I've had sex with a guy I met on grindr.
I Just feel so fucking bad. It wasn't fucking worth it, even if I was the top.
How do I forget ?

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You don't.

but you learned something important about yourself and your expectations about intimacy, right?

my friend said he has trouble finding good gay relationships because there’s less homosex ppl compared to hetero. you wanted to bust a nut and that’s understandable.

Why do you regret it ? Did you like it ?
If not you just fucked a guy, not a big deal.
If you are romantically attracted to girls you are straight.

A lot of people experiment at least once to see if they like it. Non retards won't give you a hard time rather appreciate your openness

Did you nut?

You can't ungay yourself, just accept it & live your life

Yeah, been there done that. Just accept that you're semi bi and start fucking trans on the side.

My first experience with anal was the same but with a woman and I felt the same way.
I felt gross and couldnt forget and now the worst part is when I remember.

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You milked your cock in some random mans asshole?

I learned that I was not bi afterall


I feel real bad

amazing you managed to get it hard

Did you like it at least?
Don't eat yourself alive, it was just sex.

>I feel real bad
Yeah, well. Let yourself feel shitty about this whole thing for a day or two, beat yourself up for being a degenerate, wallow in self pity and then move on. You can't undo the past so letting it linger there forever is counter-productive. Protip: try not to be a hedonistic moron next time and treat sex a bit more serious.

Nope, did not feel anything because of condom

I feel empty,

>I feel empty,
Maybe try bottoming next time


>Sex with Condom

It’s not like you can make your twinkwife boypregnant.

No, but then he'll be pregnant. With HIV.

It's not that bad bro. You didn't fuck raw, you were giving the dick, you didn't do it twice. The Greek/Mormon community wouldn't even bat an eye at you.

Thank you user, i just got myself drunk to forget

What's the point, you will remember tomorrow. Accept it and move on, matey

Yeah user, drinking won't help. I tried getting plastered every day for two years but all it does is cause more problems. Meditation and acceptance really helped me out.

Go to a gay bar instead. You'll meet far better people

But i feel like shit, i only did it because i was horny

Well if you're horny you go and fuck women, you could have easily found a fatty or some other woman to bang but you choose a dude. Something tells me it's more than just being horny in your case, it's not guilt-tripped fapping it's full out sex. You're gay, welcome to life buddy.

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How was the post-nut clarity?

The pain and confusing you're feeling is because you're attaching a lot of meaning to what is essentially a meaningless act. What you should be experiencing is the normal amount of regret that comes with drunkenly taking home a battle-axe, not the existential crisis you're going through right now.

You experimented with something in order to figure out if you liked it. No one is forcing you to continue hooking up with dudes on Grindr, and no one is going to take away your gold star because you did once. It's probably even healthier that you did experiment rather than push it down. You now have a firmer idea of who you are and what you like. This is a good thing.