Why are girls all brain dead sluts now...

why are girls all brain dead sluts now? I remember back in the day I had to talk to a girl for awhile to get a bra pic now girls just post them all over Instagram like nothing. girls walk around in bras no bra on at all the sluttiest clothes they can find almost naked in public and all over Instagram. I remember in like 2000-2012 I never saw anything like this girls would just wear normal clothes a t shirt jeans normal shorts nothing too slutty now every girl is a massive slut even at like 15. most girls I dated mostly only had sex in relationships and shit but now everyones just fucking each other and getting half naked all over social media. so does that mean in 10 years girls will just be posting straight up nudes on twitter? how do I find a non slutty girl?

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All women are "sluts" because relationships with men leave them feeling as void as if they were single. Men touch themselves to other women they see on the street, their friends, women on a computer screen, as if all that isn't being unfaithful or monogamous. Show me a man who deserves any real life woman to give him the time of day

They're not, just the ones you choose to give your attention.

no men have always touched themselves but women promiscuity has gone up 80% in the past decade

social media competition at it's finest (worst).

Most likely this.


>women promiscuity has gone up 80% in the past decade


>most girls I dated mostly only had sex in relationships and shit but now everyones just fucking each other
>now every girl is a massive slut even at like 15.

Not true at all. People are having less sex now than previous generations.

>rest of your post

There was always girls that dressed provocatively, like mallgoths in the 90s and bitches with ponytails on the side in the 80s.

You're just older now and noticing it more, also that the technology didn't exist back in the day. The most you had was girls take polaroids of each other with their friends and stick that shit on their bedroom wall.



Okay where are the numbers

look at every girls profile compared to girls myspace pages from 10 years ago

I can't. That's like 200 million profiles.

yeah let me hop in my time machine from 2008 when myspace was already on its last breaths and Scene and Emo girls flooded Jow Forums with nudes

you really just love making shit up don't you

Wayback machine works but no way you're browsing a statistically relevant number of profiles on that slow ass shit.

if you were born before 2000 youd understand

Understand what, that you have no statistics?

if you were born before 2000 you would also understand that girls were just as slutty back then, if not more. They just didn't have the technology to instantly broadcast it instantly to potentially billion of people.

I grew up in the 90s and my first time having sex was in a threesome, girls were sucking dudes off in the park behind our midle school in 7th grade. No way that a girl would send me nudes though cause that would involve taking pictures with an actual physical camera and having that roll of film developed by some fucking guy who worked in the back of Sears or some shit and seeing those pics before anyone else.

Teens these days are actually having less sex than other generations. You being mad that girls take pics of themselves wearing bikinis at the pool in august doesn't change anything.

>complaining that girls are easier now
haha what the fuck man

Go to Saudi Arabia or similar other place.

It's even better; they're really not but he's got the exact opposite in his head. As far as he can tell, the smaller number of thots with much more opportunity to put themselves out in public means literally everyone is now a thot. He looks out of a tinted window and declares the sky purple.

how do i find asian and middle eastern girls?

You just replied to the answer.

By converting to Islam, and even then everyone there will be rightfully suspicious that you're some self-hating White westerner who doesn't care about Islam at all you just want to marry in their culture while still masturbating to Japanese cartoons.

Nah you don't have to do that, they operate on Catholic logic.

You could also join some other religious organization or similar that is against public display or sexuality. Amish, Mormons, Islam, Orthodox Judaism, etc.

I think that girls don't care as much about sex as they do the attention preceeding sex, and they've realized by looking like a slut on the internet they get that attention in a huge volume without having to actually interact with anyone. Constant validation without even having to leave their room.

What a trip it must be to be a beautiful girl.

>Men touch themselves to other women they see on the street, their friends, women on a computer screen,
Women do the same. The problem is that there are a lot of women that still have that old mindset that if they touch themselves or watch porn they feel sluts. But that is disappearing very fast. Today most women are just like men in sexuality things. They fuck a lot of men they date on the internet, they watch porn, etc.

>date hot intelligent loyal non slut muslim chick
>convert to marry her 2 yrs later
>rejected by family
>runaway together
>family look for her
>lel we r just joking you can be together
>live happily ever after

At least my cousin did and he is winning at life rn

I'm trying to get with her sister


OP - something sinister is afoot. I believe your anecdotal experiences because I'm not an automaton that reads number scripts to reaffirm my reality.

I see it all around. Women are becoming increasingly mentally ill en masse. Casual sex is an oxymoron. Sex is not, and was never intended to be casual. All serial monogamy and promiscuity does is fragment people into pieces and think there is a person for each individual quirk of their personality.

It's all so tiresome.

Us guys touch ourselves because sometimes there are no good women around.

You know that's a lie.

>Sex is not, and was never intended to be casual.


Because women are dumb and just want cheap attention and validation.

>women don't masturbate or view porn
I'd accuse you of having crawled out from under a rock, but that would be a misgiving to the series of awful decisions leading to your conception.
You were the load your mother should have swallowed.

What's wrong with chicks feeling good about themselfs?
I think you're just resentfull because they don't wanna hang around your neet ass, so why don't you take a shower and get a haircut and maybe they'll talk to you.
In the meantime we other guys will enjoy girls in hot outfits, jiggly tits and quality time with some nice girls.

>He looks out of a tinted window and declares the sky purple.
You're making the same mistake he is. Anecdotes are always worthless. Even your own. You can't possibly see more than a hundred or two people in your own life, you have no idea what the big picture is and no way of seeing it.
The truth is that 20-somethings today are having less sex than ever; you're being tricked by the tinted window of Thot Visibility, the same thing that makes normies think there are now hundreds of thousands of armband-wearing, roman-salute-throwing Nazis marching around (there aren't). The thot is lower in numbers than ever before, but has access to self-marketing tools and technology that advertisers would have paid millions for just a decade or two ago. The effect is only magnified when you go out deliberately looking for thottery, and because of the nature of thottery and the alternatives thereof, it's the only fucking thing you're gonna find.

tl;dr anecdotal evidence is an oxymoron and you're still wrong

>when I look online at girls, all I see are girls from the only subculture that chronologs every other moment of their lives online! Why?! Why don't I see posts on social media from tradcon waifus who don't have social media?!
Gee m8, I don't fucking know.

A society that strengthens women conversely weakens the men