My brother-in-law got cucked. He had a DNA test done and learned “his” son isn’t really his...

My brother-in-law got cucked. He had a DNA test done and learned “his” son isn’t really his. He was absolutely devastated and turned to me for emotional support . We’ve always been closest out of my 5 siblings-in-law. We’re Catholics so everyone has been telling him to forgive his wife since she’s already committed penance on the advice of ther priest. She’s telling him that fatherhood is simply a matter of love and that Joseph adored Jesus as if he was his own. He feels extremely stressed out and has told me he wants to just run off from it all. I personally think that he should divorce her and never look back, but he’s afraid of what the family will think since so many are telling him to stand by her. And he’s scared of going to hell if he divorces.

I don’t even know what to tell him that won’t blow up in my face. What should I say in the morning? We’re going to meet in private.

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I would beat her wtf


Uh hello. Divorce. Anything other than that is beyond retarded.

This woman had an affair, got pregnant, and allowed the husband to believe it's his kid.

Your bro married Satan. But yeah sure stay married to Satan because that's better for appearances. Like holy shit.

Tell him what you'd do and why, but don't try to convince him one way or the other. Odds are he knows he should bail, and he just needs someone understanding to make him feel less isolated.

Statistically speaking polyamory and monogamy are both viable breeding strategies, and people are predisposed to one or the other. If she cheated once its basically certain that she will cheat again. Besides, its not his kid. God says to be fruitful and multiply right? Its basically his duty do dump the slut and meet a real person.

>What should I say in the morning? We’re going to meet in private.

you should tell him all the religious pomp and circumstance and rules are specifically intended to make sure that men can "know" the kids they're raising are their biological offspring. And as such all the appeals to his religious virtues are really hypocritical.

That said. If he decides to stay with her it should be on his terms. Like he should draw up a list of demands she needs to comply with in order for him to raise the bastard child as his own. For example, all the religious shit she is trying to appeal to, he needs to turn it back on her and demand the be the model christian wife. Subservient, obedient, compliant, etc. But truthfully I dont see how he could ever not hate her again, I wouldn't be able to move past something like that.

for what its worth I've been married 9 years and have one child with my wife.

>We’re Catholics so everyone has been telling him to forgive his wife
It's too late now, but he honestly should have killed the whore.

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How old is the son?

You gotta support him. You know he's going through a shitmaelstrom and everyone around him is telling him to suck it up using his religion as a lever to apply that pressure. Let him know you see that for what it is. Let him know you know this situation is completely unfair to him. Let him know that whatever he decides you'll support him.
Actually supporting him through living with an unfaithful wife or divorcing her and being ostracized is another story altogether. He needs to know that right now at least one person cares about him.

>She did her penance

Adultery is one of the few things that can actually get your marriage annulled in the church. Penance or not, it's not a sin to divorce in a case of adultery. Tell him this and set him free.

Annulment? :^/

It can only be annulled if the affair started before the marriage

>she’s already committed penance on the advice of their priest

That's not how relationships work

>Literal Christcuck
>Not thinking God is just the cosmic ordering of the universe with no wants or volition

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I bet she's been getting some "penance" from the Priest, if you catch my drift.

I doubt it. It's more likely that the priest is getting exclusive access to the newborn.

This board is shit but sometimes like these 2 posts, it isn't.
Well done, Jow Forums.

>your wife cheated on you
>god would want you to stay with her
Not only would I leave her ass and the family, I'd probably stop going to church.

Chances are that the kid is a result from a premarital affair.

Either way, divorce is justified here.

>he’s telling him that fatherhood is simply a matter of love and that Joseph adored Jesus as if he was his own.

How fucking dare she compare her bastard born from sin with the virgin birth of Jesus. My family is protestant, and would be insulted to no ends by a woman who said that.

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He was fucked from the minute he chose to get a DNA test done. No one has their child DNA tested for the hell of it.

Also not all tests are court-recognised, so I hope he shelled out for an evidential DNA test instead of getting a cheap one.

No matter what he decides let him know you got his back

Then tell him to leave that filthy cunt

If i was him i would leave without notice.


Cucking is relatively common among species that pair bond. Wanting to run from the situation is pretty normal, other species eat/kill/abandon children that aren't from them or at least their kin. The stress is the result of instinctive understanding of having to start anew. You don't have a partner you can trust, your acquired comfort and wealth is at risk and you haven't followed your base programming which is reproduction as you have been tricked. The most reasonable thing is to leave the relationship as she didn't bother admit before the test or at any point whatsoever, she had a clear understanding of the consequences and decided consciously to stay quiet.

