Gf wants me to give up my primary hobby

My gf wants me to stop going to my primary hobby, something which I have been dedicated to for 10+ years of my life, while I've only been dating this girl for 6 months.

She wants me to stop going because she's jealous that I talk to girls while I'm there. No other reason. Some of the girls that are there are my friends, sometimes it's random people who are asking me to show them something, and it's not even like I'm flirting with them.

I get the feeling she may be willing to break up with me over this and I would rather have the hobby of 10+ years than the girl with obvious jealousy issues.

What do, how to get her to understand that there's nothing to be jealous of, also is her paranoia guilt-induced, like do you think she's cheating on me?

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Abort mission. No. Stop. If she demands you this at 6 months in and based on her paranoia and nothing more, she's a psycho waiting to happen. It will escalate from here. Set ground rules now about your right to your hobbies and interests, and if she refuses to play by them then dump her. No other way. She'll get completely out of hand if you give her an inch on something like this.

You've deliberately left out what your hobby is so I suspect that she's actually being really reasonable and you're just looking for people to tell you you're right and she's wrong.

Sex robots can't come soon enough

What is your hobby? Laughing crowd at porno shoots? Break up dude please or this will only make you miserable.

I left it out because I know I'd get shit for it. It's just inline skating at a local rink. I used to play inline hockey too. I tend to attract randoms who want me to show them something or teach them because as you might imagine I've spent 10 years practicing and so I'm conspicuously good.

Hey, there are definitely worse hobbies.


dont even stay. just run. setting boundaries like this will be what she uses to justify her inevitable cheating.

So basically I should just run away. I kind of thought that might be the case. I like her a lot I just don't like what it implies when I'm basically being told I can't be friends with other girls. The girls in question I don't even speak to outside of the rink unless it's to arrange going skating because we don't have much else in common.

D r o p h e r
This kind of controlling obsessive paranoia is 100% a deal breaker. At least she will break up with you over not quitting and save you the effort

Red flag

The fact you won't tell us what's that hobby means that it's either ridiculous or your gf has a reason to be mad at it.

>she's jealous that I talk to girls while I'm there.
Dump her. It doesn't matter what the hobby is nor how long you do it/dated her. Insecurity is pure cancer.

This, if she isn't willing to compromise and get over the fact that you interact with other girls and it doesn't mean you wanna fuck them then she is legit crazy and you should pull the plug early.

>my primary hobby
>I talk to girls while I'm there
What hobby would that be?
None of mine includes women.

If she's that goddamn jealous, you should break up with her. Dodge that bullet man. It's one thing for a girl to be jealous but it's a whole different thing when somebody tells you to change your life over it

She has personal issues to get over, tell her to get her ass into a gym. It has nothing to do with your hobby.

have you tried talking to her?
would you give up your phone for me?
would you give up this or that*something she holds on to very dearly, for you?

make her feel what your hobby means to you.

you will never meet someone 10/10, somewhere down the line there will always be dispute between couples.

my sincere advice is to talk to her and make her feel what your hobby means to you.

forgot to add, i also cant help but ask, what is your hobby?

OP is an insecure fag

Not going to give you advice. Just wanted to say that's a sweet hobby. I've seen guys who are really good skaters and they do incredible stuff. If you're one of them, then good on you.

On second thought, I will give you advice. Your girlfriend loves you. Her jealousy is rooted in her love for you, if you really think about it. It's an advantage more than a disadvantage. The first thing you need to do is start validating her feelings. This will calm her down and make her trust you more. Girls are weird, their sense of trust doesn't work like ours. So just validate her feelings when she says vulnerable things. Second, invite her to go skating with you. When you do, show her off! Make it known, absolutely known, that she is your girlfriend, that your heart and attention is 100% on her and 0% on other girls. When she sees you getting attention from other girls, it hurts her and makes her feel insecure, and it's pushing these feelings she has. But if she sees you in this situation and you show absolutely nothing but love for her, then she'll not only feel a sense of security, but also pride in you because you're such a damn good skater, all the other girls want you, but you're all hers.

Remember, relationship jealousy is fear, which is birthed by love. The cure for fear is security.

So give her security. One way, is to stop skating. Another way, is like I said in that big paragraph. Just love her a lot and remember it's security she needs, not necessarily control.

Why run away when you can skate away?

2 red flags dude

1 - she wants you to give up something you care about

2 - she's jealous

she's bad for you and she's probably cheating. get out now

If you don't want to just straight dump her.. Stand your ground. If she is able to accept that you aren't going to be controlled by her then it might be salvageable. She will also respect you more. If she starts a fight over it or attempts to sabotage you, get rid of her.

Skating is cool and you aren't doing anything wrong. I'm happy for you, that you have a hobby you enjoy so much, don't lose it to someone who wants to bring you down.

>My gf wants me to stop going to my primary hobby
i hope your next hobby is going to be dumping her. FUCK THAT CUNT

What the hell nigger that dope as fuck hobby. I would cut off my dick just to be able to ride the damn skates, let alone dump a random chick.

Depends. If your hobby is being a male escort or dealing heroin, it might be a problem. If it's stamp collecting....

Tip from a femanon who has seen this kind of thing before:
Dump her.
At first, she'll tell you to give up your hobby, you will, and the relationship will go well for a bit. But then she'll want more and more, and eventually she'll control your whole life. Inline skating is honestly such a nice hobby. She should NOT have any problems with it if she's sane, even if you do interact with girls there. This is a huuuuge red flag, user, so please consider the consequences and just dump her before shit gets ugly.

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