How do I make myself more attractive to younger guys? I'm 19 and 25+ men keep coming onto me...

How do I make myself more attractive to younger guys? I'm 19 and 25+ men keep coming onto me. I don't think I look older than I am, probably a bit younger actually.

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Younger guys have grown up with an extremely muddled understanding of how to approach women. It's not a matter of being attractive to them, it's a matter of either approaching them or signaling that you want to be approached.

I agree with this, the majority of young guys are too shy and don’t know how to look for small signs that a girl likes them.

What are these signs you mention? Is it really as simple as

>Twirls her hair


I was more thinking about the guys that have had doubt planted in their minds by consent seminars and now have to wonder if a girl is the type of girl that will get pissed if you kiss her without her consent, or the type of girl that will get pissed if you ask.
t. Guy that had doubt planted in his mind

Listen to these
I don't even know why you'd want a younger guy. 18-25 is an epiphany area for men. Women mature younger, a lot of guys are in crisis mode in their 20s because they can't grow up. You're not getting approached by 19 year olds because they're BOYS not MEN.
If you want a 19 year old MAN you're going to be hard pressed to find him nowadays.

Thanks for all the advice, and
I'm not necessarily looking for a younger guy compared to myself, way older guys just intimidate me.

But yeah I've never been one to approach others myself, that's actually a pretty obvious point now that I think about it.

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this thread is so pure.
op listen to the advice here it's great
be open to a guy a few years older at your age, he will be a great boyfriend

>a lot of guys are in crisis mode in their 20s because they can't grow up
Oh fuck off. They don't approach girls because the fear of rejection is destructive in itself, even more so in the current western climate where they are taught their very existence is a mistake and that even looking at girls can be considered sexual harassment, and grow up pumped full of ritalin, becoming mentally and socially defective because of it. It has nothing to do with "growing up" or "maturing".

That's a good point
Try an older guy if not even just for the experience. You might find you actually love him and want to be with him.
A lot of the reason that older guys go for younger girls is because they know that the women left by there age are either taken (the good ones) or degenerate sluts. Pride yourself on the fact that people see you as purity, it means you haven't tainted yourself yet OP.

Lmfao, yea sure thing buddy, just blame EVERYTHING on outside sources. I'm 22 and western civilization fucked me up HARD and I'm still recovering, but I can guarantee you that I'd be at square 1 still if all I did was bitch about how the world had wronged me.
Get bent you fuck, take accountability for the things you allow to influence you. You get old enough to wake up to the bullshit, it's whether or not you choose to change your life.

>ITT: older guys try justifying to a younger girl why they should be dated
You guys would stand on a fucking cripple if someone told you it was a soapbox, huh??

You gotta go and ask them; a lot of them are deadass being told women don't ever want to be approached. Break the mold and you'll both send a message and your interest.

People are right though, teenagers tend to be younger than they think. Especially for men, social pressures can still exist and cause them to do, say or think rather odd things.

Lmao, how many women have you heard say that they EXCLUSIVELY date older guys?
Way more than you hear going "I only date guys around my age."
Ideally, you'd be open to a wide variety of ages within the legal limit and know that a mature adult is a mature adult.
The boys of today will either wake up and become men, or they will turn into the numen that we're seeing all around, and I know which one women prefer.

There's not an incorrect word in this post. Glad there's actually a voice of reason in this thread.

I'm not blaming EVERYTHING on outside sources, you fucking retard, I'm saying that there are a lot more reasons for the avoidance of women by men than "they're just not mature enough".

There's plenty of incorrect words
A woman that takes initiative is going to be more likely to wear the pants
This isn't inherently a bad thing to begin with, but over time most women lose interest when they realize the men they pursued because they were too "nervous" didn't get any less weird after being approached. It's why women grow to resent their "Nice Guy" husbands and divorce them, because even after all the safety and comfort they may provide, they're still spineless.
Thousands of years of human nature has proved that the most successful relationships begin with a strong man pursuing a pure woman. If nobody in her age group is approaching her, I repeat, they're not men.
You can tell her to seek these boys out herself, maybe she will, but she'll see why she fucked up.
Don't go for a relationship just because you want one, let it happen.
Okay? And? There's places where she can find mature men in her age group. Chances are she's simply not surrounding herself with them, so she feels like the only option she has is approaching pussies then I guess she can try it out, she's going to learn though.

And most 25+ year olds probably didn't see themselves in a position of wanting to date younger women, but when you wait so long to grow the fuck up you begin to see that, maturity wise, a 19 year old is more mentally aligned with you, and a 19 year old boy is more mentally aligned with MGTOW because "woman have too high standards nowadays, you can't even talk to them anymore."
>that sounds like stunted emotional or mental development
That's exactly what the fuck it is, but young women don't care because they want a man and there's no men in their age group, at least not that they can hope to find reasonably.
But like you said, that's why OP should focus on improving herself, to increase her options and chances of getting somebody she truly desires. If she can't improve herself to reach those goals, she needs to lower her standards.

>>I can't imagine being 25+ wanting to date 19 year olds

I can - it's basically about the fucking and insecurity, really. 19 years old = nubile, barely-legal, still-technically-a-teen who can still be impressed by basic shit like having an apartment, car, and a job.

