How do I get over the smell of vagina?

So recently I somehow managed to get a gf, and I was told that women love it when a guy goes down on them, so I tried. Unfortunately I didn't get very far, as the smell and the "moisture" for lack of a better word, had turned me away from that region of the body. So, any way I can get around this?

I want to go down on my gf, but the smell and wetness turn me off.

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Tell her to wash her ass and vat beforehand

"wet pussy is gross"
i have bad news for you my man, you're gay as shit and im not even kidding

Pussies always have a distinct scent. But if she maintains proper hygiene it should definitely not smell bad. In fact, the smell of fresh and well-cleaned pussy turns me on like crazy when i'm eating a girl out.

So either she has bad hygiene or a STD. If neither of those 2 are the case, then you are just being a whiny faggot.

We both showered beforehand

My gf said the same thing

She doesn’t have any stds and she showered daily, so I guess that leaves only one explanation.

i believe the word you're looking for is "musk"
i implore you to inhale and devour that shit

Then don't waste her time, man

>I guess that leaves only one explanation.
The only advice i could give you is to try it out a few more times, maybe you just need to get used to it a bit? I liked eating pussy from the start but hey, maybe you just need to get used to it i don't know.

I wouldn't immediately quit going down on her. She outright told you she loves receiving head. If you aren't giving it to her on a relatively consistent basis, she'll go look for it somewhere else sooner or later. From my experience, women get way more pleasure from receiving head than they ever do from having sex. They need it OP.

Body fluids change taste and scent based on the diet of the person. Ever heard how eating pineapple and such works on guys? Works for women, too.

She didn’t tell me that she loves it, I was just told by some friends that women in general like it, so I assumed that she fell into that category. She did mention recently that it’s not that important, but I want to learn for future relationships.

Ow shit, misread it.

But point remains, the vast majority of women really love receiving it. She told you it's 'not that important' but often times women say such things because they don't want to make you uncomfortable or insecure about it. I'd still recommend you to atleast try to enjoy it and git gud at it, she'll thank you later i promise.

It's not just a matter of hygiene. The food someone eats and even one's psychological state can all have an effect on how it smells or what kind of discharge there is.

You can even make it worse by trying to be TOO clean - using soap inside the crevices of the vagina can throw the pH level completely out of whack and screw up the microbiome that lives there so that the bacteria that create the smell are even more numerous

She's just not the one user.
I was in the same spot as you, and thought everyone was full of shit taking about vaginas smelling/tasting good. You'll find a nice lady some day where you'll be able to bury your face in there and love it.

Yeah didn't think about this one at first but there is pretty decent evidence that diet can affect pussy smell and taste. Make sure she eats plenty of fruits and vegetables.

It's her diet. She needs to drink more water and eat cleaner. When my woman was slamming Diet DP with reckless abandon she became coppery metalic. Also, food is important to proper hygiene. If she survives on snack foods and pizza, tell her to grow up and eat a real diet

Not only her diet, menstrual cycle plays another part. Depending on the time, the scent and taste changes a lot. Try going down on her at different times during the month. She might be more to your taste around day 10 to 15, when her fertility reaches the peak.

Eating pussy is beta and submissive. Don't do it.

Not OP, just saw this post while perusing.

I'm a fag, but for some reason I find it hot when guys eat pussy. Maybe the beta thing is why. Thanks user.

This, rest is bullshit

If you hate going down on someone, you probably always will. I had a bad experience eating pussy, the girl was just nasty, and I never did it again. I can still remember how she tasted, that was like ten years ago. I never let a girl blow me either because I fear they might ask me to reciprocate.

Fuck off dude. Expecting to receive blowjobs but not returning the oral favor is not alpha dominance, it's just being a selfish prick.

Why do most guys suck in bed? There is your answer. They only care about their own pleasure.

Oral is disgusting.

licking vomit inducing vaginal discharge is different than sucking a dick. and before you day anything just stop. It is different.

Oral sex can cause cancer anyway, so you win.
I don't mind the smell but I don't enjoy the activity. I also hate kissing and I don't want to get a blow job even if she pays me.

coconut oil! it will smell and taste like coconuts

>the vast majority of women really love receiving it

I don't have any stats from the census bureau or anything, but from my experience it was always sort of a coin toss. A lot of a girls just didn't want me going down on them, but the ones that did want me going down on them REALLY enjoyed it.

hell yeah dude having sex with a girl is hella gay

I'm so manly and alpha that I don't even kiss my girl, I mean my bitch, I just unsuspectingly shove it dry in her while she's doing dishes or something

>licking vomit inducing vaginal discharge

is that what's happening to you when you down on a girl

are you sticking your tongue IN her pussy and like licking her pisshole and shit? yeah don't do that

>I was told that women love it when a guy goes down on them
>I was told
Where do you live? How old are you?

