19 years old

>19 years old
>failed school, forced to dropped out
>failed both motorcycle & car test and lost all my money to the DVLA
>failed to get the only 3 jobs that replied to my applications
>failed at lifting, still weak and look like shit after 5 years lifting, no breaks

I want to kill myself later today, I've had enough of failing at all my dreams.

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Failing tests isn't failing life, its just life telling you to move your ass for something if you really want it.
Trust me, i had a shitty no brain nightshift job for a year which i got depressed of.

I had enough of it and told my manager to stick it up his ass and left on one day.

I now have my dream job and a bright future. I also can't study because i don't have the effort for it but some people just learn differently, simply said; if you fail tests it doesn't say you're dumb or anything but you need to learn on a other way.

Good luck user.


Decided I'll take a nap then kill myself after a few pints tonight

Needing dutch courage to off yourself is pathetic. Do it straight or don't do it at all.

I just like drinking its completely unrelated

Wow, you sound like a negative sack of shit.
Pick yourself up by your bootstraps pussy, nobody is going to hand you a free ride in this life.
Nobody said it was going to be easy either, so throw that idea away.
Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. What dictates happiness is how you handle life.
Focus on yourself. Critically evaluate yourself as a person, grab a piece of paper and write all of your bad traits and good traits down. Really ask yourself what behaviors guided you down this path, because if you don't reprogram your brain and restructure how you live your live, you're going to end up slipping back into the same old cycle.
Your perspective is everything and those failures weren't for nothing.
You're on a road to success that you're paving as we speak. This road is paved by the bricks of failure that serve as harsh lessons to guide us where we need to go. Don't think that your life is ruined or that you can't return from this.
You're fucking 19 years old, you've got all the time in the world.
Every single day work on improving yourself. Just understand that Rome wasn't built in a day and things do take time.
Just stay positive my friend.

Well there's something to live for then, can't drink when you're dead.

What's your job and is it sustainable till retirement and to raise a family?

Dude you're only fucking 19. Wow you only got rejected by 3 people? Same as me except I was a graduate and guess what, the 4th interview I had I passed and got offered the job which I start soon.

You have all your life to lift.

Many people in their mid 20's still haven't got their license because they can't pass either.

If you really want a certain job or enter a certain field, you'll even volunteer for no pay just to get your foot in the door. So no excuses if you haven't tried most options to get a job.

Those 3 jobs were significant, they took over a year of tests, medicals and waiting. A year lost, putting me behind everyone else in the job market.

Just apply at a bunch of places man,I'm bout to turn 19 my first job was in December at Chevron I didn't like it at first but a job is a job mein

Don't you see that you're still being pessimistic?
Life in general fucking sucks, you're gonna live, learn, and fucking deal with it.
What sets you apart from the rest is how you handle life, and right now you're setting yourself up for failure with your mentality.
You're fucking 19 years old, you're not behind, life is a marathon not a sprint. I can't tell you the amount of friends that I have that rushed into their degrees. They went to college fresh out of high school, got their degrees, and they're finding that they hated their job field and are buried under mountains of debt.

The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side man. You're not behind anybody in the job market, there's 45 year olds working at fucking mcdonalds nowadays.

Quit the self loathing and learn to love yourself and live positively

Okay and I spent 3 years in college because I badly messed up my first year and I spent another 3 years in uni.
Now I managed to get a job in my field within 2 months of applying for jobs, and I'm accepting minimum wage. So it took me 6 years of accounting to get this job and it's minimum wage. But I don't mind so much as the only way is up for me, plus the sort of person I am, who always has drive and determination when I always haven't done well, will enable me to achieve what I want in life.

Ugh have to kill myself in a few hours I forgot

i feel bad for you, i do. But you should face these issues with a positive mindset: "why?" "why did this happen?" "Why didnt i get the job?" "Why did i do bad in school?"

Work on these answers and youll improve.

Decent advice, put in a way I respect.

>tfw 21
>no car
>no license
> couldn't get an intenship because of this, can't get a job because of this

fuck this unfair forsaken world

Yeah I know bro, every single job I look at requires a car license but I've given £450 to the DVSA currently and I've got nothing to fucking show for it.

Now I'm broke, struggling to find a job, and can't even expand my options too far cause I can't drive there

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>tfw a lot of my skills align with field surveying
>all require drivers license
>OK time to work office job?
>drivers license
>nothing is near me anyway and even biking here is suicidal