Why can't I love myself?

why can't I love myself?

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Why do you not like yourself?


It's easy to refuse to love yourself because then it justifies refusing to put work in to do something better. But don't worry user, I'm pretty checked out of life too. Counting down the days. It's not worth feeling melancholic for when it's this unimportant. Learn to feel indifferent.

Because feel like you don't deserve to be loved.
Why that is, I don't know, you'll have to discover that on your own.

>ugly face
>good at starting conversations, bad at keeping them going
>and that is only when I'm in a good mood
>poorly dressed most of the time
>always forget to shower
>fuck up just about everything I do
>never learn from it
>bullied and molested by my brother

>easily distracted

Oh, you have clinical depression and possibly PTSD. You'll need to do something that, but you aren't able due to the clinical depression and possibly PSTD. Unfortunately, without outside help, you're just going to become worse and worse. My condolences.

You're not untalented, nobody is. Cheer up!

cool, you've answered your own question.

thread complete.

>why can't I love myself?
probably because its unrealistic to think everyone will love themselves. you have to actually love things about yourself to love yourself. So if you're a lazy fat sack of shit who never did anything to be proud of then there is no reason you should love yourself.

I mean idk if anyone can magically change some of those things, I guess I have to just accept them as they are, but that's difficult because these thing effect my life and how people view me.
I am though. there is not a damn thing I'm good at
yeah but how can I love myself

>not having unconditional love for yourself
For what purpose?

christians make themselves feel better about being shitty by make believing their imaginary friend loves them unconditionally and wants to live with them in a happy place forever...

you could try that if you can stomach the cognitive dissonance.

you view "yourself" as a collection of "features" that you don't like.

work on those "features", wherever possible, take baby steppes, and be kind to you, forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes.

keep pushin

>yeah but how can I love myself
I hate you fags who make us infer what your real question is by asking some precursor question. Be direct, you piece of shit.

>don't really hate myself
>still feel like everyone else hates me for some reason
Anyone know what this is?

you're confusing the fact that no one cares about you with people actually actively disliking you. Truth is no one cares enough about you to even dislike you.

>It's easy to refuse to love yourself because then it justifies refusing to put work in to do something better.


Which is even worse.
If you have people who call you friend they don't. You have to take risks. Trust them and if they aren't worth it push them away from your life

you have to turn yourself into someone you can love. no idiots on the internet have the magic recipe to get you to love yourself if you're not gonna change anything.
>oh but i dont have any talents boo hoo
then fucking practice something until you're good at it christ. do you think Beethoven didnt spend 10000 hours practicing the piano before becoming a master. find something to chip away that 10000 hours and boom theres your talent before you waste more time