Why shouldn't I compare myself to others?

>don't compare yourself to others user, you'll go insane
>focus on YOU
>t. Feelgood copy pasta

This makes no sense. Is this some American liberal western crap?

Life is filled with competition, winners and losers. Participation trophies don't work in the real world. If you run a company you need to compare your shit to your competitors and out do them. If you are in a race, you better compare yourself to your opponent to beat him. Sports teams? Compare. War and armies? Compare. Romance and sex? You compare girls you date to your exes all the time. You are being compared to every dude that's hit on that chick.

>social media
>highlight reels of people's lives, I-it's not real!

No, social media reflects reality to a certain degree. Everyone knows life isn't fair and some people have it better than others, social media just makes it that much more apparent to you. The Chad's and Stacies taking fun selfies in beaches on Thailand etc. Aren't secretly drug addicts who worship Satan and fuck dogs. They're normal people who have fun experiences, are richer and better than you, and will go on to have happy and fulfilling lives. This happens, surprise!

If everyone had the same amount of "worth", then the term "worth" would be meaningless and empty to begin with.

So when someone comes for help with x issue, instead of motivating that person to be better than someone else, we tell them "just focus on you, stick your head in the sand and everything will be OK"

What the fuck? Why do we do this?

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There's a certain point where doing it is unhealthy and does nothing for you; it becomes less about competition and more about putting yourself down, as evidenced by you writing an essay on the subject.

This post is really long. Fuck you.
Compare yourself to others. It's a good and important thing to do. But always remember that you don't have to be as good as everyone else to be good enough.

Because some people overdo it. It’s also sometimes impossible to live up to other people’s standards

At the end of the day, you are the only person you can hold a standard to. Comparing yourself to others is valuable for establishing a baseline of success you want to achieve, but there is always something better at you. You need to curb your ego and be able to accept when what you accomplished is "good enough". Its literally impossible to be the best ar everything, and you will ruin your life ceaselessly chasing that siren.

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Yes you should compare yourself and thrive to be the best in everything. Otherwise you're just an excuse of a man. If you're a woman competition and thirst for success is also inevitable.

That's nature, trying to be the best and stomp everyone that's on the way.

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>That's nature, trying to be the best and stomp everyone that's on the way.
What a stupid mantra. All nature gives a fuck about is filling niches. Hydrothermal vent worms are pretty bad at living, but they found a spot where they can live.

This is fine

>You need to curb your ego and be able to accept when what you accomplished is "good enough". Its literally impossible to be the best ar everything, and you will ruin your life ceaselessly chasing that siren.

This is cuckoldry


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Because comparing things is part of identifying relations. You can identify yourself in another person, you can identify yourself in the work they do, you can identify yourself with an emotion they display

Taking comparison itself as a matter of clear distinction between 2 objects is dumb and leads to a forced subjective discrepancy which is why people tell you not to compare yourself to others. You are not them and vise versa, comparing another like day and night just to point out what's different is simply ignorant which you have to be, because you are not relating to the things that tell x apart from y.

The reason why you should work on yourself is, is to improve and feel comfortable with yourself. If you reached the point of being comfortable with yourself you will find little reason to compare your entire being with another unknown entity which you idolize for whatever reasons. You should be capable of seeing your own good and bad parts without having the need to be another person

Only retards say this.


What? No one cares about your word salad that makes 0 sense.

>This thread
Man you guys are some sad sacks.

Based on that reply you haven't even read the post. Thanks for this magnificent contribution, it would have been even better if you didn't write anything at all

It makes sense to compare yourself to others in areas of competition - "I can beat this guy but that guy will be a challenge" etc.

But you shouldn't define your self-image or self-worth in terms of others. "I'm good at this and great at that and not so good at that, but who cares? Altogether I'm a pretty good package and screw 'em if they can't see that."

>Altogether I'm a pretty good package and screw 'em if they can't see that.

That just seems like accepting defeat and hamstering


Everyone compares himself/herself to others. It's a completely natural thing to do because it's in our competitive nature to outperform other people. It's largely what drives humans forward. If there was no competition, there would be no incentive for people to strive for the best. In the end of the day, the reason why we are alive is to get the maximum out of the cards we were dealt by our parents.

HOWEVER though, i think there is a big difference between healthy competitiveness and unhealthy competitiveness. You should compare yourself to other people when it comes to things that actually matter in life. For example: your career, your education and your personality are things that actually matter. It's a good thing to try to out compete other people in these aspects if you want to. On the other hand, many people compare themselves to other people with bullshit like: how many people they've slept with, how many instagram followers they have etc. These things don't matter jack shit.

>You should compare yourself to other people when it comes to things that actually matter

Isn't that entirely subjective?

It's somewhat subjective yes, it differs from person to person what is important to you. But as an example, i think we can all agree that working hard to get 1,000 instagram followers is fucking retarded. Yet it's what alot of people do nowadays. They subscribe to the social media popularity contest.

Compete for things that actually add value to your life.

>i think we can all agree that working hard to get 1,000 instagram followers is fucking retarded

Meh "celebrities" have built themselves around social media and now they don't have to be a 9-5 wagefuck and get paid out the ass in royalties etc.

