Why does it feel like Jow Forums is the only support group for men left...

Why does it feel like Jow Forums is the only support group for men left? Does anyone know any other places to get advice and help?

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>support group

Every other thread is guys literally calling each other faggots and edgelords and garbage

Maybe try IRL

You don't have a father/grandfather/older brother?


You're stupid if you think this is a support group. Especially for men. Go to some PUA out MGTOW forums or something for that

Go see a therapist or something

Then you are on your own, sorry


Nobody cares about low value men.

Those aren't support groups either.

Go to therapy, OP

Yeah, go OP pay a person 100$/h to pretend to listen to you

Or go get horrible advice from people on the internet that will turn you into an emotional husk

OP, you can see the other guy is clearly retaded.

>implying both won't turn you into an emotional husk

Okay, become a sikh, OP.

Personally i usually go to r/blackfellas

But thats because am black , if you just post respectfully they will assume you are black also try the YMCA .

Might seem taboo to say the name, but reddit is your best option for real answers most of the time.

The psych ward.

You know the phrase "fall through the cracks"? That's what Jow Forums is. Its the last bastion for the chronic romanticizing of male frailty. That is why they spin this narrative that they are the last sensible men on earth; that we live in a day and age where they are the good guys and everyone who criticizes them is the enemy. When men need mental health intervention and/or professional help, Jow Forums is where they fall through the cracks. The most dangerous thing you can do for a mentally ill person is put them in a place where their illness is validated and normalized. This is that place.

Never take any piece of advice from this website seriously, including this one.


They don't. Real men don't need that pussy shit. If you ever need that kind of help you're a pussy ass bitch and even you compensate for it, you'll still always be a bitch deep down. These are true facts. You can't live that shit down, even if it's the smallest thing.



Heaven never was my kind of place anyway.

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The controllers of society are intentionally breaking down all traditional structures and characteristics. While the media calls for women’s equality in the workplace, the single group which has lost the most jobs and income is the prime-age white male. That is a statistical fact. With the traditional roles that have sustained society changed, the man is confused, and struggling for satisfaction. He is increasingly unable to form a sphere of personal sovereignty within his own aspirations. Hypergamy, social media, Tinder, etc. are exacerbating all these issues beyond belief but that has been beaten here to death on this board already so I'll spare it.

To get to the point: There are no other places to discuss these things without coming across as a sexist, misogynist, etc. Jow Forums is the only place where these kinds of threads can be made.


Isn't it crazy how men are socially pressured to be tough, not complain and provide for others yet now it's led to a society where women think men have no problems and think we just live the high life? Especially when it's pretty much the opposite?

I am increasingly believing this is true. I feel like my country is being stolen from me.

I recommend you support OP more


>list some redpilled nonsense
>"these are true facts"



Not an argument

You can probably find some kind of religious charity organization that will help you for free if you're financially strapped. I'm an atheist but some Catholic organization (I wish I could remember the name) saw me once a week for a couple of months for no cost and it helped a lot with what I was going through.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

This is about the realest shit I've seen in awhile and you're completely right. I'm not even gonna deny that Jow Forums logic has seeped into my personality. Fuck me I really dont feel like having to go to therapy, it seems like such a chore.

If you go to group therapy there are usually men's only groups.


Also I'd recommend a male therapist too.

Reddit had some nice groups but they all got purged a few days ago

Wait what?

I guess in normieland Jordan Peterson (quite a thing on reddit I think) and the community around him is close I guess.