Is there an alternative to Jow Forums?

Is there an alternative to Jow Forums?
I can't stomach the retardedness anymore. I'm too old and not gay enough for this place. Every thread these days has a really high chance of derailing, and MAN, I thought Jow Forumsspam would be the lowest point but fuck me, the incel influx has outdone them in every respect.

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My advice is to get more gay user.

There are a lot of imageboards out there, but Jow Forums is the most popular and normie one. The other alternatives will be slower in general.

Most imageboards are dead or so slow that you might as well be writing letters to people.

it's cause the mods wont do their damn jobs and ban the shitposting incel freaks. they have their own containment boards and should stay there.

speaking of how many people moderate this site anyway?

I don't think they actually care. I mean, 2 or 3 years ago they kept deleting general type threads on Jow Forums for some reason but left alone the obvious bait threads.


No there is not, there is no site similar to Jow Forums, it's the safe heaven for freedom of speech as i have not seen it on any other platform on the internet.

All the chans that exist are weaponized autism imported from Jow Forums concentrated on a smaller user base

I probably need to find real people to talk to now.
Jow Forums has become weaponised autism itself. Just stupid people who can't differentiate between memes and reality.

Yeah its called going outside and socializing.

Infinity /cow/

You seem to act and communicate just like the people you criticize, you look like poltard incel.
Isn't it funny?

Depends on what you're into. There's probably some subbreddits you could use, other than that it feels like Jow Forums, reddit, and tumblr has pretty much killed every other online community with their popularity.

I get that but I'm at a disadvantage with being 30 and having no real hobbies or friends (or sense of style). I don't even know where to look.

Every ones in a while you can have a decent discussion but Jow Forums never really was a place to have deep convos without it possibly being derailed, it's not exactly designed that way either.

Have fun with normal people, they don't get the humor you learned here. I see that way to many times were i make a sarcastic or cynical joke and people act like i just gassed the 6m kikes.

The mods don't do their jobs because the communities don't do theirs. Almost no one reports off topic stuff, duplicate threads, stuff that breaks whatever rules. I used to report a bunch on /soc/ but the 80 duplicate rate threads and Kik threads kept coming back because I was probably one of the only people reporting. If the mods start taking the initiative then the boards start getting shit up with people complaining about mods ruining "board culture." Every board is just a reflection of its userbase, which is why smaller niche boards are usually better, the users there actually care.

>complaining about Jow Forums while posting that pic
sorry but you belong here more than anybody else

>Have fun with normal people, they don't get the humor you learned here.
I'm a tertiary/quaternary friend to the few people I'm friends with. I don't really know anybody.

At work, the people I know there are basically people's mums, old immigrants and young people who exist for a week and disappear when they find something better.


Like I just posted in another thread:

Reddit is unironically not bad at all, just as long as you cater to your specific interests and only subscribe to boards that are about stuff you care about. If you follow like r/videos and whatever other dumb shit they have as the default boards you're obviously gonna have a bad time no matter what your political beliefs are. You get to see the worst of both sides just float up. Unless you're one of those guys who gets off on arguing politics, I used to be in my 20s but I don't give a shit about that anymore.

>in b4 reddit is for normies or they stole our memes or whatever

if you're 30 you shouldn't still be taking internet culture seriously where you think that reddit is your enemy,


I mean if it's a small subreddit then I guess it's not too bad but say if you want to discuss movies or something relatively broad, the way that conversations are laid out don't really work well. A chunk of the time an unfunny pun rises to the top.

>but say if you want to discuss movies or something relatively broad, the way that conversations are laid out don't really work well. A chunk of the time an unfunny pun rises to the top.

yeah I mean you'd have to go to a subreddit that's about a specific genre rather than r/movies or something but

>A chunk of the time an unfunny pun rises to the top.

You can always just sort comments by oldest/newest rather than their meme upvote system

>no one is doing and saying what i want them to say

yep you're officially old

get a folding chair and start yelling at kids to keep off your lawn, assuming you dont still live in your mom's basement.

>another normie whining about incels
Well, sorry for existing user. I know, I don't want to exist either.
Don't worry, I'll fix it soon.

You could have at least found your own fucking website instead of ruining this one.