A girl with 'loose' moral values can just post butt pics and be some sugar baby for a Saudi oil prince and never have to work a day in her life again

>1,000 instagram followers

because most people are trash
compare yourself to a higher, ideal, standard. Dont content yourself with mediocrity.

Do whatever you want you bitter faggot. Were telling you not to get in competitions you obviously cant win but you choose to do so anyway. Die mad about retard. You're like a fish cursing birds for being better at flying than it will ever be.

Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.

You should compare yourself to others in a productive, positive way. As in to look at someone who has something you don't and ask "how can I get what they have? is it realistic? what are the steps to get there? if I cant get exactly what they have, can I get part of the way there, or something similar?"

What YOU are doing is negative comparison. "They have it, I don't, and I am never going to get it". This serves absolutely no productive purpose. You are going to gain NOTHING from this kind of comparison. It isn't going to motivate you and it isn't going to make you feel better. So why bother?

If you must compare, then try to do the former. There is a slightly kooky idea called the "law of attraction" which tells that if you want something strongly enough and constantly tell yourself that you WILL get that thing, then you will eventually get it. Now obviously it is a bit crazy and one shouldn't believe in it 100%. But the basic principle is a good one. Retrain your brain to believe that you CAN and WILL get what you want, step into social and professional situations with optimism rather than pessimism, and nine times out of ten you will get results. This really does work user. I have been in a similar place to you, if not worse, and I've climbed out of it by simply FORCING myself to believe that I will succeed.

People are attracted to positive attitudes like flies. Most human beings particularly in the modern west are to some extent depressed or have low self-esteem. So when they see someone who is overcoming this, and being relentlessly positive, they are in awe. It attracts people to you.

That’s Jordan Peterson

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This entire thread is why the human race needs to be nuked.

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dont compare yourself to others because you're you

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I think its mostly just to keep from being miserable. Events spiral out of our control and almost every one of us will be mediocre individuals, but that doesn't mean we have to be unhappy. I think the logic is
>I tried as hard as every successful person
>due to events out of my control, I failed to reach the greatest heights
>I shouldn't be ashamed because I didn't shirk anything I could think of that could've helped me succeed
Old Stoic logic, almost.

Another line of thought is
>I don't try as hard as every successful person because life is comfortable enough where I am
>I'd rather have weekends and evenings off doing work for others than bust my ass hustling all day to become successful on my own
>it's hard, but easier than being the boss
>I value comfort over success even though society tells me it should be reversed

you can call it coping, and you'd be completely right. But if it helps them live a better life, I don't think it's wrong.

>I tried as hard as every successful person
except how often can you truly say
>i tried my hardest
very rarely can a person say, with absolute sincerity, that they did everything they could: that they never slacked off or took a day off and that they never half arsed something.
You can say that your "hardest" involved taking a day off but thats essentially saying
>I am unworthy
which may well be the truth but its not consoling.

Your other idea is essentially an acceptance of this. While, youre right, it isnt wrong since there will always be a ratio of bosses to peons, it seems like the exact thing OP doesnt like.

If you're truly stuck as a peon in life there is 0 reason to be noble

>Don't compare yourselves to others
I hate that line too. Who am I supposed to compare myself to then? Dogs? Rocks?

two different ends of the gene pool

>you will go insane
True. People don't have the mental fortitude to be conscious of these things. It will lead to depression, or you will begin to overestimate your own abilities and get yourself into trouble.
Dont wake sleeping dogs. We are meant to go through life in a trance.

99.99% of people can never be number one in anything, let alone everything.

What does it matter if you are "better" in some things than 50%,90%, or 99% of people there is always someone better. The only thing worrying about it does is cause stress so it will actually make you worse.

You can reflect on what you can do better, and look to people who do better than you as inspiration, but being angry or feeling self-pity that a different person has different outcomes will ruin you.

The problem here is one of semantics.
Comparing what your doing vs what someone else does in order to figure out how to achieve outcomes is a helpful skill.

The problem comes when you feel like because other people have better outcomes than you that there is something wrong with you. It is a futile and extremely unhelpful thought to have.

All you should be worried about is whether or not you did your best, because there is nothing else you could have done.

>Aren't secretly drug addicts who worship Satan and fuck dogs
Maybe not, but everyone, no matter their status, have problems of their own, and the better off they are, the bigger the problems, Because these people forget/don't know how to handle struggles of common people.

Chad carnivore
Virgin worm

This really just seems like an invitation to live like an amoral shit head since someone is always gonna be better than me, there's no point in investing in anything other than my own needs and desires

You're completely misinterpreting the adage.

I'm convinced at this point that you are purposefully misinterpreting and strawmanning every word we say. I have a hard time believing anyone could naturally be this inept.

One day you wont give a fuck about everything and enjoy who you are, it come with time , frustration and suffering

Because its not an even playing ground. If you compare yourself to someone who was born into a wealthy family you can't really make a comparison because their situation could not possibly be replicated by your actions given your circumstances. You cant look at someone born wealthy and go "Why didnt I turn out like that? Was it because I didnt do X or Y?" Its out of your control. If you compare yourself to someone, make it another average person who is well off but had similar upbringing or circumstances.

You're correct user!
This, and don't forget to kill yourself if you can't be perfect and above everyone.

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