Is it normal for girls to be completely neurotic and hard to deal with when they're on their period?

Is it normal for girls to be completely neurotic and hard to deal with when they're on their period?

I'm been with my (first) girlfriend for about 8 months now and normally she's fine but when it's that time of the month, she just becomes completely unbearable.

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Yes, although more mature girls can get their shit together and act normal

>girls to be completely neurotic and hard to deal with

Yes they are.

>Is it normal for girls to be completely neurotic and hard to deal with when they're on their period?

Yep. It isn't a meme.

yeah dude

it is not
a woman will control herself not to be unbearably insane if she respects you
>this person is important to me
>i am in misery but making this person miserable too will not be good for our relations

as opposed to
>i am in misery
>fuck that cunt is annoying me now
>lets scream at him


Yes, but they appreciate it if you are steadfast and not falling for their bullshit. Going crazy isn't fun for them either and it is nice when there is someone steady to hold onto when it happens. So just give her a hug, make both of you a hot chocolate, tie her up in a blanket and watch some stupid netflix shit.

This is something they were supposed to teach to in school.

It's common, but unlike stereotypes it's not a mandatory thing . Around a quarter of all women suffer from mood swings because of their cycle, others don't, but may associate the unrelated mood swings with their periods if they coincide. It's up to you to decide if you want to tolerate that or settle with someone more calm.

Yes and I'm sorry. The dr wanted to give me pills but I know better than to fall into big pharma traps!

I manage pmt with diet mostly. I try to avoid sugar during and before menstruation.

Thank you for putting up with us! We love you. And once a month, we fucking hate you.

>And once a month, we fucking hate you.
If you hate me once a month, you hate me all the time. Fortunately there are girls without this flaw.

For the most part yeah, it's not a meme.

Some women have it better than others and they aren't so significantly affected, from what I understand.

And I think it's worse over several days directly before they start bleeding, and then it tends to improve.

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When your woman is on period, buy a lot of chocolade and every time you see her closing to you, throw the chocolade as a bait and run away as fast as you can.

Thats the only way how to deal with women on period.

No,it's just women with fucked up reproductive system, which severely affects their cognitive functions and emotional stability, shouldn't procreate, just like men with excessive aggression or low sperm count. Nature is a pitiless bitch.

Imagine having cramps, constant pain and bleeding out of your dick. How approachable would you be?

Not all girls have cramps and pain. It's a natural thing, it shouldn't bring a lot of discomfort and if it does it means a decrease in fertility. But some people are just fucked up from their birth. And thanks to novel reproductive techs their number increases.

Well, the ones who let periods affect their behaviour are obviously affected by cramps and pains.

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