27th year of life slowly approaching

>27th year of life slowly approaching
>Never worked
>No education outside of high school
>Haven't been away from my parents since I was born
>Don't know how to drive
>Have no real aspirations
>Have no skills
>Look like a stereotypical neckbeard

How do I fix this besides necking myself?

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Become a gigalo or trap. Money will cum your way.

Do Blackface

go to college
work retail
get a drivers license

you claim to have no aspirations but you wanna fix yourself

maybe ask your parents, tell them you want to make a change in your life.

How did you end up in this situation? Are you depressed? Did your parents allow it?

get more cheese-its and piss jars. That should solve the problem right away.

I finished high school, went home and never left. My parents never make any snide remarks about working or moving out and are completely fine with how I live. And of course I'm fucking depressed. My life sucks.

they probably aren't. the most important thing is to get the conversation started.
>mom, dad, i'm not happy with how i live
that's all you gotta tell them. they'll help you get on your feet.
Good luck user the step you're about to make is big and scary but it's crucial for you to move on with your life. look at it that way. if you delay it it'll only be more difficult. it's like ripping off a bandaid.
Talk about them what kind of job you could see yourself doing (even if you don't 100% like it you gotta pick something) and start driving lessons asap. i'm doing them at 21 and it's considered late in my country.

youtube.com/watch?v=KYvKCD2FSAk also make sure to watch this for motivation

Get a job. Literally any fucking job. Go to mcdicks and apply there.

*** inhales ***

Get a job

Get a job close to your house, get enough cash for insurance, get your license and maybe go to college. It's not that hard.

Start slow. Try getting a job first.
Then when you get enough money, get some certifications. Theyre about $100-$200 for most of them. After you earn a cert or two, use them to get a better job

Go to a staffing agency and work in a fucking factory or yard. That should whip your lazy ass into shape and help you develop some kind of work ethic.

Fear is definitely holding back more so than my laziness though. I haven't interacted with flesh and blood humans who aren't my parents for years. I look weird and I act weird.

Maybe I would be better off doing online college course first? That way I can avoid human interaction and get into a career where I'm making above minimum wage. Problem is, I'm not really interested in doing anything either, can't imagine being a very happy person working at a career I don't actually care about.

I just feel helpless.

If you work had at the job and don’t piss anyone off, you’ll be fine and people won’t care about your actual personality. You won’t ever learn how to work if you don’t work.

True enough. But I don't human very well. And in this day and age where everyone has a camera, I'm extremely wary of being strange in public.

I'm an easy target, I feel like if I work in some macho work space like a construction site or warehouse where people lift I'd get shit on by my co-workers even if I'm quiet.

How about career recommendations for a guy like me? I'm always sitting in front a computer, I imagine doing something with computers would be up my alley but I don't actually know how to do anything meaningful with them. I'm really at a loss, my parents are normal working humans so they're not here to help right now. My dad is a dentist and my mom works at a pharmacy.

You could get an A+ certification and work on the hardware side, fixing computers for small businesses. Maybe you can learn some coding and do stuff like programming, UI/UX or website design. Video editing? Freelance jobs like virtal assistant or copyediting?

I just decided to wing it and applied for Strayer. Probably stupid considering I have no idea what I want to do but what's the worst that can happen?