Came on too strong to a 25y/o virgin, please help

I've been going out with a virgin who looks and acts like she's 17, but she's 25. We've made out plenty of times but she's made it clear to me she wants to go slow. I then proceed to grope her every which way and ask for nudes because I'm a fucking retard. We talked about it a little bit over text, but when I asked if I could call her she told me to wait until I see her in class two days from now. I prayed for a pure virgin soul and God sent me one, of course I had to go and fuck misit up. What do I do to make things right?

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You should go slow and see how it turns out. I had the same case with my girl, she was like "ewww, I don't like sex" and she already knew that I am a sexual guy af, so, in six months we finally had sex and she was the one who started to tease me. Be patient user and don't feel shy of being sexual with your girl, just laugh and do something else.

I appreciate your advice, but we've only been going out for a couple of weeks... I was going way too fast, I feel like a piece of shit pervert who destroyed something special in an instant. I hope she doesn't hate me...

Where do you meet girls like this? Just by chance?

She won't, just be honest about it, that you made a mistake, and she will appreciate it, and go slow with her, hold hands with her, one kiss and smooch, and don't feel like shit with being sexual, make it look like it's a part of your soul, something natural in yourself.
Good luck user, I know you can do it.

I met my girl on FB, I was fishing some girls in there, not looking for something serious, but, here we are in a long term relationship.
I started to like her posts and commenting funny or related stuff about her posts, talked in msn, and later I sold her some sushi, I sell sushi, and we clicked when we meet each other.

I doubt she hates you, I’m a 25 year old female virgin and I do realize guys want to have sex. She probably feels like you’re angry or upset at her for not moving fast enough, if anything. Just apologize sincerely and tell her it was completely your fault and that you actually really love and respect that she wants to take things slow.

I met her in a math class in community college. I'm 20 years old. Nobody had ever asked her out before I asked her on a lunch date, and she said yes.

I hate to keep asking shit of you after such an inspiring answer, but how can I work around my insecurities? I really want to be the man for her, to make her feel safe and secure in herself, but I can barely manage for myself.

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Nice advice here.

I apologized profusely over text, but she still didn't want to talk to me over the phone. I'm giving her some space right now, but it's really cutting me up inside that I won't know how she really feels until tomorrow.

By the way, you're all great people. Thank you all so much for replying to the first thread I've made in months

Don't be too much of a bitch about it though. Explain to her how you're feeling and that you want to be with her without sounding like a pervert, but don't apologize so much that you look like a push over.

Read the mistery method, and search some videos on YouTube of RSD, it will change the way you see yourself, especially RSD Max.
And keep improving yourself with meditation, archive for your dreams and plan something about, go to gym, that shit worked for me.

Alright man, I won't be a bitch from now on.

>PUA shit
I'm gonna take a pass on that one, man. She isn't that kind of girl. I was gonna hit the gym today but my shoulder's fucked, that was definitely a blow on my confidence

Skip the PUA shit, take the good stuff about it, like self improvement and all that shit, read this book, the 7 habits of the highly effetive people. It will be good for you.

Thanks, I'll check it out

PUA and self-help books are shit. Just use common sense ffs. Be honest about your feelings and why you want to fuck her (because you enjoy being with her duh), don't come off as a pushy pervert with a girl who's obviously inexperienced, let her know that you're willing to wait for her to be ready, be polite but don't be a fucking beta, etc

If you're lost in that shit, it will be a nice guide, I used to think like you, but trust me, it will work, at least try it.
Now my girl is very sexual towards me and she even starts to kiss me so my buddy can get hard and makes me want to fuck her.
Go slow, but don't feel ashamed of your sexuality.

I met a girl like this, virgin, didn't have sex or even see each other naked for the 5 months we dated. Said she wanted to eventually, but "not for a long time". Anyway we broke up because it became long distance and she wouldn't stop beating me up about not taking the "correct" stance on social justice issues (I'm a pretty liberal guy for the record), so I dumped her. Not going to be in a long distance sexless relationship with an SJW, fuck that.

It tore my fucking heart out though. Though she should have seen it coming, dating a virgin guy with a libido, going long distance with no possibility of coming back together in the near future, then starting arguments and not letting anything go.

So yeah, it's by chance. Not worth though.

Got up really early before class to check for replies

It's been a while since I've read self-help stuff, so I've got no reason not to

I'm really sorry to hear that happened to you. I don't know how long ago this was, or if it's still fresh, but I feel like it's for the best if she was so set in her haunches about SJW shit. My girl (I'm the OP) is a conservative qt who hates talking politics and doesn't know what to think sometimes, so I guess I lucked out. She doesn't want to go to certain parts of Europe because of the migrant crisis but at the same time wants to see the whole world... She's really sweet.

Thanks, we broke up 2.5 months ago and it still really hurts, her being my first gf, and other than the SJW stuff I really loved her.

I wish you and your girlfriend luck.

How did you not get along with her if you're both super liberal?

I don't know what you mean by super liberal, but she was just way more leftist than me. We mostly got along and agreed on most stuff, but a few points of disagreement just drove her up a tree, had her accusing me of victim blaming if I didn't agree with a woman's complaints about something, lots of buzz words and no willingness to compromise or let anything go.

For example, she wanted me to acknowledge my privilege as being male. I told her yeah I have a lot of advantages in society, but I don't like the word privilege because it carries a lot of resentment. Then she says it's perfectly okay for women to resent men for their privilege, shit like that. Things didn't get really bad until the end when I stopped giving in and held my ground.

>I prayed for a pure virgin soul and God sent me one
And the first thing you do when you get one is act like a degenerate and sabotage whatever "benefit" you would get from dating a girl who hasn't whored herself around?
>Bivariate results suggested that delaying sexual involvement was associated with higher relationship quality across several dimensions. The multivariate results indicated that the speed of entry into sexual relationships was negatively associated with marital quality, but only among women."
>"I find that premarital sex or premarital cohabitation that is limited to a woman's husband is not associated with an elevated risk of marital disruption. However, women who have more than one intimate premarital relationship have an increased risk of marital dissolution."
>"Both structural equation and group comparison analyses demonstrated that sexual restraint was associated with better relationship outcomes, even when controlling for education, the number of sexual partners, religiosity, and relationship length."

If you care about the long-term prospects of your relationship (since I doubt you care about her, given that you asked for nudes to sate your own lust and would use her body for the same), then you will take this opportunity and not have sex before marriage.
>but I need sex!
Who's going to fuck you when you're a leathery old bag? Your spouse, and that's it, unless you want to pay some disease-ridden whore.
How to best guarantee you have a spouse that doesn't divorce you? Don't fuck on impulse.

To any hedonist reading this, you have yet to provide any sources of your own, and as such your "arguments" are irrelevant. I could be a convicted pedophile, it doesn't change the information in the post.

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>dudes on Jow Forums: i want a pure virginal trad wife

>also dudes on Jow Forums: why won't the nice virginal conservative girl i met talk to me after i asked her for nudes?

you really need to reevaluate the way you approach women OP