Be me

>Be me
>My female friend tells me she knows the perfect girl for me.
>We both love anime, gaming, manga and some other stuff.
>Get excited because 3D waifu
>Meet her once(lives in a city next to mine)
>We start off real good and keep in contact.
>Two days ago, my female friend sends a pic of me and my friend to her.
>The girl messages me asking who he is
>I tell her
>She responds: "Yeah I see he is a lot different then you, what is he like?"

Is this the beginning of me getting cucked?

Why? Why? Should I just do pic related?

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Yeah dude but thats fine let your friend be your bull. Better than some stranger right? I’m a literal cuck and I can tell you that I was also worried starting out but then I accepted my place and now I enjoy it

I'd rather kill myself you fucking cuck. Might as well chop my dick off.

It sounds like normal conversation to me.
She is asking you about your friends to learn more about your personality.
Though you already know this because you obviously kept talking to her and didnt leave her hanging after that message.

How did the rest of that conversation go? Maybe she was just curious about your life

Her question is the last message. The rest of conversation is great. I told her he is an okay lad.


Holy shit you're insecure my dude. Build some fucking self confidence.

I fucking can't you idiot. He is a Chad and 100 times hotter then me. Well fucking great now they are playing games together.

Bout time I use that old rope in the basement

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He’s your friend. You can ask him if there’s anything going on between them

Does your friend know about you and this chick? Also, stop being insecure, keep going as usual with the girl. Face and body are not as important as you think for a woman

>Face and body are not as important as you think for a woman
Imagine believing this.

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Yeah, honestly you should mang, I mean that was definitely the one, and she's gone, taken from you, all the time you've spent together wasted. So many years gone. And it's not like there's other women out there. You're gonna die alone with an onahole on your dick and hentai blasting on the speakers, have fun.

Why didn't you tell the guy that you're interested in her and not to engage?

I don't care if you don't trust me user. If you think human attraction can be rated from 1 to 10 just with the face and the body you really need to go out and explore the world.

Of course there is you idiot.

Yes he does. Bout to end that friendship. Also I'm not ugly, but he is off the charts.

He knew my intentions. He is just a dick.

Can't you at least have a conversation with him? So far he seems to be an asshole though I agree.

>Of course there is you idiot
Because they’re playing games? Well, from what you’re saying here it doesn’t sound like you trust him at all so I guess asking wouldn’t ease your mind

I've done stuff with my friends gf because I'm vetting them.

Ditch the "friend" and forget about the girl, the faster you move on the better. Life is about getting fucked, getting used to it, trust me I know, im poor, dumb and ugly.

Coversation? No need. He was a nice lad. I thought we had a friendship there. He understood it as a competition, unfortunately.

Yea, that seems reasonable. Fuck the girl tho. I'm sad that I lost a friend more.

You fucking imbecile. You don't own the girl, you weren't even dating, and from what you describe, you hadn't even made your intentions known to her.

Basically you're getting mad because the girl you liked finds your friend attractive and now they're chatting. Tough fucking luck. You can't win every battle user. Deal with it. Go find another fucking girl and stop being a pussy bitch.

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Might consider pic related. Of course I made my intentions known to the girl.
And the guy for the matter. We were really close to becoming a couple. Tough luck indeed, user.

Isn't there another girl to focus your attention on?

I wasn't interested in dating at all until she came along. She is literally perfect for me. Well, she seemed perfect.

My friend just met a girl almost exactly like this today.

You'll find more.

You idealized her, nobody is perfect. I can understand your pain and that you feel betrayed but in a few months you will have forgotten.
Your other femal friend got you to meet someone, she can keep helping you with that. Do you have any activity that could allow you to meet other girls?

No she fucking can't she supports my idiot ex friend, fuck her too.

Also that girl is literally what I was looking for. Cute, with adorable smile and glasses. Ah well. Guess you are right.

You sound like a bit of a brat

Fuck her, and fuck your friend. She's an unloyal whore and your "friend" is a backstabbing asshole. Move on and be content in the fact they'll end up ruining each other eventually when their shitty personalities catch up with them.

Was she the first girl into vidya and anime you got close to? Because I understand this line of thinking but try to broaden your perspective.
In middle/high school, I was confessed to by many guys, mainly because of my interest in gaming. I'm a 6 at best but because of the common interests, all of them told me I was the one for them. I had no interest in dating that early so I rejected them all, but I'm sure most of them found gamer grilzz in uni and look back embarassed now. There's many, many more game/animu fangirls out there.

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user, you don't sound that old, so I would diagnose your with a case of oneitis. As someone who thought in a similar manner, let me tell you that she won't be the last girl like this at all. She's free to be romantically interested in anyone as much as you are. It hurts but thats life. If she clearly knew that you were interested and disregarded you for your friend without and answer, she isn't even worth it. There's tons of "gamer gurlz" out there that you can meet down the line. This does not have to be the end by any means. Improve yourself physically, intellectually, and socially starting now and prepare for the time you do meet someone worth liking.

And I thought that I was having a tough time romantically. Bad luck OP. I feel you.