I'm seriously considering hiring an escort these days and I'm completely freaking out about it...

I'm seriously considering hiring an escort these days and I'm completely freaking out about it, not because I'm scared to do it per se, but because it feels like a complete breach of my personal principles. I haven't had a relationship or gotten laid in 5 years, and I've always been a firm believer in "sex without love sucks" and similar shit, but I'm starting to have anger issues from the loneliness and blueballness lately. I've obliquely asked a girl (that I wasn't interested in sexually) about it, and she basically mentioned that it'd devalue me as a person. Should I just pull the trigger or is it something I'll regret?

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If you're going to do it then just do it. If you're having this much internal strife over it then it's not for you. Just go bust a nut to some porn.

yeah just watch some porn and get it out of your system

or kill yourself thats another option

Don't do it OP. It's not worth it. your day in the sun will come soon.

>Just go bust a nut to some porn.
It's not the same anymore though, porn doesn't feel fulfilling at this point. My body hungers for more. I have terminal super autism and avoided both physical and online contacts with women so that's a terra incognita I can't navigate at all in. I thought this might be a good distraction while I work out a better long term solution, but what will I tell my future gf/wife? I have a decent amount of money and I'm very poor at managing free time, so an escort feels like a fair trade resource-wise... but the idea of escorts feels very humiliating, like a straight admission that I've failed at relationships.

Want to be my gf?

I've been telling myself that for the last 5 years. It's an awful, shitty mentality and I hate it with all of my fucking guts. The sun's not gonna come down to me, so I'm going up to the fucking sun.

>taking a female's advice about anything
big mistake. they lie about what they want, lie about what they find attractive, lie about what other women want. they lie, or they honestly don't know themselves as a sex.

go for your prostitute if you want. my buddy did it once and he loved it. we should all be able to fuck a beautiful woman once in our lives.

OP, I also shared these feelings. I thought I was not going to find someone. I also thought I would never see the 'sun". But I did, and it was with a woman I love. Honestly, it's hard to understand what I did to get there. Because all I did was love her honestly and true. I supported her and was there when she needed me.I let her know how much I cared about her. Sure, this sounds like utter bullshit, and you're probably right. But this is what I did to see the sun. Maybe it can help you too.

I took her words with a grain of salt, she was a very weird person, but she seemed genuinely knowledgeable about relationships in general and had magnitudes more partners than the one I had. Won't it break me even more if I go for the escort? Will it be a super turnoff for future relationships or will it be a silly incident that we can look back and laugh about?

See, all I hear is reports of how one finds the woman he wants to love, but that's all so awfully vague. Where did it happen? What did the parties do? Under what circumstances? How honest were you with each other?

I read some article once about a guy who used to fuck strippers. The internet forum he posted on (apparently it had enough females for them to discuss it with each other, too) debated whether he could ever be dating material, but his future ex-wife ended up trying harder in bed to compete with the strippers he'd fucked, even asking him multiple times how she compared with them. It ended up working in his favor.

DO NOT believe what women tell you about relationships or attractiveness. It'll hurt, not help you.

Dont do it, You will hate yourself even more later.
Plus if you catch a virus off it you might as well be dead


Give it a try, a lot of escorts are (despite what normies love to say) really nice people if you treat them with respect. If you meet a good one, she'll be open to talk about your worries and discuss it with you.

Can confirm. The usual escort I've been seeing is pretty chill. It's sometimes difficult to pretend that I care about whatever stupid problem she's complaining about but it seems to make her more comfortable so that's fine with me.

But, similar to what that user said, she is very accommodating and understanding. The first time I met her she even sat me down and talked with me off the clock just to get me calmed down. She didn't have to do that. Even escorts are capable of kindness and compassion.

If you want to lose all you dignity and self respect, then do it OP. Regardless of what some degenerate faggots on this site tell you, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN will be repulsed at you having gone to a disease ridden hooker.
You are being selfish, because you are willing to sacrifice the physical health of you future wife for your own personal short-term gratification.
Finally, the feelings of loneliness or inadequacy will not go away through paying a woman to perform mutual masturbation with you.
Would you respect your future wife if you knew she paid for sex? Why not?
If you want to figure out your psyche, I recommend this video: youtube.com/watch?v=2OU4pAqt59g

Do you have experience? I insist on condom use, so I don't really fear STDs. What I fear and fear for is myself and my future.

Good to know, though I'm led to believe you might have lucked out. It doesn't seem like a whore that went through 30 customers in a day would be very interested in small talk and a mutual cup of coffee.

Dignity, that's the word I've been looking for. Of what value to me is dignity and self respect if it's only a source of neverending grief and nothing else? Will I score more cuck points in heaven for mutilating myself with my own retarded rituals and quirks instead of treating myself as a human being with urges and wishes like every normal person? People already regularly approach me as a manchild for refusing alcohol for fuck's sake. Where's the dignity in that?

I've come to realize that it's not really the social aspect of loneliness that drives me up the wall, although that one also sucks... but I already have ways to cope with that, on some basally tolerable level. Worst comes to worst, there's still Jow Forums. But I really, really miss the touch. I miss spooning with a warm, soft body.

Be with me im a cute girl. And guys suck. If u dont suck we are crystal

She doesn't go through 30 clients in a day. She maybe sees one or two people per day. She believes that each session she wants to be at her best.

What are you?

U are gross

Where do you live?

That's unfortunate. Wanna go out with me?


I'm central Europe, and from what I've gathered, having a double digit client count per a day isn't that uncommon in here for an escort... weekends especially.

Im in cali. What part
I will be with u if u dont wanna turn to hookers. Im cute

I suppose it not being illegal helps. Here she has to be picky with her clients.

It not being illagal all good things

How does that change anything?

> EVERY SINGLE WOMAN will be repulsed at you having gone to a disease ridden hooker.
How would they even know? Why would you go around telling everyone you went to a prostitute?

You are completely clueless. Let me guess, kissless virgin? A lot of men have gone to escorts. It's far more common than you think.

If she was really your friend then she would fuck you instead of giving you bullshit advice.

>Will it be a super turnoff for future relationships
why would your future partners even have to know?

She actually was into me, but she had a weird clingy relationship with her ex but still insisted on having a serious relationship.
Because ideally I'd want my partner to be somebody I can be honest and upfront with. One of the reasons my last relationship crashed was because I was being dissembling towards her and just couldn't/didn't want to keep up with the facade.

I lost mine to one I don't regret it but it wasn't amazing either at the end of day I don't think about who I lost my virginity to. Alot of escorts can be bitchy and act like they hate what they're doing which is a total turnoff and not the type of girl you want for your first time

I'm not a virgin however, though at times it feels like I've regressed back to being one.