But I've been here since way before I could be classified as a loser.
In fact, I'd go as far to say that this place played a big part in me ending up as a lonely loser.

Fuck off incel. You made virgins look even worse.

Not true at all, there are many small chans with meaningful discussion happening. Not going to link them though

>Not going to link them though
Why don't you just shoot me in the back of the head like Lennie?

you can find them user you just have to look, i believe in you

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Are they general interest or specific interest chans?

many are general interest, some with a sort of unique feature or rule, others are specialized. some are aggregate sites like 8ch and some are small communities thats identity and boards are being formed through its userbase. im sure there are many i dont know about too


no, you are here forever. You better start liking incels.

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Oldfag here, active on the internet during the 90s.

I'd invite you to some forums OP but the truth is message boards were already dying in the mid-00s. Jow Forums is really the last general purpose English-language message board that I know with a sizable and active userbase.

SomethingAwful is still around but its been slowing to a crawl for a number of years.

I'm part of an ancient Gamefaqs spinoff but even then most of our userbase has left. We're only still somewhat active because of dedicated users circlejerking each other.

Otherwise, the message boards are dead.

So the next alternative is to go outside huh? How ironic. Every single normal nigger is being glued to the screen while outcasts like us are now forced to leave the internet for good. What a time to be alive.

>SomethingAwful is still around but its been slowing to a crawl for a number of years.
I've registered an account but it's been mentioned before, it's like there's this "odd" atmosphere to it now,, especially now that Lowtax needs a robo-spine now.

It'd be funny if lowtax sold SA to a j-lowtax who just shoved bigger ads into the banners.

It will be the rise of an interesting intellectual aristocracy

It's more a return to form. In the 90s you had all these like THE ULTIMATE BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER FANPAGE WEBFORUM or whatever message boards that had a dozen people on it. Some message boards were just one guy talking to himself. You can find all sorts of niche message boards and communities that orbit around specific interests.

I think Newgrounds is still active as well.

But you're also forgetting reddit.

>in b4 reddit is not a real message board

How'd you figure that?

>I think Newgrounds is still active as well.
I think it's active in the same sense ytmnd and ebaumsworld is "active".

>especially now that Lowtax needs a robo-spine now.

Is this because Uwe Boll punched him too hard

I like Jow Forums for anonymity and the ability for your posts to dissolve with time.
Anything similar but with better auditory?

Maybe, I wonder if we're gonna hear about broken spines from the other guys he punched too hard.

Nah it always had a step up on those two websites since ytmnd was just a nonsense meme wesite and ebaums was just a content stealer. Newgrounds always had original animations and games and they also branched out to music in recent years.

Yeah I'm sure it's not the same number of users as it was in the early mid 2000s, but it's still active.

Didn't flash getting dead hit them hard, and remember them sort of fading from relevancy after while?

>social outcasts
>intellectual aristocracy

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There are a bunch of janitors but very few unpaid moderators. What the fuck did you expect? This isn't a paid site

Were the mods ever active? Besides a couple of mods going on personal crusades?

meanwhile Hiro is racking in those shekels from ad revenue and selling user data

>racking in those shekels from ad revenue

He was considering selling off the site or just pulling the plug atlogether nearly as soon as brought it from Moot cause the only real sponsors like j-list couldn't handle Jow Forums's autism after shit like the fappening. and gamergate.


100% this.

Fast moving communities are so because their majority populations are school children, who will maintain predictable scheduling and consistent uptime.
Anything worth being around for more than a novel experience or two is going to be piteously slow because it's inhabited by people who work and have lives, which is why it's good-- experience enriches experience, and people with lives have more to bring to just about anything compared to teens, from conversation to things like roleplay, memes and their tact and attitudes in general.

In reality, you're better off going out to the real world (!!!!) and figuring out who's gonna mesh with you there. Online interactions have broken down in general, in part because younger and younger audiences are flooding the internet, and another part because people are further and further punished for social misgivings, but we are less able to punish for principle misgivings. We are more concerned about an offender's feelings than we are the infraction in question.

