Friend just serendipitously met a perfect 18 year old girl in uni club

>Friend just serendipitously met a perfect 18 year old girl in uni club
>I'm graduated and have no opportunities to meet girls
>even if I do they will be all used up and jaded
Life really does end after uni doesn't it. I missed my chance ;_;

Am I wrong in giving up?

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You waste your uni years

Well done.

I know. I was too scared and hate myself every day.

I just don't know what to do.

Fuck this.
Fuck my life.
Fuck my own weakness.
Fuck other people for being happier than me.

I can't stop crying.

>crying about something this trivial


You're not the only one, get a job and you'll find a girl through work because you end up developing a social life, and when you go out you may meet friends of friends or just a random qt you like

Meeting girls in uni is just for pumping and dumping

It hasn't happened so far.
Tons of people meet their wives in uni, I would say the majority.

No one I know meet their wife lol get out of here with that

Get into the workforce and network, hell it's better to find yourself a girl who's already started her career and knows where she's going than to cry over missed uni puss that may end up knocked up and jobless

But my parents met in uni...

Quit bitching, youre a free man, your life just started

So? My parents met in South FL after moving from Illinois (dad) and Venezuela (mom) years ago, they've been married for 20+ years

And my parents met in a back alley behind a night club and were married 20 years before my dad died.

Uni is ~4 years of your life. That's nothing dude. I've been out of uni for five years and met my gf playing Planetside 2 four years ago

But I bet they were old and busted.

>used up

Saying things like this is probably one of the reasons you don't have a gf

Go back and get a phd.

How can women magically detect OP thinking that in his head? Retard. Most people have thoughts they never day in public

You could go back to college, take a course with a lot of girls. Meet them and then drop the course before the refund deadline. So you're not paying for anything and you can have access to uni clubs

>In the news today police are on the lookout for a serial college drop out. It is understood he signs up to these numerous colleges to join female dense courses and clubs, before applying for a refund prior to the closing date.

Why would the police be looking for him? What's illegal about that?

Is that really the best way?

You sound like a little bitch

I mean, that's probably the reason.

>thinks girls are 'used up' after university
Admit you're a pedo then neck yourself

Women walk off a cliff after 18, you know it and I know it.

Are you serious? Get to know your buddy’s new girlfriend so you can meet her friends

If you keep thinking you can't meet anyone, you won't.

You need to change yourself before hoping to get a girl. If you look at people you meet and think "oh, she's so jaded", you'll never allow for things to happen.
And things do happen, but not when you expect them to, so just change your perspective and be social.

I mean, somewhat social. You don't have to be the heart of the party or whatever.
We all wish we were younger and carefree, but that's not gonna happen.

That's... actually a really good idea.

>life ends after uni

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>>even if I do they will be all used up and jaded
Autistic. You deserve everything you get user.

I have the same problem. I just graduated and am moving to a new city for an internship. I have no clue how to get to make friends, let alone get to know girls outside of school/uni (I am an introvert). Ideally, I would like to get an 18 yo gf (I think a five year age difference is ideal). I live very close to a university campus. How do I do it, lads? Do I join Tinder and try to get to know uni girls on there (looks are not my problem but spilling my spaghetti IRL)? Any suggestions? I want a cute, naive and innocent 18 yo gf so badly. All girls my age are too serious and already want to marry and have kids in 2-3 years (despite riding the cock carousel).

>Friend just serendipitously met a perfect 18 year old girl in uni club
How did he meet her? Is he an older student? Did he already graduate? Is he a Chad? I believe that girls are attracted to slightly older, more mature guys, so I really want to exploit this loophole.

I'm 25 and just never started. On the rare occasion I'm around women in something other than a passing context they'll often look at me like they expect or are waiting for something. Of course I don't deliver. They lose interest temporarily or indefinitely.

It's obvious when something is wrong with someone.


>i would say the majority
i really doubt it

Everyone I know.