I’ve been hanging out with this girl for a while and she sent me this a couple hours ago while I slept...

I’ve been hanging out with this girl for a while and she sent me this a couple hours ago while I slept. What does this mean and what should i do?

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>I just wasn't bee enough
She was trying to bee herself but couldn't. Sad!

This means you got friendzoned

That means she likes you, it's your chance user. Get yourself a girlfriend.
Reply something like : " wow , you made things really easy for me because I tried to say the same to you too, but I always thought it was the wrong moment to confess" or something

>I actually like you kid
What the fuck. She's a weirdo. I like her already.

Wow, you're a real asshole for sharing this with people online.

If I was the girl, and I knew about this, I'd probably block all communication.

Fuck you

Why? It's still pretty anonymous, unless people who know of her talking style browse this place, which is possible but he presumingly considered that and it's not the case.

lel you're acting like he shared personal info

"Ye, I like you too, (______ what you like about her, keep it brief and precise), let's make it weird."

My reply

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>smileys in a somewhat serious conversation
Well ... good luck anyway, user.

not bad imo

>being afraid of using emojis
this is why you don't pick up any women


She likes you... more than just a friend, “kid”.

OK I'm a zoomer myself, but is this actually how we're supposed to text? Seems like an autistic 14 year old trying to seem cool while he texts his mom. Like fuck, are commas and capital 'I's simply out of style or something? I can barely read that shit.

Its a thing we say we’re very close in age by a couple of days so we call eachother kid as if we were much older


dude it's the realm of non-academic writing, get over yourself

But why not showing at least some respect to the person on the other side and at least try to make it look like you didn't shit it out? The writing from the girl wasn't great either but it was perfectly sufficient for a text convo.

I like being called “kid” and didn’t mean anything by it.

So, any reply? I want to go to sleep but dying to know how this goes.

It probably is a 14 year old, it's why he has no problem sharing intimate and personal texts with strangers.

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the only time you ever need to worry about anything thru text is when you're actively shitting on the person at the other end. like fingerprints, no two people type online the same way

She started work right as i sent my message so she probably wont see it for a while. I can post her reply later today i work with her in 2 hours so i can just post what happened later too.

>intimate and personal texts
>zero info about everyone involved beyond somewhat weird lingo from the female

Thats not the point. OP clearly doesn't care about the text at all, he doesn't value it anything above "lets see how many replies I can get on this Jow Forums post". It's sad. because it seems like the girl really cares for him

I mean I’ve liked this girl for a while and we’re on same boat I didn’t wanna tell her because I didn’t wanna ruin what he had. I need other people’s perspectives before i said anything I didn’t wanna confess that i like her if it wasn’t what she meant in her text

Or maybe he values it so much, he was desperate enough to post it on 4chains to get help for an optimal answer because it fucked his brain so much, he didn't manage to come up with anything worthwhile himself.

I get where you're coming from and wouldn't handle it in the way he does either (though probably mostly because of ego) but you're making quite the rash judgement, and put too much weight on your own valuation of the text.

She is telling you the reasons she will settle for you temporarily but also the reasons upfront she will use when she cheats and replaces you

Hey, whatever, It ain't my girl. All I'm saying is that it's a massive lack of respect from my viewpoint, and a really big red flag for the relationship going foward.

Perhaps you could do something together, like take an English class or two.

Learning together is unironically a great date. Based snark-poster.

let her know you can’t read English

kill yourself

Christ, that's dark. But I like it, nice one.