Pic related

but some bitches' gashes smell like a truckload of rotten horses. take notes femanons

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>I also hate kissing and I don't want to get a blow job
Who hurt you?

Coconut oil can cause yeast/bacterial infections, no thank you.

Speaking as someone who's done both, you're right. Licking vaginas is much more pleasant.

It's okay OP, men have stinky dicks too. Doesn't mean I don't put up with it anyway because I love my husband and he loves getting the sucky.

Diet does in fact affect fluid taste tho.
>Cigarettes, caffeine, red meat, onions, and garlic make it taste worse. For the ladies, pineapple, celery, yogurt, red grapes, cranberry juice, lots of water, mint, watermelon, and strawberries are reccommended.
I enjoy my own musk and noticed that grapes and pineapple usually make me taste better. It's not like cake frosting or anything but it's neutral if not very mildly pleasant at best. Strawberries will only change it if they're sweet, sour strawberries don't change it much. Curry makes me stinkier even though it's one of my favorite foods. Neutral is about as good as it gets for most people.

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I don't like it either, taste like salty pennies. I had an interest in doing it, but after two different girls, no more.

Eat fouler things ,become impervious to coochie smells, grow a long chin beard, and then eat her out, cream cheese and all. It'll grow on you eventually.

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Your chick is either a stanky skanky or you're a faggot. I've run into only two pussies that stunk. No way I'd ever have ate those pussies. The rest of the pussies have been intoxicatingly delicious. I'd eat clean fresh puss for three square

I wish my gfs pussy smelled a little more unfortunately there is barely ever any odor and it makes it kinda boring to eat :(

>Oral sex can cause cancer anyway

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You and a bunch of others have mentioned diet. I know quite well how diet and drinking can affect taste/scent, and I assure you I eat plenty of fruits/veggies. I love them.

>Your chick is either a stanky skanky or you're a faggot

He's just a faggot, I said it myself

(Is it worth noting I have an IUD? He didn't really make note of that, probably too busy thinking about men)

I think he's referring to catching an std (like hpv?) and that causing cancer

Does she shave/wax/trim her pubic hair? Does she wash her pussy properly or does she put soap into it like a retard?


You gay fool, a straight man wants to go diving in that shit.


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smell I can see turning you off - I had the same problem with the last girl I was with.
but wetness? that's like the thing pussies

tell her to stop using soap to wash her vag. just use water. legit do it for a week and be thankful i gave you a solution to the smells.

also whats her diet like?

It can just vary by person, OP. My current gf has no smell or tastes to her at all, which is perfect for me because my previous one smelled slightly fishy and tasted like a sweaty armpit.

There was at least one study showing a link between guys performing oral sex on women and increased likelihood of throat cancer, but I couldn't provide any source.

>We both showered beforehand
Does she use soap in there? Douche? Have a shit diet?

Believe it or not, I'm actually the girlfriend of OP, I've been responding to you guys a bit.
It's shaved and washed properly. Not like an idiot who puts soap in a vagina, that's how you fuck yourself up.
If you didn't read my response earlier, diet's mostly fruits and veggies. Very, very little junk and pop, it makes me sick, and I'm also lactose intolerant so unless I really want to suffer, I don't have dairy either.

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Then your bf is a faggot, I don't know what kind of response/advice do you seek
Either stay with a frigid fag who won't eat your pussy or break up

Yeah I called him gay too, I think he was hoping for advice for himself and not what's wrong with me.
Also, like he mentioned before, I don't actually care too much about being ate out, it's more of a comfort thing than a thing I get off on, he just wants to know how he can get over his adversion.

the only man that wouldn’t eat me out turned out to be gay a few years later. i’m not saying your bf is gay, but maybe he needs to do some introspection there

you seem like a very clean person so i definitely don’t think this has anything to do with you

does your bf have issues with certain textures/tastes? for example i can’t eat oranges even though they smell fine because the texture freaks me out

could it be something to do with that?

He's never been with anyone before, so it's all new experiences. It could be a texture thing, but it could also be a "hey I didn't have emotions for a really long time and now I'm in bed with a girl and what the fuck is this" thing.