The family in this relation is disregarding their own kind for a foreign one, that's questionable. Even if christianity preaches to love your neighbours and all that, it's also pretty clear on lying and adultery. God as well as you could forgive her, that's out of the question, it's the thing that you can do that and still continue to have a life without her.

Also nice bait post

Tell him that leaving her would be justified on the whole

He needs to bail

Remember Christmas is the greatest lie to cover a cuckolding case. Your brother clearly don't want to repeat that. Also tell him to get a new girlfriend.

Everybody says "Forgive and let live", but they have no idea to what it's like to get cheated on. Remind your brother that divorce is his choice alone, not anybody elses, she's the sinner, and that God helps those who help themselves. If he has to leave the family and her, support him, he's not going to go to hell, but it sounds like you family is pretty orthodox and toxic, remind him that divorce has been accepted by God for a long while now, but catholics just haven't outgrown their views.

The problem with "forgive and forget" is that it's always convenient for one side, and always less so for the other. Thus, it's basically super easy for everyone to say forgive, but for the offended party, they must deal with both being slighted, and then with being denied reparations, or the capacity to prevent future incidents from occurring.

There's such pressure to 'be the bigger person's that we forget to treat the forgivers like people in the first place-- they have as much right to demand a sense of penance and regret, for there is no sense in forgiving someone who is not repentant.

Catholics are so full of crap it bugs me, first of all the only time the bible permits divorce is on the occasion of adultery (I.E. cheating)

He can still forgive her but that doesnt take away the consequences of her actions, the priest is a dumbass too

Mathew 19:9 just in case he says a god dang thing

>no one itt understanding how Catholicism works
Fucking shit, I stopped believing when I was like 12 but I guess the years of Catholic schooling never quite go away.
Your brother should get the marriage annulled by the Church, then divorced by the State. As long as he gets it annulled before remarrying, Jesus will be happy.

She's not catholic and her child is a bastard.
Have her removed from your life

No fault divorce. Start over

Anti breeding cuck LARP

You can’t be religious and just pick and choose what rules to follow. If he’s catholic divorce isn’t an option, and you shouldn’t even suggest that to him.

But separation on the other hand would be totally within guidelines.


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Divorce, sorry to say but your sister cheated on him.

Divorce without a second tought. She is not only a cheater, but an outright hypocrite, just like all the church people who defended her. Regarding the bastard, he is still your newpher, and i will suggest you to form a close bond to him, become a fatherly figure, and fight the inevitabile negative influence he will receive from your sister

Beat the fuck out of your sister for him. Also shes been doing alot more stuff no one has found out about yet this is just the tip of the ice berg.

If there are no other kids in the relationship he should leave, shes the one who should be attacked and shunned form the community not the brother in law

Tell him to leave her and to disown the child. His step son isnt the divine Logos incarnate through a non-sexual act. He is someone else’s flesh and blood and responsibility

It can be annulled if there is reason to believe that the wife didnt intend to stay faithful in the marriage. Doesnt necessarily require a premarital affair. OP can have a civil divorce and leave her while remaining in good standing though. He just wouldnt be allowed to remarry until she died or an annulment was approved.

people actually believe this bait?

Bible wasnt written in English. The original text implies that the marriage is already an invalid affair in the original Greek.

If the priest ass rapes the child, then Jesus makes it legit.

>the original Greek.
I'm not exactly a /his/fag, but would it not have been written in Hebrew or something?

It was first compiled in Greek

Jews spoke Aramaic as an everyday language, and the original texts were written in Greek.


Old Testament is Hebrew. New Testament is Greek.

You need to tell him to go to the word. Why Catholics don't use their Bibles is mind boggling. Jesus himself said that divorce is bad SAVE FOR FORNICATION OR SEXUAL IMMORALITY. Your bro has every right to divorce her ACCORDING TO JESUS HIMSELF. Don't believe me, grab a King James Bible or look it up online. It should be extremely easy to just search Jesus on divorce/fornication/sexual immorality. Tell him to show that verse to everyone who tries to mess with him about divorcing her. He could keep it on a scrap of paper in his wallet. Lord, why do Catholics have to be so irreversibly dumb?

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