Just found out my brother is a Jow Forumstard. What should I do?

Just found out my brother is a Jow Forumstard. What should I do?

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Quit being a faggot libtard who cares?

You're right, I should completely cut off contact with him like I do any Jow Forumstard, thanks user.

Take down your pants and let his majestous dick full of steroids and alpha male vitality™ fiils you with soi milk

so what brings you here from reddit?

I am right, because you obviously lack the couth to hold a civilized conversation with someone your political opposite.You know there is a middle ground to your solution but instead you just choose to jump to the extreme. Which is very typical in today's political climate for a youth such as yourself. Everything has to be polarizing... Anyway, you're a retard for even giving a shit about politics.

I used to be a Libertarian in the 90's but frankly I gave up on all politics in the early 2000's because you know what? It doesn't fucking matter and you're only causing dumb issues such as the one you happen to be in now.

I've been here for 8 years friend. I did start going to reddit about 2 years ago and it's a great place actually. I can find good sports streams. The finance boards are legit as opposed to the crypto circle jerk here. There's a great unresolved mysteries sub too, and people do great write ups that are long and very detailed.

sounds like ya just lookin for an excuse to disown ya brother I hate to shit on ya for it but that's a bitch move cunt

>lmao nothing matters dude who cares it's all bullshit anyway nihilism is so cool

What should I do instead user?

That's a nice assumption you made there. You shouldn't assume things. It makes you look like an ass. I never said everything was bullshit. I said politics are bullshit and they are because Joe Nobody isn't going to make a fucking difference.

ignore it every cunt has a thing everybody hates about them if he makes it his whole personality drop the dog cunt

Yet you ignore the fact that politics can inform you of a person's core beliefs and how they engage with certain ideas. The issue here isn't how his politics will make a change to the country for the worse, which could be argued though I won't address it here, but how his beliefs are something I find morally reprehensible and how to come to terms with that.

>tl;dr: butthurt

you have to stick it in his pooper. are you a bad enough dude to fuck your brudder?

I respect the tl;dr. Pretty based move. OP is still an insufferable liberal fag.

>here for 8 years
>reddit is a great place
then back you go

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Fucking frogposter. You don't get to say shit.

Is this a pasta? If not it should be

shut up libtard before I own you epic style

Not be autistic about politics and enjoy the little time you have together.

You fucking kids don't know shit about epic style.

Wait until he grows out of it

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Well, nothing anybody said helped, but at any rate I've decided to cut ties with him for good, or at least until he grows out of it. Thanks for nothing, this board is shit btw.

Only worthwhile post in this shit thread

Why do your siblings political views matter in the first place?

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