>She doesn’t have any stds
And just how do you know that

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>Just how do you know that
Because I got tested, and get tested regularly, like a responsible sexually active person.

are you a vegetarian?

I think that the wetness bothered me more because I am not used to it (I am a virgin if you haven't guessed) and looking back I do agree that my discomfort is kind of stupid.

I also would like to mention that this thread was started for advice on how I can fix my issue as opposed to how my gf can fix my issue. I still appreciate everyone's willingness to offer suggestions though.

There are women that suck dick after it's been in there ass with a smile on their face

Stop being a bitch and eat the pussy

I'll ask again.
>/SHE/ doesn't have any stds
How. Do you know. That?

Im the girlfriend, I told you, I've been tested.
Not a vegetarian, just got a body that does not like a lot of foods.

Being gay isn't an issue, you're just doing it wrong

There's your problem, tell her to stop shaving. Pubic hair keeps the climate under control and reduces helps keep odor-causing bacteria from getting into the vagina and growing there. Some girls are fine without it but a great many need it.

>should not smell gross
>stop not liking what I like
You stating subjective opinion like it’s fact. I don’t like a vagina right out of the shower. I like it a couple hours later because I want it to smell like a vagina not body wash. Am I violating a fact? No. I’ve been with one woman who had no smell at all and it was disappointing to give oral. Some people hate the smell of it. Some people, like me, love it to the point I can’t decide if I like giving or receiving oral sex more.

Maybe OP just doesn’t like the smell at all.

Some women don’t like it because they are self conscious about letting you put your face down there. Some women have to work on getting relaxed enough to enjoy it.

t. cuck who doesn’t even know it

You could not be any deeper in denial... or the closet.

It’s a luck of the draw mate. A lot of girls smell bad. My gf doesn’t smell at all and tastes sweet. I just got lucky

I definitely agree with this. However, it's important to recognize that a strong and/or unpleasant smell can also be indicative of a condition such as bacterial vaginosis, a yeast infection, or general uncleanliness. Those have to be ruled out before he decides he just doesn't like it.

Pussy smells bad and tastes bad. Eating pussy is a beta thing to do, as others have posted. Anyone calling OP gay are literal retards. I don't and never will put my mouth near a vagina, but I will fuck them. My girlfriend shares the same opinion and gags when I put my fingers in her mouth after fingering her and thinks it smells awful. The women who get off to it get off to the idea that they trained you, tied you down. They own you. If it wasn't the case they would be fine with just your fingers, just like they get themselves off with their own.

I've found that it's worse when I don't shave: I end up getting sweaty and it gets trapped in the hair then gets nasty. I know how to care for myself after I shave.

Your pussy fucking stanks. Admit it to yourself and learn some personal hygiene. Would you eat yourself out? Have you tried anything close to it? I don't blame him for feeling how he does, you made him feel insecure about it when you are the first girl he has been with. A vagina can be tolerable in smell and taste, it doesn't have to be good, just not like a rotting swamp like yours apparently does. Fucking gross.

One of two things going on.

1) You just don't like her "scent"
2) She does not do a good enough job of regular cleaning.

I mean I know what I taste like and it's not bad, also I've ate out before so? I'm hygenic, I eat fairly well, and you're making assumptions based off nothing

I make my girlfriend strip down after she goes running so I can eat her out extra spicy. You're missing out, OP.

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties

It's interesting that OP ask for advice on himself and most ppl are attacking the gf. This is not hard OP and there is actual science behind it. You need some good associative memories connected to the smell. Try doggystyle while she is ovulating, the scent will waft up to you while your enjoying yourself. Slap her ass and pull her hair so you have some good visuals with the scent present. Do some deep missionary with her legs spread wide while you choke her a bit, again while shes ovulating. After a month or so if she is cool with it try smelling her panties. The smell wont be as intense and you can ease into it. If the visuals and associations with the smell don't do the trick then maybe you aren't turned on by her but more likely you're just inexperienced.

Coconut is an antibacterial and an antifungal, but if used on the vagina can throw off the pH balance and cause a yeast infection

If a woman lets you choke her and slap her ass she will definitely let you smell her panties. I started smelling ny girlfriend's a couple month into the relationship. She says I'm weird but keeps giving them to me (:

It actually hurts whenever I've been eaten out. I think I am too sensitive down there or something.

What, are they biting your pussy? How does it hurt? Maybe its similar to right after I cum and my girlfriend keeps stroking and its hyper sensitive to the point of it becoming uncomfortable and unbearable?

