Have gay friend

>have gay friend
>he goes on gay tinder
>messages random dude with "wanna fuck?"
>guy says yes
>they fuck

Why aren't girls like this?

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False equivalence.
Two people who want to smash each other will likely smash.
Those girls arent interested in you so its not the same situation.
It is that situation with hot guys and girls where you can literally say "wanna smash?" and girls will take you up on it.

Except girls have higher standard than guys.

That's literally how tinder works for men and women, although I can't say if the probability of rejection is any higher for straight people. If all you want is casual sex then a shotgun approach like that has no downsides regardless.

Because you're ugly

Because females (not just human females) have evolved to only engage in reproductive acts with the best males they can find because this maximizes the fitness of their offspring and they can only bear one male's offspring at a time.

In addition human offspring are dependant on their parents for survival for a long ass time and require a ton of resources. Because of this human females have evolved to find a man who can help support their offspring.

Males (not just human males) can have an unlimited amount of females pregnant with their offspring at any one time and therefore have the most evolutionary success if they have low standards and will fuck anyone. They have also evolved to be more aggressive than females so that they can vie with other males for the access to females.

Also gays represent an aberration (not saying they should be allowed to fuck each other and get married)


Girls dont have higher standards.
Its just easier for a girl to increase her appearance with makeup.
Your face is the first thing you are judged for so makeup is a godly invention for women.

they LITERALLY have high standards. you have to be taller than them or else you are legit unfuckable. and even then if someones taller than you you're second pickings. its kind of sad and hilarious at the same time.

>you have to be tall
There are lots of dudes who dont date above their height so girls are required to be shorter than them.
Also people date taller chicks all the fucking time.
The handful of women that need to get on tinder to find men have those high standards.
If you want to find low self esteem girls then date tall girls. They constantly get shit on for not being feminine enough.

Gays are degenerates

Heterosexual girls and guys have an average of 6-8 sexual partners during their lifetime. Gays have an average of 20 sexual partners per year. That's why.

because female biology

The height thing is really weird.
Most men are taller than women, so if that is the requirement, I don't thing most people would object to that.
The objection is that you have to be taller than 90% of people in order to even be considered dating material.
I get it, if the average girl is 5'6" and the average guy is 5'10", expecting a 4" difference makes sense even if that means tall girls will reject guys based on that.
But it doesn't make sense for average women to reject average men.

Am I imagining things or is there a raid here of height threads trying to turn them into one? I swear I have seen these posts nonstop for hours now.

My aunt is literally six feet tall and her husband is like 5’9”. They have two kids

>making sense

That’s the difference between men and women. Men like blunt honesty, and will say whatever they’re thinking at the moment. That’s probably also why men get into more fights than women. Women prefer to be more subtle. Not all of them are liars, necessarily, but they don’t speak their mind so directly. They want you to be able to tell them what they’re thinking because they don’t want to be the one directly calling the shots. Thus, gay men get right to the point, where straight relationships are more of a game you have to play.

Your statements seem contradictive, you're saying females want someone to support their offspring, then you're saying males want as much offspring as possible, therefore reducing their ability to support said offspring. With that logic wouldn't females want a male that is unable to bare as many offspring as possible aligning with there reproductive goals. I think you're wrong about human sexual psychology.

Gays are picky as hell, myself included, it just doesn't seem that way from the outside. Plus the top to bottom ratio is insanely low. Thankfully I'm in a relationship now.

Aren't there basically no bottoms?

Oh my sweet summer child..

other way around. there aren't many tops.

They are, especially if you listen to 50% of the users here who like to REEEEE about the downfall of western civilization. It's just that those girls are having sex with guys that aren't them or you

I would call this pseudoscience, but that would be insulting to pseudoscience. This is 100% opinion with absolutely no basis in science

All evolutionary psychology is pseudoscience.

It's not even evolutionary psychology, it's absolutely one guy's opinion who barely paid attention in high school.

Gonna work off my sexual frustration by topping all these gay dudes while I imagine chicks, it's a public service.

You wont even have to hide your intentions, there's a lot of guys into that.

*cute bottoms

Call me.

I'm not cute but passable face down.

I want to be atop but sadly I only have a 5 inch dick so that avenue is closed to me.