If you want meaning/meaningful interaction, you are 99.999% better off getting as far from the internet as you can (well, outside of scheduling/finding meetups/etc)

>In reality, you're better off going out to the real world (!!!!) and figuring out who's gonna mesh with you there.
Sure but it's not as if we're in school or uni or any other compulsory gathering where different groups of people are gathered together. Most people know where they want to be and who to be with. I'm sort of lost as to where to turn to meet people.


This. I've delved into nearly every board that remotely aligns w/ my interests & it's always the general boards like /b/ & Jow Forums which are cancerous whilst the others, like /mu/ are quite focused.

Mee tooo. I agree. Us none incels need to find a place we are out numbered

there are other sites but theyre slow as fuck and few have as nice and simple a layout as Jow Forums. If you want fast discussions then youre limited to the big sites and Jow Forums is easily the best of those (which really is an indictment of the state of the internet). Alternatively, find a discord server or something.
Im seeing a lot of plebbit shills here and while small reddits are decent they have about the same population as a discord server with the only difference being that whats posted is technically public but few people will see it else it wouldnt be a small reddit would it?
As for the popular reddits dont even bother. Theyre universally insufferable and have worse mods than here. If I had to sum up reddit then it would be the fact that the most rancid disgusting whore can go to r/beautifulwomen or somesuch and post foul pictures of herself but the reddit will have rules forbidding telling her she is ugly or telling her to fuck off.
Not to mention their meme upvote system which ill mention again

Reddit is, quite possibly, one of the worst designed sites for discussion ever created. It has 1 thing going for it: a userbase.
Its meme upvote system promotes an echo chamber where dissenting opinions are drowned out (and while, yes, you can sort by date I doubt many people do) and, in some cases, you cant even post if your 'karma' is too low. Furthermore, it has too many boards which only exacerbates this problem (why do r/leftwing and r/rightwing both exist? It removes what must surely be the point. This is just the most pointed example). In addition, it lacks anonymity which means you can be branded a heretic and attacked on this basis rather than your post and also promotes some other characters to that of bishop, preserving the orthodoxy.
Were it not the most popular forum it would never be worth mentioning and it only remains popular because it is.

Reddit is shit and will always be shit whether for discussion or for interests. A lot of the users there are pretentious cunts who couldn't care less about the hobbies. They care more about their stupid karma points. It makes me cringe. It makes me cringe so fucking much that people actually rely on Reddit to get their information. There is much misinformation there that it looks like it's always the blind leading the blind. Take r/cryptocurrencies and r/bitcoin for example. I couldn't imagine myself becoming a successful day trader if I only browsed those shit subreddits. Jow Forums is also shit but at least there's more variety and people aren't scared to say what they want to say. On Reddit, it is always the same thing; Fucking redditors repeating what John Doe said 3 days ago for karma points. It's like adding sprinkles on a piece of dog shit. Redditors make their posts sound pretty but their posts are always shit and don't offer anything new. r/Bitcoin sucks so much ASS that the only thing they post are photos of Bitcoin ATMs. Reddit is so flawed in every way that it was destined to be a shit site. The only reason one should go on Reddit is to laugh at the average misinformed user there. Fuck Reddit.

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Userbase is just as box-of-choclate-y as 4chin. The voting system is aids though, and only serves to reinforce hivemind.

cryptoes are a great example of why plebbit sucks.
Go to any r/shitcoin and all youll see is shills for that coin. They might even ban you for shitting on it. Go to Jow Forums and find a shitcoin thread and people will be there to point out how shit it is.
>Userbase is just as box-of-choclate-y as 4chin.
Not in the slightest. Youre banned on reddit for saying "nigger" on the majority of boards even if you just used to like you might use cunt or arsehole. Jow Forums is a free speech platform and to that end attracts the most colourful characters who can throw mad ideas at the wall. Reddit will just purge any dissidents or non-conformists or, failing that, will just create another ghetto for them to listen to themselves in.
Its not just a meme that a lot of culture goes downstream from Jow Forums to reddit. Even if it doesnt come from here it propogates down from here.

>Its not just a meme that a lot of culture goes downstream from Jow Forums to reddit. Even if it doesnt come from here it propogates down from here.

Are you new or something? Are you just upset that you can't say nigger? Nothing new's been coming out of Jow Forums for years, just rehashes of wojak and pepe.

