Neighbor Cheating With Tyrone

My next door neighbor is out of town and a black man has been going over to his place to see his wife every night for the past four days. l've heard the two of them fucking each night so it's obvious she's cheating on him. Should l tell him when he gets back? I'm worried about overstepping my bounds since we're not friends, but if it were me I'd obviously want to know. Secondly l'm worried about feeling responsible for whatever he does to his wife in response (physical abuse or murder) to me telling. Also l'm worried that her black lover will know l snitched and kicked my ass or kill me.
What do, robots?

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id mention it casually.

>hey neighbor saw tyrone at your place this weekend

They won't know it's you.

Fuck yeah you should tell him.

You know the saying about evil and good men doing nothing.

do you think he left because they broke up? maybe he already knows. I don't think they'd appreciate your interfering.

Nah fuck it dude. Tell him.

>I don't think they'd appreciate your interfering.

The guy will.

I've been cheated on, finding out was bad for self esteem, but good overall. Best to rip that bandaid off quickly as possible.

Better to be alone than acting out a charade and not even knowing it.

Take pictures and if it's possible, record some audio, send to the husband, the truth is far more important.
Bonus: Record the days, hours of visits, length, and find Tyrone's social media.

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Leave an anonymous note and do

If he wasn't black you wouldn't care about snitching. Fucking loser.

Ya, I'd tell him. It's the right thing to do.

Film it and anonymously send it to the guy, the girl is in the wrong.

You could just writer a letter and leave it on his car you zoomer, no one has to know its you.
Or you could do like the pornos and tell her you'll only keep her secret if she touches your peepee.

reminder: the guy getting cheated on would fuck what ever girl you manage to get too if he could

tell em ruin that lying bitch also try getting evidence if possible cheaters are the scum of the earth

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Fuck you OP for all you know they have an open relationship

Tyrone's just doing what a guy does
It's the woman who should be ruined
She's the one who is cheating

>Denying truth

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inb4 he's an actual cuck and you'll just embarass yourself

For sure. You have a moral and racial duty to tell him. Have some courage.

>Tyrone's just doing what a guy does
Only a normie would say that. Fuck off.

Extort money from the wife in exchange for not telling the husband. After collecting the money, tell him anyways. Its probably his money she's giving you, but you aughta make this worth your time & effort somehow.

>haha, he's just doing the same wrongdoing every other man does
So let's start rounding them up and making them pay

lt's not cucking if they guy isn't there to watch

>the guy will

all you fuckers ever care about. keep your nose out of other peoples' crotches. she isn't going to fuck you. get over it. don't ruin someone's life because they have passion over bitterness.

This. Serve justice user.

record it and tell him dude, if you had a gf and were in his position you'd want to be told too

Take pics and then show him

Never underestimate denial

>don't ruin someone's life because they have passion over bitterness.
No idea what that has to do with exposing someone for being a cheater. If it is going to "ruin her life" maybe she should not have done it in the first place.

>wow you should totally let your neighbor live under the facade of a happy marriage while he's being betrayed by the only person he loves.

Hopefully the nog doesn't find out and whoop my mans ass

This is almost certainly bait.
>l'm worried about feeling responsible for whatever he does to his wife in response (physical abuse or murder) to me telling.
Why? So an adulterous coalburner gets killed, who cares? It's a net benefit to the world.
This is the US, if he tries anything stupid (and it's unlikely some hood rat would find out) and attacks OP, he can be met with a wall of lead.

Send it anonymously

Join in you pussy


Take photos or video
Tell husband

Tyrone deserves to be clapped in the face with a shotgun, should be a felony to fuck with someones spouse

Name of girl in pic plz

You should get prove, otherwise it's an accusation. And how he deals with the situation isn't exactly your fault. If he has a screw loose, something bad would probably happen if he were to find out.

Either way, tell him, it's a decent thing to do.

Is it because he's black? If he was white you wouldn't care at all. So why go through the trouble just because of his race?

Go back to plebbit the women knows she married no way the could have known. Even then it's not illegal to fuck someone's wife you fag

>take pictures/video
>show them to neighbor
>tell neighbor she has to do everything you want or you'll show them to get husband
>enjoy your living fuckdoll next door

Not hard to see the angles here, OP.

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I think cheating violates civil law or something. telling him is the right thing to do, but it could put you at risk of retaliation.

what if the neighbor is cheating on his wife while he is out of town? What if they both know of this arrangement? There's too much you don't know yet, user. You could come off looking like a nosy bitch.

but he is a nosy bitch, that is if this wasn’t an autistic troll post made as an excuse to type the name “Tyrone”

>should i tell him?
Absolutely. Every person who gets cheated on would want to know the truth.

>I'm worried about overstepping my bounds since we're not friends
If you are afraid of getting 'involved' into something that isn't your business, do it anonymously. I'd try to get some evidence of what's happening. Maybe take pictures of the dude entering/leaving the house, record stuff on camera and maybe even record the sound of them fucking. Then after you got some decent evidence, make a fake facebook profile and send it to your neighbor and tell him what's up. Tell him you made a fake FB for it because you don't want him to know who you are.

Now you got the ball rolling and your job is done.

You could also get footage of the wife cheating, then use the footage to get the wife to fuck you too... Or is that too evil?

How about you be a real sport and just kill them while the fella is out of town with a good alibi?

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See now THIS guy is onto something

Approach the wife and blackmail her into fucking in exchange for not telling. Then tell him anyways.

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This is a good start, but it's got to expand. Bring your circle of friends into it, demand that she fuck them or you'll show the pictures and video to her husband. Then move on to coworkers, classmates, other neighbors, and so on until the whole town is fucking her and she literally does not have a moment's rest from constantly being fucked, often by several guys at once.

Can i hop on the carousel too?

They might be open.

>know coworker
>she invites me over to her house
>shes married
>starts being slutty
>oh he's out of town
>fuck her
>eating her pussy after i fuck her
>husband casually walks in
>"See you got another friend baby, I'll be in the garage"
>they both bring people to the house
>she says they fuck other people more than they fuck each other
>somehow have a happy marriage

>happy marriage

I wouldn't really call it happy or a marriage if they fuck other people to begin with, let alone if they actually have sex more often with people who aren't their spouses. They're just two people who aren't actually in love with each other or haven't been in love for a long time, but decided divorce and break up of property was just too tedious and bothersome to their daily lives, so they stayed together and started fucking around because ultimately it really means nothing to them.

In the interests of fairness, I do advocate death for everyone who's not a monogamous person.

She'll even pay for your flight. She'd better.

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Bros before hos.

Shit ain't fucking hard.
If the nigger attacks you for snitching put a bullet in it. Easier.

>what if the neighbor is cheating on his wife while he is out of town? What if they both know of this arrangement?
Then he'd still appreciate the effort.

Jow Forums resolves another ethical dilemma.