Losing ability to speak, came here to type

I have a serious brain disease and recently It has caused me to have difficulty finding words, what comes out of my mouth during whatever short conversations I have is usually just garbled nonsense that nobody can understand.There is nothing to be done about it, every day it just gets worse and worse that is the way it has been ever since I had memory problems 3.5 years ago.

It seems that when typing I can still communicate because the writing acts as a memory system whereas in conversation I cant remember what was said.

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I am making preparations for suicide as well.

Wenikes or brocca's area? What is your condition?

I don't know, my doctors don't know either our only lead is that i have autoimmune markers, and other symptoms that may or may not be related, heat intolerance, coordination issues, sexual dysfunction, getting lost.

Sounds like major depression with regression

sounds like you are retarded

I have difficulty finding words and no matter how hard i try people cant understand what i am trying to say, because i forget grammar and correct word usage, that is why i am depressed because it has become impossible for me to communicate and i feel incredibly cut off from the world

NSI 189

if it is autoimmune there may be a drug to treat it and slow its progression, that is the best hope,

otherwise i should begin preparing for suicide dying is a fact of life

See any good movies lately?

I have the same shit OP, but that's because I have a PFO. My brain literally doesn't get the oxygen I need to think clearly when under intense physical labor.

Also, I'm not really sure what this thread is about. Are you looking for validation on your future suicide? Because all of your problems require medical attention, not advice.

If i remember right broccas is remembering words and meanings, wernikes is articulating words. Good luck op, i hope you can recover

Just trying to speak, it is hard to communicate without writing, so this allows me to feel normal


Damn, that sucks man. Can you follow verbal conversations and like follow what happens in movies and dialogue and stuff?

Yes to some extent, especially with subtitles

have you tried typing things during conversations and then reading them out loud?

Yes I usually do it before a conversation

Would Acetyl L Carnitine help!? It improved my brain function immensely. It also got me out of a two year depression. It’s an over the counter supplement, a study found that depressed people are deficient in it and also it’s used for a Alzheimer’s patients.

Worth a shot. I have no side effects but I also take cbd oil pills to combat anxiety.

my doctors were talking about giving me a stimulant for "add", these medications actually affect neurotransmitters and could help significantly

Then find some kind of forum for
disabled people.

This is a forum for asking and receiving advice.

This is Jow Forums.
This is the forum for disabled people.


Maybe try making some friends with mutes. You can write your thoughts on a notepad. Sounds like a fun adventure eh?

I’m joining a study that uses L dopa to increase neurotransmitters, I don’t expect much but I get paid to do it

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Just because I have a terminal brain illness doesn’t mean I am too dumb for Jow Forums, it’s sad but it’s true

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Hey bud, seriously consider being a medical tourist. There has to be a World class medical school that would love the chance to diagnose you when others failed.

Have you ever tried sign language? In my relatively layperson opinion, it sounds like it's mostly the sound processing that's getting affected, as you still are obviously able to process language mentally and type up words.

Other than that, keep a notepad, whiteboard, or phone with a textpad program available. Even if you can't use sound, you can still talk to people doing that.

Sign language is also pretty easy to pick up. I've been doing it as a little side thing for a couple weeks now and I've learned enough common phrases to say simple things. Since it's not a new language, only applying a new symbol to an old language, it's pretty easy to learn.

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i have seen people who can hear but use sign language, it must mean they have difficulty with speech

You could also try an LCD writing tablet.