How to get rid of acne? I'm 19 atm and have had mild teen acne for the last 3 years...

How to get rid of acne? I'm 19 atm and have had mild teen acne for the last 3 years, I've tried nearly every cream the doc recommended and just ended up wasting money that I don't have in the first place. What are some simple solutions to it. No I'm not fat I'm a skelly.

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Fix your diet

But instead of buying it directly from the pharma kikes for $1000+, buy over the counter vitamin A for a few months. 250000 IU a day will cost you less than $2 a day.

> no more junk food
> drink a lot of water
> wash face with soapy water each afternoon
> apply moisturizer cream sometimes on face when it is too dry/flaky
> stop touching your face
If it doesn't work then your genetics are terrible, since you've consulted professional help before.

This. I bought into the long nose tribe’s scheme but it worked at least. I’ve been off it for almost 2 years now and I’ve only had minor acne since.

You can't have it where I'm from without doctor's approval

I touch my face a lot during sleep, my best bet is to tie my hands

Speaking of sleep... make sure you change your pillow case often. I use ones made of bamboo, supposed to keep bacteria, fungus and dust mites away. Not sure if I got memed hard or not but at least it's soft like high end cotton without being as expensive.

>buy over the counter vitamin A
Explain. What does that do?

I've a similar problem as OP, does CocaCola cause acne? I drink it tons

I think acne is caused by a combination of genetics and other things. I mean, I had classmates who downed several Euroshopper energy drinks a day (yes that's the kind Spurdo drinks) and didn't get acne BUT I think if you're genetically predisposed for acne then energy drinks, soda or anything high in sugar will make your acne worse. So in short it doesn't cause acne but it makes it worse. I'm no expert though just my opinion from personal experience. So yeah doesn't hurt avoiding it for a week or two and see if things get better or not.

Aight, thanks user mate

Wash your face every time it get greasy and wipe the water off with a towel.

I find that finishing puberty will do wonders for that, so just hang tight for like another year

Will try to
Stopped growing at 15, acne still kicks in strong, puberty is strange

I used to drink a ton of cola (coke and MTN Dew) and eat a lot of cookies and other junk. When I stop eating and drinking that stuff my skin cleared up.

I'll try cutting back on coke then

Puberty typically goes on until one's early 20s

None of my piers seem to have teen acne like I do, and I probably live the healthiest ( no alcohol, drugs, energy drinks .. )

Peers* fuck

OP, definitely need to see dermatologist fast, if your insurance doesn't cover that then book an appointment with family doctor, they can prescribe you a cream that will fix your acne.

Already said it, I've tried every cream the doc recommends, most of them are just cashgrabs.

Water was already mentioned, but you REALLY need to drink it for it to work. My acne is now mostly gone, but the downside is the fact that I gotta pee 5 times a day. Also, change your pillowcase every 2-4 days. And remember to wash your face with cold water 2 times a day, and moisturize it once a day after showering.

I did keto, my acne vanished. But it came back after I stopped.

Had Acne so bad I still have scars on my back. Completely kicked it with Accutane. I really got rid of it. Lost a few hairs because of it, but definitely worth it.

Lost a few hairs? What do you mean?

Stop eating fast food. Get enough sleep and change your pillow case every few days.

Grow up.


90% of acne is the result of adolescent hormone and bodily changes screwing up your skin oils. (10% has to do with cleanliness and diet).

When your hormones finally settle down, your acne will go

Diet doesn't affect acne. It's a common myth

Honestly a good skincare routine worked wonders for me, I usually do a clay mask daily to remove oil and dirt followed by a toner, rose hip oil, and moisturizer, all marketed for sensitive skin. I used to have cystic acne with huge whiteheads but ever since I started taking care of my face I only ever get the occasional small hormonal pimple.