How to deal with online people insulting you over voice chat?

Not sure what to do in this situation, if it is someone in real life I can easily confront them but some random online? I don't know what to do.

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Just laugh at them, if they're insulting you online it's because they're the one who are upset who cares

In most online games that have a voice chat option, theres definitely a mute option.

You could also ignore them.

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They were streaming so there was a small audience as it were, I did laugh like it was no big deal but I don't know if it was the right response.

Have you tried the mute option

Why not insult them in return? If you just laugh and say nothing you're kind of being a doormat

Autistic, I'm not good with insults over voice chat, when it is face to face I am good with insults.

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Why do you care about randoms insulting you?

should have played halo and moderwarfare on xbox

youd be a fucking pro

mute them, who gives a shit

you insult them like you do in real life ?
you take everything that he gives you as ammunition and fire it back. Learn to insult people.
He plays some shit, flame him for that, and tell him only retards play that.
He does poorls, tell him how bad he is because of (insert reason you like)
He has a funny voice, call him out on it. Maybe he ugly too. If he tells you something about him, use that as ammo.
He has a shit micro, call him out on it. Poor fag.
He has a good micro, call him out on it. Rich fag, he got his money from his parents. If he tells you about job, tell him he probably sucked dick, if he tells you he gay, tell him he is ugly and bitches don't like him.

That's basic, you can get more creative and abstract. If he bites on something, you hit a spot, keep going there.
It's really more how you sound and how your insults translate to the other person. Can probably call him a can of soda and go ham from there.

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You mute.
Rocket science.

No the answer is to report them and make sure the moderators ban them for having the audacity to hurt my fragile feelings.

Or that.
Either one solves it, so whatever.
Just tone down the sjw shtick.

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I am the one insulting OP. Grow some fucking balls and tell me I am a waste of oxygen.

Goddamn you are all spineless bastards.

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>not understanding sarcasm

Do what Koreans do. Compliment their mother.

>tell your mom that I enjoyed her cooking last night.

If you cant handle the banter just mute them.
If you can, just laugh it off. When playing games online most of the people you're playing with are just as pathetic as they're accusing you of being


There's two options:
Report them and tell daddy Blizzard so they ban him and phone their local police about it.
>Valve game?
Just laugh it off, faggot.