Why is the head all wrinkly?

three days after sex, the head of my uncircumcised penis is wrinkly.
I also notice a red area on the top, not the tip, of the head of my penis. it doesnt hurt or feel itchy, its just red. Im worried it might be an STD, but i dont want to waste 30 or 40 bucks on a test.

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I lost my virginity three days ago, if that helps at all.


Always after sexual activity, you should get checked out. Could it just be minor skin irritation due to who knows what? Yes, but it's better to know than not to know.

What do u mean my dude? please explain

>waste 30 or 40 bucks on a test.
It's never a waste.

it kinda is if its nothing, but from the way some reacted, i might as well get tested

Op is kill.

All your symptoms point to dick ebola.

Remember no glove no love

how long do i have until my dick flies off Doc user?

Obviously this counts as a sexual emergency. If you have sex with a virgin your dick ebola will go away

If not you have 10-14 days

well fug, im not an attractive boi, or a priest, so i guess my dick will turn into apollo 13.

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Jesus fucking christ OP. You know what the risk of infection is(unprotected)? for HIV >0.1% per exposure, Herpes like 5-10% when with visible sores. I can't imagine what kind of a waste bag you had your dick in to rationalize spending 40 bucks for closure.

You don't have to worry. Most infections take longer than 3 days before showing symptoms. And what you describes sounds like... dont know the word, like calluses. When sensitive skin is rubbed it incurs inflammation which can loosen the top layer. Inflamation (the redness) should subdue within a few days provided you don't jerk it to hard. Post picture for confirmation purposes.

The reason you get winded when you run is not lungcancer. You get that one for free.

New tell us how it happened. The penis in.. vagine i assume?

Doctor user already diagnosed dick ebola can you even read.

He even prescribed the fix

I did have a rubber on when I fucked her. But not during oral.
>pic related, it's fucking cold in my room

Will it be better if I showed you what it looks like erect? Idk if it will be any different

Wtf op no one wants to see your anteater dick


Holy shit, was joking about needing the dick pick. Well it looks fine however. And the fact that you used a condom could have been useful to include from the start.
Anyway, good job. I've personally never managed sex with a condom. If chicks bring it up i tell them we start without. Works every time.

But you fucked a hooker didn't you?

Yeah i wouldn't waste that money

You probably just have some mild chafing
my ex-girlfriend had one of those rings and that thing would rub on my dick all the fucking time and give me all kind of sores

>Herpes like 5-10% when with visible sores.
stop spreading misinformation

>"While many episodes are associated with visible lesions, and avoidance of sex during lesions offers some protection [7], most transmissions occur during asymptomatic reactivation [8,9], which accounts for approximately 80% of shedding."

nope, just a tinder date after going to a party with her.