I have decided to emigrate to norway

im starting to learn the language and im about to finish mechanical engeiniering how are latino american viewed there?
what should i do to integrate?
would be easy to have a norwegian girlfriend?

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Learn to write first

Neither hated nor loved.
You should learn the language, contribute to society and generally conform to the norms of the country.

Mileage will vary in views. While there are no general anti-latino sentiments there is a sizeable population which harbours anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner sentiments. Likewise there isn't really a positive view of latinos except for people who might find it exciting that you're exotic.

As for integration, just focus on the language, don't take behaviour for granted, and don't stick your head out. Don't try to be a "norway pro" when you get there, you'll just look silly when you arrive at the airport in traditional folk attire.

drit og dra, det e fullt her.

Dont polute the one of the few good places remaining in earth go fuck yourself

What makes you think they will let you in?

>few good places remaining in earth
Ohnono hahahaha
I think you have Iceland in mind, Norway is Sweden-lite, give them a few years and they'll be on the same levels of """diversity"""

t. Basement dwelling virgin who gets all his news from Jow Forums and woman advice from Jow Forums

Make sure to go for the traditional folk attire. That always works.

Don't mind these Jow Forums LARPing retards, just learn the language and respect the country.
I'd rather have qualified foreign workers who love and respect my country than self-hating NEETs or communist countrymen.

Nah, t.Swede who has been to fucking Oslo and Stavanger
Last time i pick public transportation there.

If you are outside schengen you are fucked. Poles steals all the manual labor jobs because they work illegalt for 1/4 of Norwegian salaries. The job market in Norway is terrible and refugees are prioritised by our social support systems. My jobless friends get no help but the refugee neighbour of my friends have 8 kids and two cars and a motorcycle and the husband of that refugee family never works.

If you want to bring a foreign husband or wife into Norway the social support system will say. Fuck. You and. The foreign department says "you have to. Pay. And support. For. 5 years. Out of. Your. Own pocket. Before. Your loved one is eligible. For. Government support, that includes. Child. Pay."

Refugees get everything first. Norwegians second and work willing foreigners are third.

As amazing our country is we have the worst. Politicians. Norway's goal is to. Save. The. Planet. And that means now in 1st October I have to pay 4 dollars from and to work in toll. Booths. We've had road toll booths for decades but they keep extending them instead of removing them. At the same. Time. They want nobody. To. Drive cars. Only electric cars. Drive for. Free. That's why electric cars sells in. Norway.

This. Country will burn. And fall. Soon. Most Norwegians i talk to wake up. Every day. There will be civil. War unlike. Sweden who is. Completely. Fucked.

I'd say stay out. If you came. Here in the 80's oil boom you'd be perfect. But now. We are. In. Oil. Crisis. And. Too many refugees making Norwegians jobless and. We are. Taxed almost over 50% of. Salary so eating out is a 1 time a month. Event. 10.dollars for a pint of beer etc etc.

t. Norwegian phone posting nightshift nurse

Poltard for want norway to remain norwegian like chinese , japanese africa or every people in the planet want their country to remain their
What is wrong with you?

You must not leave the basement much to be this clueless about what is happening around you. Europe is full and kicking out migrants.

Poltard for being so dumb and uninformed and a scared little shit

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A little shit usa in 50 years has trasformed to a nearly white minority country , france os in the same parh of selfdestruction like sweeden in only 5 years of massive inmigration in 50 years europe wont exist if we dont stop it

Why are you lying? You are so obviously an American.

Im not and all im saying is true regatdless , so shut up

Only Italy, Hungary and Poland are doing the kicking. Everywhere else like Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Britain, Spain are still accepting refugees.

Very recently the UN wants Norway to. Accept 5000 refuges a year, an. Increase from 1500. Norway only has a few million people yet we are taxed at almost 50% of earnings and taxed by driving car and taxed when buying food and our liquor is only sold on a fucking government monopoly. All other non government stores can only sell up to 4,7% alcohol.

We are taxed out our asses to give refugees free housing, school and child support for Muhammad and his 3 wives and 12 kids.

We are so few in population numbers and. We've taken. Thousand of refugees already. We will be out breeded in years because its fucking impossible to raise a kid or more on single salary because we. Pay so. Much taxes we have almost. Nothing left after paying bills with the last 50% we have after taxes.

Refugees first, Norwegians second. We are crashing like Sweden. And our borders are shit. Once Sweden falls they will cross over and that's when civil war starts.

Meanwhile the rest of the world and specially israel dont accept a single one
We are governed by traitorous scum that must be hanged

If Europe will fall it's because of retarded shits like you being parasites on society, never having a job and only leeching welfare.

Do you have any facts to back up anything you wrote?