Flow of a date

Never been on a date or out with someone really. Assuming I don’t get rejected, I’d like to take this girl to see a movie. How would I plan out this day? Pick her up at maybe around evening, go to the theaters, then what would you do after other than drop her off? Unless you really do just drop her off.

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Take her to the beach or out to eat afterwards and discuss abut the movie and what you both think of it. And whatever happens after that happens whether you guys continue to talk about the movie, each other or even have sex if it comes to that. Dont overthink it and just go with the flow and how you both feel.

Going to the movies by itself is a bad first date. It’s like the relationship version of a job interview, and you’ve decided to spend it not getting to know her. You definitely should plan something afterwards.

Where would one go then? I know she likes hero movies because we talked about deadpool and black panther, so I thought it would be nice to watch venom with her.

Like says, go somewhere to discuss the movie. Beach, restaurant, coffee house, park, it doesn't matter.
It's not a bad first date to see a movie, provided you actually take the time to get to know her. I kinda like movie first dates because if I don't know what to say to her afterwards, I can at least talk about the movie.

Sounds boring. How old are you? Up until the age of 23 or so my best dates were going to the park at night with a little booze and a little weed. Worked like a charm. Very often lead to making out in the park and sometimes sex, but even if it didn't it was always a lot of fun. After that age, girls started seeing it as immature or something, idk. They'd rather spend 20 bucks on drinks at a bar than kick it in the park with twice the booze and way cheaper.

I'm 28 now and I still haven't had dates as fun as those I used to have in the park drinking, smoking, and laughing with a girl. I'm at work, someone post a 30yr old boomer pic for me.

I was thinking of doing this exact idea for a date. Park and booze. I'm 27 though, how bad of an idea would this be? The girl I'm seeing is a lot younger than me so it should still be fine right?

Op, the movies is a bad idea for a first date.
Go bowling instead :)

The tripfag read my mind. Bowling is the right answer.

Is it a date if it’s never explicitly said it’s a date? Like, if you just ask them out it’s automatically a date?

Depending on how well you know her you might ask her to meet you at the theater rather than picking her up. Movie dates are a good idea but make sure you have time to talk afterward, otherwise you were just sitting together and not speaking lol

Never, ever, ever take anyone on a date somewhere and not follow up with dinner at a halfway decent restaurant. In your case, the movie would be something to discuss over a meal. You can't really get to know her by just whispering in a theater and that's the goal of what you're trying to do. Getting to know her.

As far as dropping her off, you'll just have to play that by ear. Don't expect to get laid, but you can tell the difference between a girl who wants to be walked to the door and another one who is perfectly fine with walking by herself. In the latter case, you didn't get rejected. It's just how she is.

All of this is assuming that you both are mature enough for an adult relationship.

Usually we know unless you invite others along. If she acts oblivious on the day, tell her directly or heavily flirt.

A movie is not the best date idea user, you don't really connect when your just watching a movie

Just driving around is underrated. Plan something simple. Like “going to the farmers market, or Walmart” And then just drive around. Say “hey I’ll show you where I went to school/where I work”. Show each other shit on Spotify, jam out to some food tunes, grab a slurpee or blended iced coffee or some french fries at some drive thru. Convenience store run. Then you can show her a cool spot you know about woh a nice view you can park at and just shoot the shit and get to know each other, might lead to a make out session, perhaps a blow job. Try it why not.

Wait till marriage for sex (>•-•)>

t. Roman Belic

This lmao. People always talk about fancy and super exciting types of dates. Funny enough, the best dates I've ever been on where me and the girl just spending a few hours walking around in a relatively quiet central park early in the evening. Talking to each other, chilling, holding hands and possibly making out (personally never used drugs while on the date but ok). There is just something about going on a walk together that brings you and the other person closer.

take her to a public toilet and show her your favorite porn video on your mobile.

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>tfw going bowling with qt tomorrow
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