By 25+, educated/higher-value girls have been exposed to successful people with actual careers, 6-figure salaries, property, and the capability to vacation overseas on a fairly regular basis as fiends, family, or lovers. No one is impressed that you have a 9-5 job, an abode if some kind, and a means of transport that becomes a bare minimum.

What do I do if I'm a young guy who just can't find a woman my age and just sees girls . I'm not trying to sound pretentious here but girls around my college at least just aren't something I want to pursue

Traditional girls are out there, they're just harder to find nowadays. If you're okay with race mixing, asian women are usually far more traditional.
That being said, go to church if you want a good white girl. It's still not going to be easy, she's going to know that in today's day in age she's a gem, she won't give it up easily.
You could also shoot for separated cougars, they've got more life experience and like young men. Just make sure she's a divorcee and not a random slut.

The only way to make older guys lose interest in you is to act like a total vapid bitch stuck in highschool
If youre a decent person and attractive + young, then men will be into you. These positives dont become negative just because the men are older.

Do you have no interest at all in those guys OP or are you not dating them because you think everyone else will find it weird? Im your age and prefer men 25+

>19 years old = nubile, barely-legal, still-technically-a-teen who can still be impressed by basic shit like having an apartment, car, and a job.

You're grossly under-estimating 19 year olds or doing some projection that is so strong people from the International Space Station can see all this projection going on.

>all these 20 something men jealous as fuck trying to maintain some sort of monopoly on young women
>all these 30+ women try to make dating younger girls some evil taboo so they can retain more sexual value

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I was one of the replies and I'm a mid 20s woman myself. I dont advocate dating an OLD guy, just being open to one who is a few years older and not only her age because it opens up the chances of finding a guy worth dating. I was exactly the same as her, I wanted a guy my age and was friends with a guy a little older and he turned out to be better than anyone I had met at any age. I even said at first we couldn't work but it depends on the personality and life path the two people have.

A woman with some sense

You shouldn't lower yourself to societal standards because white boys have been cucked and subverted. There's plenty of normal ones out there if you're willing to wait it out and improve yourself, if not, date older, which is what plenty of women do and it's okay.

>I have daddy issues so I got myself a replacement father

> literally can't read

My dad and I are close and my bf is only a few years older but sure, push your agenda you fun little incel, it's cute ;)

>I dont advocate dating an OLD guy, just being open to one who is a few years older
She literally said "a few years older"
Are you that much of a cuck? Are you that threatened by older men?

The poster is a woman who dated an older man. Did you even read the post?

Show young guys pics of your feet.

Yes, older doesn't mean old though, and it doesn't mean replacement father

Pretty sure that femanon was encouraging her to give guys a few years older a try, that’s what I was trying to tell you

Yes, I'm aware of that, I agreed with her, but it seemed like you were patronizing and insinuating that giving older guys a try means you have daddy issues, which I did not agree with.
Is something getting lost in translation here because I'm trying to meet you in the middle on this

i'm the opposite. 27 and young girls approach me a lot, dunno how to get women my age. probable because i'm a mess

You called her a cuck and said she was threatened by older men. I thought you were thinking she was a young guy who doesn’t want competition from older guys. My bad

Ahh, yea, I was replying tobut I was quoting which is the post he was responding to
I was trying to call HIM a cuck, I can see now how that could be misinterpreted though, apologies.

just disregard males, there is absolutely no reason for a woman to have a man around, wait until you're done college

>tfw was fat and ugly until 25
>tfw missed out on men in their prime

oh well

You could just get a young desperate guy and keep him locked down until he's 30.

>staying with him
>for 10+ years


I'm sorry, what do you consider "their prime"? Because if you mean their early twenties, take your pick, they're all available. If you mean their thirties, but can't get any, grab one in their twenties and wait.

I have no exclusive hard rules at all when it comes to physical characteristics because Im not a shallow cunt, but as far as my actual life has gone I have ended up exclusively dating older guys. If I were forced to make some hard set rule for dating, I would make that my rule.

>implying being a husband isnt a somewhat paternal role

Im married to a guy 11 years older than me, we're both really happy.

Nice contributions to the thread, you really answered the question.

19 year old guys would be attracted to a honeyed ham, this thread is stale and you are as well

19 year old guys nowadays would be too scared to make a move on the ham either
>well I don't need this piece of pork filing sexual assault claims if I ever get in office

>now have to wonder if a girl is the type of girl that will get pissed if you kiss her without her consent, or the type of girl that will get pissed if you ask

yeah whatever "rules" that used to apply are gone and replaced with a damned if you do damned if you dont game that a lot of people dont want to play.

Here's a wild idea. Why don't you openly express your disapproval of this behavior whooooaaaaaa

oh so they are materialistic pigs
and then they mature into even more materialistic pigs?

and then in exchange for these material goods they offer their reproductive organs?

>be 19 virgin male
>good looking
>notice girls (((signs)))
>still pussy bitch thats doesn't approach women

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>If you're okay with race mixing, asian women are usually far more traditional.

>You could also shoot for separated cougars
>Just make sure she's a divorcee
God, this board is garbage

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kind of why even people that are 17 are afraid of dating hearing about all the horrible things that happen to does that do and all the divorce stories of men losing everything to there wife

>This thread

>Why do you want to date 18 year olds? They're grown children?

>25 year olds trying to date you are fucking pathetic too

These type of cunts is why men your age aren't approaching you OP

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>18 year old are grown children
All adults a grown children retard