Why am I forbidden from getting a girlfriend just because I have social issues?

Why am I forbidden from getting a girlfriend just because I have social issues?

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What kind of issues? You mean you're forbidden from the side of women as in no woman will like you or forbidden morally?

The former

are you working on your issues on your own?

Okay, and think about this? What is your criteria for a girlfriend? Just be cute and be close to me, that's it I assume? Any broad can do that man, but when you're with someone you don't really like it makes your life very difficult and even thinking about that person can drain your energy. You should have a criteria for a gf if you have any self respect and want a partner (not a fuck buddy).

women want a stable and confident man, that's just the reality of it, that's their criteria. and you know what, when you mature and become that, you won't want to be any other way either.

>Why am I forbidden from getting a girlfriend
What a convenient answer to being a piece of shit. It's not because you haven't tried hard enough, its because you're "forbidden"

Because one "gets" a girlfriend through social skills.

Kinda gotta agree here
It's way more convenient to say "it's their fault" than to say "I still have so far to go."

I could go into detail but I'ma need your word as a man that you aren't going to reply with some green text bullshit and a flimsy disengage

Because life is unfair.
>why are people born in africa forbidden from having food
>why are desert rats born with bodily functions that literally serve no other purpose than to help predators track them and eat them, just to keep the balance of the ecosystem
Life is fucking cruel, there's no "why" other than that. You just gotta face life and punch it right in the balls. Show life itself that it can go fuck itself.

Because relationships develop out of communication. Socializing. So if you have social issues you will have issues developing relationships.

Not that user but I have tried hard and failed and I'm coming to the same conclusion. It's like colorblind people being forbidden from flying fighter jets.

You failed to develop social skills either by your own fault or some kind of disorder (autism etc), therefore you are dysfunctional. Most women don't want a dysfunctional man and society doesn't want dysfunctional men creating dysfunctional children. Fuck sure, but don't reproduce please


>why am I forbidden from getting x just because I lack the requisite skills to get x?
Gee I wonder why.

are you? or have you just not bothered with the difficult work of becoming somebody that other people would want to date?

Because you don't have a vagina. Lack of social skills are immaterial if you're a female since your awkwardness can be perceived as "cute" instead of with males where it's "creepy". That's just the way of things.

am i forbidden from being a basketballer because im a manlet?
or do i simply have a greater obstacle to surmount than my peers?

are you kidding me? do you know how many girls i've passed on because they were awkward?

Why am I forbidden from having 32D breasts because I’m an overweight man?

You are but one of many who gave her consideration. Of those many, the overwhelming majority probably thought that her lack of social skills was a bearable issue.

not in HS they weren't...