I don't think he or I are honestly comfortable with those suggestions right now, like he said before, he's an adult virgin and I'm just trying to keep it vanilla for sake of comfort

The sake of comfort? OP goes down, is not feeling it. Turns to shady website for advice most likely because you questioned his sexuality when he wasn't feeling it. You hijack the thread and refer to him as an 'adult virgin' and explain your not comfortable with pretty 'vanilla' suggestions. Sounds to me like you like to be in control and are simply looking for a confirmation bias. Just embrace your control issues and be his dom, or don't. Whatever. But stop putting this on him. Let him rock you from behind and give in or move on. Daddy issues much? No wonder so many women think 50 shades is great, can't give in. And please stop suggesting your lovers are gay because they trust you enough to tell you they didn't enjoy an act, it's immature and insecure.

it's weird but I think different people have different smells and we like some more than others. I had one GF and if I hadn't washed my sheets and it smelled strongly of me she liked it and to me her pussy had no smell and not a really strong taste. But then I had one GF I hated the smell and taste of her pussy and she hated it if I hadn't washed my sheets within the week... I think it has something to do with the smell of our mothers womb maybe as I remember as a kid that the smell of my mom always had a kind of calming effect on me...

Same with me too. Always wondered why it hurt. Turns out, all the guys that had previously eaten me out were shoving their tongue down the wrong hole.
My fucking urethra.

agreed only eating ass is alpha

>Hijacked the thread
First off, I asked permission before I began replying to people.
>Daddy issues much?
Second of all, where do you get daddy issues from? We're taking things at our own pace, and gently, because we want to. Everything is mutual, and I'm not going to push what he's comfortable with or what I'm comfortable with because some shady guy on a shady website wants to make an immature assumption without backing and tell me what I'm like, and what to do.
>And please stop suggesting your lovers are gay
It's a running joke to do so, has been for a few years with our friends. Once again, you don't have enough information to really state your opinion.

So I can now confirm, pussy is not for me... honestly this wasn’t how I expected to disappoint my gf. I feel bad for not realizing it earlier.

You gotta see with your hands man. If it bothers you that much just touch it and tell yourself you like giving her pleasure. Dont look at it, dont think about what it looks of smells like. Just think of pleasuring your lady. Sex is more than dicks and pussy. And if you can feel with your hands you can touch it with your dick.

You're not gay if you've come this far. Im rooting for you bro. I really am.


I also doubt you're gay. I ate pussy that I didn't like smellwise and some that I loved. Maybe you're just not fit for each other. Plus, dont underestimate the influence of novelty and anxiety and such. Keep trying, if you break up try agaun. No harm in trying guys, I just think you knew if you're gay.

Try sucking cock, you will probably enjoy it.

the mere thought of eating a girl out makes me nauseous, and it should do the same for every man.

Don't go down on her after she has been dancing with her shoes off for the last 6 hours if there's a bad smell, or better yet don't date hippies.
Go down on her after having a shower together.

Dj khaled pls go

what if every woman said this about sperm? What would really be the problem there? People are supposed to enjoy Every part of their partners. Everything.

Why are people so prude and concerned about their sexuality and masculinity. Take a break from worrying about whether you're a man or not. Show your partner that nothing is off limits. Hell, take a dildo in the ass. I dont care. You can be a man and suck a clit. Even if you think you cant you cant. Thats just me, I love the SMELL and taste of pussy. Call me a beta faggot. I dont give a shit. You're missing out on a crucial aspect of appreciating your partner in whole. Oral is for fun.

i wouldnt bat an eye. i dont want a blowjob, i want sex and companionship. and again, no man degrade his woman to doing so. it goes both ways.
i have standards that i will not break. of in 'missing out' by not sticking my face is holes designed for waste removal, then so be it.

checked, but disregarded. You're entitled to your opinion however, I disagree wholly. But I must ask that you remove the fedora before posting.

lol no for real, why do you not like the idea of oral? What makes you not like it?

my mouth (and anyone else's) should not be near parts of the body used solely for waste removal. its degrading, and downright filthy.
but if you want a dildo up the ass, then go ahead.

Marry a Muslim girl.

BAHAHAHAHA-AAAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! There is no way around it. Either you deal with it or suffer for her pleasure.

okay don't go down on vaginas if you don't like the smell, I personally can't even stand the feel of them if i'm using my fingers so my rule of thumb is no fingers or tongue, only dick unless we're married.