HELL, most newfags are redditors.

>Nothing new's been coming out of Jow Forums for years, just rehashes of wojak and pepe.
>HELL, most newfags are redditors.
I said explicitly that it might not come from here.
Pepe and wojack have been appropriated by reddit not the other way around illustrating how they are downstream
Most newfags are redditors but what have they brought? The shared userbase is how memes spread from one site to the other and yet it flows 1 way.
Does the whole onions thing count as a new meme? Eh, its tangential anyway.

You didnt actually address anything. The fact reddit is censored, if only the word nigger, is sufficient to explain why Jow Forums would be more creative. You have raised nothing to the contrary of this.

true. Now everyone is a NEET nerd that bingewatches shows. I feel ready to leave for good, I want to reject society and live in the woods.

Most of the users are at least in their 30s now. I also think there's just an anarchic spirit to the internet communities of the 90s and very early 00s that doesn't exist today. I think Jow Forums was too late to ever embrace it. Sure you can say anything on Jow Forums which some of the earlier web communities had but that coupled with genuine openness to new ideas. I think everything has also been commodified and "safe" (read: cheap imitation). The internet doesn't feel like a place for dangerous, revolutionary new ideas anymore.

reddit is trash, its nothing more than an overglorified comment section. I don't say that as a 4channer but as an internet user in general.

My only issues with soc are the millions of dick rate threads, boy butt, and kik threads. My biggest peve is people who post in rate threads but never rate others.

>my only issues with /soc/
>are over half of /soc/
really desiccates my coconut

/soc/ has huge potential but it crippled by the fact that half the board has no ties to any other board besides /gif/, /s/, /hm/ and whatnot. More people would probably use it if dick pics were banned as OP images because its awful to go there and just see a sea of manky cocks.
Ive met some decent people in the sfw threads (and some bad ones) but it'd be so much better if /soc/ was used by all of Jow Forums (obviously not everyone. There really ought to be like a /a/ general though surely?) not just a tiny part of it.

Im still but how accurate is soc when it comes to rating? I consider myself average/below average but I stay in the 6-8/10 ratings on average when I post.

>there an alternative to Jow Forums?
Have you tried going outside

Jow Forums still has rules including no racism outside of /b/

Excuse me 2015 newfag, but where the hell do you think you are? This has always been incel central, founded by the incel for the incel. It's normies, feminists and faggots that fucked this place beyond repair (and you just might be all three).

>how accurate is soc when it comes to rating?
I would give /soc/ a 7/10. That is to say, the score you give when you want to be polite but the truth is average.
/soc/ is better than plebbit because reddit dont have the balls to say "youre ugly" and theyll lose karma if they do. Anonymity lends itself to being an arsehole. However, online ratings are shit by their nature and wont reflect how you look irl. Use it for picking a tinder profile pic and nothing else. Here're some free tips, take a photo in sunlight and take it at a moderate distance.

If youre getting 7s then youre probably not below average. /soc/ has a lot of pajeet and paki posters though who dont know how to rate because almost everyone is ugly where they live.
Also girls have their score divided by 3 and with 6 added to it.

haha funny joke you big liped nostril flaring nigger but pepe the infamous frog is posted all the time and he is a hate symbol but gook moot dont do dick about it the yellow buck toothed good for nothing rice nigger.
Jow Forums has lots of rules. Rule 6 is my favourite.

Fuck you newfag, we were wizards before incels you cunt.

>inb4 same thing

incels are a specific breed of virgin with no self-awareness and constantly shifts blame on others. Plus the was an influx when r/incel got shut down. Fag.

You kids really this weird telephone-game understanding of what Jow Forums is.

And it'a such a shame due to Jow Forums's inherent transistory nature you'll never know what it once was.

You'll pretend that you know but you won't really.

Even this thread has derailed itself, I know I need to find real people but at this point I'm at loss as where to look.

On Jow Forums there are many different groups that each have a percentage of the catalogue divided among themselves they shill with their narratives/bait/spam, When organic threads get posted to much or become to popular and displace their percentage the threads are then deleted.
One example is the blacked porn spam/*jokes* are in fact done by the porn companies.
This website is a playground