Am 25

Am 25
A 19 year old is too young to date yeah?

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They're a little young for you, but not too young. If you want to give it a shot, go ahead. Legally you're good to go and age isn't all that relevant as you get older as long as you're within 7 years or so.

nah. what the other guy said. in some countries adult men marry preteens. not saying that's right.

Its a red flag if someone wants to date someone way older.
Also if you are 25 and dont feel like you have matured from when you were 19 then dating young might be your only option.

Go for it. Young pussy is pretty good.

t. 29 yo user with an 18 yo gf

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my dad is nine years older than my mom, just saying. he did lie to her about his age when they first met though. absolute age difference isn't all that matter though. he was 30 and she was 21, which is better than 25-19, despite the smaller gap.

probably yeah

It's not too bad I know guy who's 23 who's dating an 18 year old. The creepy thing tho they started dating when she was 13.

She's legal and depending on where you live was possibly even legal at 16. Forget the comments that say she's too young or it's creepy. Those people are using their feelings not their brains

>anything that’s legal is morally just

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>age is but a nombr

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Nah it's totally fine.
She's not even under 18 so you can sext her too.

Bro she's legal, go for it. Enjoy that prime pussy dude.

>>anything that’s legal is morally just
Yea why not?

My great grandpa was 45 and married a 13 year old you are fine.

when did he smash?

Their wedding night presumably. Probably before.

wow, I thought they at least waited until they were a little older back then.

Half your age plus 8.

So yeah it is too young.

plus 7

IDK, my great grandfather was quite well off and I don't think anyone called him on it. I'm sure he had some ribbing or whatever but nothing major.

She might have been 14, it's been a long time since I heard the story so the exact details are fuzzy in my head. It was in england in the early 1900s, I think she was originally his housekeeper (and his second wife after his first died).

I know they stayed together until he died and had a bunch of kids, I don't think anyone was unhappy with the arrangement.

If they're nineteen and six months you're golden.

Where is this formula from?
I see it often and rarely do I see why it's something to even consider following.

Not really. I dated someone 12 years older and it was good. Depends on maturity level and compatibility and stuff like that. If you feel like you can talk well and relate, then it's really okay.

What were the ages?

No but I don't know why you would

A 16 year old used me as her FWB when I was 25.

I tried to date her but it was too awkward, 19 is good though.

It's some American meme.

I see it pop up every now and then, even in real life.

i fucked a 16 year old when i was 34 so no. with consent.

personal opinion, once you break twenty you shouldn't fuck around with teenagers anymore.
That being said 19 isn't outrageous

but teen buthole is the best fit.

Too young to date, not too young to fuck.

Every man in the world is gunning for 18-25 year olds

It's legal but borderline degenerate. Looks as if you aren't man enough to attract someone close to your age. Plus 19 to 25 is massive in terms of growth. At your age you should be settled into a job and at her age she's still deciding what major she wants to do

20 and 32

I guess that's better than 14 and 25.

I'll give her ageless philosophical wisdom, help with her future career and goals in life, and buy her whatever she needs. It'll work out alright.

Younger girls are like puppies.
More fun, less jaded; they help me unwind from my serious life.

Legal teens just look hotter than 25+ year olds. Men choose not to sleep with 25 year olds. No one is sad because they aren't "man enough" to get a girl out of her prime

From prude Americans and British people who think any sex outside of marriage with same-age partner is wrong

If you even have to ask, you know the answer.

>annoying teen

not really. that's a good age gap actually.