I feel tat I am genuinely destined to never have a girlfriend. Everything about me repels them...

I feel tat I am genuinely destined to never have a girlfriend. Everything about me repels them, and everytime I try to reach one, it never works out. Even fucking hookers want nothing to do with me. I tried to "just improve myself, bro" but I don't have the conviction, willpower, or patience for that. I am perpetually stuck in a void of everything girls hate, and there's nothing I can do about it on my own. I started going to therapy, but it's not doing anything, so now I'm just lead to beleive that even other people can't save me.

If there's something that points to there not being a destined fate for people that they can;t fight, I would honestly love to hear it, because I'm utterly convinced that I'm just meant to be this way.

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Those devilish digits. It’s a sign that these are the words of Satan, OP. You CAN get a girlfriend. If you fail at self improvement then get back up and try again

>It’s a sign that these are the words of Satan,

I think it's a sign that I really am destined. Maybe it's a curse from Satan.

Some lucky people find some people early in life, or a lot of people, or both. Some don't. It just takes some people more time. You're just one of those people.

It sucks, but before you can make someone else happy, just remember you have to be happy with yourself. :)

Okay gimme just short info about yourself i will decide if you are really cursed.

What race are you, height, weight, age.

White, 5'9, 140, 22


Im sorry it over.


I know.

What will you do now manlet? Will you keep being depressed and have mindset of loser or will you start giving a fuck what people think of you and finally realize that being sad and scared is no good? Which one will you choose my little man?

I don't have a choice. I'm at fate's mercy.

Yea? who told you that? The fate?

I guess.

I can't tell if you are joking or not, but that is about average height

maybe in china but not in western civilization.

Fate isn't why you don't have will power. You are. No one or no thing is to blame for your failure but yourself

not according to the CDC

Not separated by race.

How do you know?

why would that matter? it's averaged out for a reason. you are just moving the goalposts.

Because america is 57% white. So the average is not the average of country with white majority.

Well, you're right that other people can't save you. Not having a girlfriend sounds like the least of your problems, and not the one you should be focusing about. It seems you have no self confidence and hate yourself and are waiting for some sort of miracle to snap you out of it, and that is a bad mindset to get into a relationship. No girl is going to save you, or fix you. The motivation you can get from knowing there's someone who cares is something you can use, but you still have to do all the work yourself. There is no magic that will make you into someone else, unfortunately you do have to do that yourself. You already said you tried to improve but just can't do it. That is the problem, not that you're hopeless. You need to somehow find the drive to keep it up, to little by little grow into who you want to be. If you feel your therapy is doing nothing you should try a different therapist. You don't need to fight alone, but the will to change and do the work does have to come from you. If you've already decided it's hopeless and some sort of "faith" has doomed you to fail no matter what then there's nothing anyone can do for you. Non matter what we say you're always just going to respond with "it's useless". There's no faith, that's bullshit and an excuse to get out of the work. An excuse to give up and shift the blame to some higher force. You CAN change. It's up to you if you will.

then what is the average height for white males and site your sources so that I know you aren't talking out your ass

Bye Europe its 5'11

China average is like 5'0". Thank communism.

>no source
Horseshit then.

What about traps or trans girls OP?

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it's ironic you post guts in the OP and make this statement.

Stop being a bitch

good advice

majority of girls operate under their biological psychology
find a guy that fucks because that means he's good enough to be fucked
the less you fuck the less women want you
you get unlucky early in life, your life will expand on that unfortunate moment and become increasingly shitty. small setbacks that seem negligible and forgettable will come to define your existence later on and turn your life into a miserable nightmare.

Ugh that "can't catch a break" shit is so toxic and weak.

So you've tried improving yourself, but you gave up. There's your problem. What did you try to do? Work out for a month? And when you still didn't have a girlfriend you gave up?

Here's a secret man. Let's say you improve yourself, and you get a girlfriend. Awesome! Do you honestly think that the self-improvement stops there? That you can go back to jerking off and doing nothing and not working out? That you can stop caring about your outward appearance to the world?

You don't improve yourself to "get a gf", you improve yourself because you owe it to yourself. Any self-respecting woman would tell you the same.

But you could just give up and be failure if you want. Because for some reason the universe has decided it's your "destiny" to be alone, and that's probably comforting to you because that means that it's not your fault, right?

Get off your ass and do something you enjoy. Women will follow that, eventually. If you start now, a year from now you could be on your way to becoming a different person, maybe one who actually is attractive to the opposite sex.

man you have so much time. It's really up to you to put yourself out there and make friends and potential mates. There are MANY women out there for you. Don't actively try to seek one out and just wait for the right one to come.

fuck "fate" that shit doesn't exist. It all starts with you. You can wine to a message board after "improving yourself" for a few weeks or you can actually change the way you approach not just women, but PEOPLE in general. Do that and things WILL change.

You're building your own prison

I have been trying to improve myself for many years. Do you know how many times I've fucked up and started from square one? too many to count. But I keep going, and I don't give up. If you really want it bad enough, you will keep trying.

Work on yourself, even if you found a relationship it'd be bound to fail due to your own shortcomings and not growing as a person. Why would anyone be attracted to someone who doesn't strive to better themselves.