlessly.

>Emotionally exciting
He knows exactly how to tease a girl and play with us. He’ll have you feeling like you’re at a magic show and suddenly you’re the rabbit he pulls from the hat. A guy you’re in love with can press your buttons in all the right ways while barely trying to. He can draw you from one mood to another before you even know what hit you. But at the same time you feel safe, like he has all this power over your heart/mind and enjoys it, but never abuses it or lets it hit the ground. He’s just having fun.

He’s not here on earth for me. He’s glad we’re by his side, but we are basically just cheerleaders. We’re support for his big plans in life. For better or for worse. He means to leave his mark and I’m just here to ride along for the adventure.

Most guys suck at sex. Like really suck. They can’t dominate, they can’t fuck you beyond the limits of your soul. When a girl is in love with you we don’t wanna think “oh, I hope he makes me feel good”. We wanna feel like “Holy fuck I wanna make this guy bust in me or on me, I don’t care how!”.

Yes, we are crazy.

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Getting a strong larper vibe outta this one.


Still think I'm a bitter virgin?

>using what is obviously an incel false flag as evidence you're correct.
Nice one.

Why is this shit so hard to believe user?

Not getting too mixed up in this slapfight but I am girl. My autism makes me present things in a somewhat more masculine style.

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OP Here,

> A guy you’re in love with can press your buttons in all the right ways while barely trying to

How does he get you to the point of loving him though? I get that when you're together, you gotta keep it spicy but when you're just starting out dating, maybe/maybe not fucked yet? Maybe you've fucked a couple times... what makes you hooked on him? Emotional excitement at this point?

is right. People in general and especially women, can't actually tell very well what makes them attracted to someone, and will rationalize it. Even assuming that post is correct, a woman wouldn't be able to be objective about what women find attractive.

>fuck you beyond the limits of your soul

Define this, please. I need some tips

Here some wisdom for you faggots:
>when hunting deer is what you want, you ask the hunter how to do it, not the deer
Y'all niggas need a father figure.

This is difficult to describe with words. But men who have really enamoured girls just “understand” all this emotional stuff. And I know it’s hypocritical of me since I have autism but even so, emotional intelligence is the most critical part. Like I recognize that males playing with my feelings pushes them deeper into my heart, but I don’t know exactly why. It’s fun, it’s lighthearted, it’s heavy hearted, and before you know it it just happens. Nobody has ever teased you before until you lost control of yourself? Playing around, withdrawing, and coming back? Each time you get more and more excited about what you’re about to do together until....?
I’ll give you that one, if I didn’t have autism then I wouldn’t be able to even give a concept of what we like. My normal girlfriends can’t even do that.
You need to just get it. But I guess the best way I could explain it would be like a predator claiming his cute fluffy prey after getting his claws into it.

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>Nobody has ever teased you before until you lost control of yourself? Playing around, withdrawing, and coming back? Each time you get more and more excited about what you’re about to do together until....?
Until what, I snap and drive them out of my life in a rage? That's not exciting. It's infuriating. I hate it more than anything else. You know what I like more than the rollercoasters you seem to be so hooked on? Being able to pick out any given hour over the next two weeks and knowing exactly what I will be thinking, doing and feeling so I can prepare accordingly and eliminate turbulence and bad decisions from my life as totally as possible.

My girlfriend latched on to me because I am 10 years older than her. I know, it sounds simple, but that's really all it was.

Wasn't old enough to be her father, but older than "the other boys".

If we could communicate with deers, and in a context where they would have no reason to lie about how to catch another deer, then I would think asking the deer would probably be more valuable than asking the hunter.

Different type of people. The femanon you're responding to is the kind of girl who likes the push and pull bullshit. Not all girls are like this though, it just depends on the person and what they respond to emotionally.

This is exactly the fallacy the sentance warns against.
Never gonna make it.

So you believe we can't communicate with women and if we could they'd lie to strangers about what make women fall in love?

That's what this post implies and I refute. Nice reading comprehension there, m8.
The crux is that even if you can communicate with women and they'd give you totaly honest and objective answers, they still wouldn't know cause they do not have to do it.

Not him, but women can't really assess what makes them attracted to someone. Like if I ask you why you like a certain piece of art you'll give me an answer that applies to a million different pieces of art that you don't care about at all, because for a reason you can't understand that piece of art is special to you.

Good point.

I guess if we're talking about some vague context, I would say the warm feelings that pic gives me inside.

Pic related. You could describe this scene many times over but none with give the warmth inside this does. Like a kind of nostalgia. Almost like when I was an innocent kid.

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Exactly. You can't precisely explain why it gives you those warm feelings, it just does. To try and pin down a list of properties so you can form a checklist is just pure autism and will never work.

The real bottom line here is that your pic doesn't make me feel much. It has an effect on you it doesn't have on me.
Because not people have the same tastes, and every woman will go fall for different things in a guy. Which makes the whole thread pointless.

Being of a similar and compatible personality

My SO is like me, but the opposite sex